How Long Will You Wait For Tomorrow to Come

How long will you wait for tomorrow to come?

And bring with't the beat of a harrowing drum

How long until all of the yes's are no's 

And gifts that you have start slowly to go


How many clouds will pass in the skies

Over nights with you curled up helpless, in lies

That tell you you're hopeless or useless or worse

That you're marred with a letter, some scar'let curse?


How long with you wait for tomorrow to come

And welcome you out into glistening sun

How many tears, disappointments, or fears

Will you invite into you over years And years and years


How long will you wait for tomorrow to come

All the while wasting tomorrows 




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Why do we fight?
People being sent to their demise.
Doing something they feel is bigger than themselves,
Not realizing that death means no return.
Pity how people have such a difficulty creating peace,
Men becoming monsters they were never meant to be.
Murder, sacrifice and watching others suffer,
Watching their time in this world fade in haste,
Only tarnish the purest spirits.
Leaving the deepest scars that constantly remind them,
How they can never be the same from the cruelty of their past.
Seeking the lords guidance to cleanse their minds,
Trying to forget what has warped their minds.
The beast that has grown in their time of madness,
Can be caged just as easily as it had grown in the havoc.
Just because they were treated as animals,
Doesn't mean they're forced to become one.
You are who you are by your own judgment,
Break the cycle and show others,
The greatest peace is created in the ruins.
Making something out of nothing,
Thankful to be alive,
Appreciate what makes everything seem alright.

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Get up

i am wide awake watching myself sleepwalking
playing possum so well it's like a spell i cannot break free from
shake me up push me,
tell me you see my eyes open
nothing works for it is all too detached
blessings slipping and sliding from who i used to be
before who i am can reach for and get there
stop that is not for you, but for me!!!
will i just lay there or wake and stand for me?

i stand fighting to open my eyes and see
not just peek and look in tiny glimpses
help me hold my hand until i am no longer whoosie
i can do this,
i will
get up!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i am seeing all the things i had forgotten that mattered shaken ... such a reminder to live out loud!!!

Boy Ascends

Was I born an empty thing to place within a set of rings?

I sought to love the man above but then I found my set of strings

The skins and stones and sticks and woes that set my mind a flurry

Will make such noise I can't avoid and set myself to scurry

I do intend to re-begin and squeeze a damsel with both hands

And when it's right I'll go inside and two will act as one again

But for now I'll stop to think and forget to eat a meal

And all that loss will just result in further sex appeal

I am not a hollow being, I came with mixed reserves

But to my guide I can't decide which purpose each one serves

So to command this problem and solve it for all time

I will release my all and wish for the proper to arrive

Thus when smoke has cleared and I'm exposed to all?

I will demand their greatest hand as I have breached their walls

And on their knees they will decree that I am what was given

To appease the Gods and increase the odds of man that lives in heaven.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Reach for the skyyyyyy.

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"Last Goodbye"

Rex Songs' Remixes

by Jeph Johnson


I said goodbye that morning
It was the last thing I would say
You left me without warning
In your dark brown Chevrolet


Goodbye were not the only
Words I wanted to see
Emerging from your lonely
Lips, speaking your legacy


And tonight this night
Might rain more tears
Than I have ever cried
Falling like a shower
From my steel blue eyes


The last goodbye
I let go of your hand
A wave goodbye is something
Hard to understand


Your last goodbye
Came so suddenly
Leaving me with memories of you
A lonely memory of you


I loved you that morning
But "goodbye" is all I sighed
It's a different kind of mourning
When the love you had has died


A foggy rural highway
Intersection held your fate
Our last goodbye
You lost your life
He couldn't find his brake


And tonight the night
Might rain more tears
Than I have ever cried
Falling every hour
From my steel blue eyes


The last goodbye
I let go of your hand
A wave goodbye is something
I can't understand


Our last goodbye
Throwing ashes in the sea
You are more to me
Than just a memory




The last goodbye I wondered
And still can't understand
How you climbed up high to Heaven
And I fell to earth a man


And tonight this night
Might rain more tears
Than I have ever cried


And I know this night
And tears I cry
That weep down
From my steel blue eyes
Remember days your words to me
Weren't just goodbye
Or just a memory


Until my final day
Through steel blue eyes
It's hard to see
The last goodbye

Author's Notes/Comments: 

2000, words to the instrumental song "Last Goodbye" (1999) by Rik Emmett

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