The Abandoned Bridge

A railway bridge with railings both sides,

A concrete walkway with graffiti on a wall,

No benches, just strips of light that come on at night.

Tall hedges conceal the remainder of the pathway from sight.

In the distance, blocks of flats rise high into the sky,

Spectral in the cloudy weather.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

The poem touches on urban redevelopment in the north of England - and in particular, how money given for redevelopment projects goes only to some regions but not others, creating anger, poverty and disillusionment. 

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Semi-Sonnet on Inspiration

In days of yore I always longed

to be a tortured poet true,

suff'ring, stark 'neath skies of blue,

alone and heartsick, bright yet wronged,

toying with a language pronged

by contrasting Me and You,

and your ever-present crew-

you are by greener pastured thronged


Yet solitude can be a friend,

I realized 'neath my Bodhi tree,

and anguish no necessity;

Inspiration has no end.

Melancholy won't wring free

the poetry that time will send. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wanted to write an Italian sonnet in iambic tetrameter. I screwed up the tetrameter by occasionally alternating stressed and unstressed syllables at the beginning of lines, so I suppose one could consider it an experiment with the form. Anyhow, the subject was my question of whether or not I needed to be heartsick and spurned to write, and the conclusion is that pain and inspiration are independent of one another.