under the sun blog

we meet , short and cute
smile all happy ,young but straight
tells me what she cares
and what makes her happy.

shes like an angel full of
glow an essence of gold
she`s happy and keen
even when i tease her and mean

her soul travels over
under or thru
man i am lucky to have a chance to meet her

me all tall jokey
being all tag and pokey
dont understand at the time
feel kinda .....

i`m shocked that she said ok
to see me again maybe now i
should show her a man
i layed it down hard when i should of tryed soft
no regrets just lessons

start mtv and get with today
so next time the game
will not be the same
what do you prefer
lighted it up .
watch the sun and talk was great
over all i had fun
so did she

maybe next time i wont be so
old fashion and maybe kat will be there
wow i can say she is fantastic

Author's Notes/Comments: 

anna i had fun

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