Oh! I could not believe that day,of your death
Only what i saw; a white pigeon perching on th tree-branch's edge
Screeching, muttering and hushing like bereaved father
And also a silence that throws the world into grief like panting palmtree
5. Those are scenes showing the fallen of legend like downing elephant

With your death seems the gentries would not become nobles
That the maturing seedlings would not grow into fruitful tree
That raving wildwave may keep its onerous dominion
That the crawling baby may fail to grow and walk
10. That the king's flowing river may step out of its bank

That the scary night could become more wildening like hungry leopard
That winning day might run into the hand of mystery monsters
That moon could darken by the blackness of greedy cloud
That sky might surrender from overflowing the sea
15. And heaven could deny the presence of blessing day

The lion in the jungle of chimber that scares away brutal hunters
The belching fire warrior that chases away enemies of progress
The sharpen-sword that cuts the hands of Silo's thieves
The litigant mountain that coarses the mouth of unfairing axes
20. A dawn that gladdens the hearts of poory day

A juristic stream that flows away the rein of injustices
The bustling dusk that gags the lightness of anarchists
The whirlwind that sweeps into the eyes of cruel king
Eyes lightening sun, commons' blessing rain, revealer of chief secrets
Your death like a verdict that sentences our happinesses into graves

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"Orphanne' "

My Work

“A crippled; crawling, curious girl,
stumbled into light.
Her fractured, hopeless, dreary world,
is given second sight.
Her heart hardened and doubled;
broken now, into.
Her manic thoughts so troubled,
daily now, renewed.
As memories mirror an attack,
by tragic childish fears;
the smile you see is now unmatched,
caressed by happy tears.
The enemy of stolen time,
now it’s become best friend.
The youth she had to leave behind,
has been restored again.
Her faith though kept still; shaken,
grew higher than the storm.
The nights that had been taken,
now feel so safe and warm.
A life of bitter ashes;
replaced by dreams of dare,
the sorrow of the past has,
vanished into air.
From believing no one loved her,
to convinced that Some One does.
From accepting she must suffer,
to receiving special love.
From cringing in a cold cage,
to soaring high and free.
From leading lady, on a stage,
to praising out of key.
The mask hiding the glow,
has fallen to the ground.
Revelation knowledge flows,
peace can make a sound.
This change came slowly,
and remains a mystery.
He forever Holy,
searching for..just…me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The transformation of a heart.

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