What waits from the Gates of Death


Under the orange haze of dying sky, he stood; full of anxiety and tension;
full of conflict, as they prepared for the coming night.
From places unseen, the sorrow of the dead echoed faintly on the fleeing wind.
As if seeking refuge like the worms that crawl from long dead cadavers,
cries of the tormented clawed at the gates of a distant hell.
In his ears pain and suffering had found home.
As he looked into the horizon, he wondered how much longer they would last.
How much longer could they continue to run?
Eventually the stalking death would find them.
Would they stand and fight now, or keep running for as long as they could?
Looking down, he closed his eyes.

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I Remain

Nobody else can see
The glow
Of evil eyes in
The darkness.
They are used to the shadows
And Give up themselves
Though I remain

They try to convince
This anxious soul
To settle down
And sleep.
They all have grown tired
And they surrender quickly
Though I remain
To fight.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Comments please. :D

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So We Decided to Go to a Game

We went to the
     boys lacrosse game.
We both got burnt.

The other one got
     burnt on purpose.

She tans
     I don't.

She complains
     I don't.

I get upset.
     She doesn't understand why.

Now we're fighting
     and a good weekend
          ruined because
we decided to go to a game.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 4/19/09.  April Challenge Day 12: titled "So We Decided to..."

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Cris Silencieux

Poems 2010


Down this lonely road
I bear the weight of my sins
Hoping that one day
My silent cries will be heard


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I had gotten into another fight with my family and it was a bad one. I was feeling alone and forgotten, and I has people yelling at me so that didn't help. But things worked out.

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