The Rat and the Hawk

The Rat and the Hawk


The shadow of a lone hawk circled the barren peaks of a tall, rocky mountain. His golden eye surveyed the ground, searching for something to eat. He sighed, knowing that he would find nothing; he hadn’t seen another survivor for weeks. It had been months since the world dried out, and slowly — but surely — its inhabitants were dying along with it. A sudden movement at the foot of the mountain caught the hawk’s eye, and with a fell swoop, he landed on the ground. Around him fine dust rose, he blinked and focused his eyes. He was standing in front of a desert rat, pale with fear. The hawk had his wings extended wide, so wide it seemed the whole desolate world was covered in darkness.


“Don’t eat me!” the rat cried. “If you eat me, you will be all alone.”

The hawk pondered this and said with an intense voice, “But if I don’t, I will die.”
            “Others will come”. Said the rat.
            “Then I shall eat them too so that I can survive!” screeched the hawk.
            “Then you should get on with it and eat me once and for all.”

“What’s the rush?” Said the hawk pensively
“I would rather die than live in this dead and forgotten land”. The rat said.


The hawk grabbed the small rat between his claws and flew high over the mountain, higher than the highest clouds; high were the air was cool and rare, the hawk took the rat to the farthest star. It was absolutely quiet except for the beating of their hearts. All the rat could think about was that it was his time to die, that he would no longer be. However, the hawk, the lonely bird could only think about the feelings of the rat and how he was willing to die to forget all the pain and suffering the destruction of the world had brought to all living things. When they got high enough, both of them looked back and took hold of the planet with their eyes.

The rat sighed, “It looks so beautiful from up here, doesn’t it?”
Hawk said nothing.  


They both floated in the immense nothingness. A long peaceful silence submerged them in thought, their minds merged into one, all their feelings combined. Both felt grateful, earth had given them everything they had ever wished for, all they ever dreamed of, and never asked for anything in return.

Hawk and rat floated away from their home, until they were no more. That was their gift to Mother Earth.


Enrique Almaraz Guajardo, A00817439
Patricia Garza, A00812420


425 Words. 

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Fable End of the World



Everybody knew the world was going to end but they didn’t think it was going to happen so soon. People and animals were living together in peace until everything went dark.  There were only three survivors. A duck, a snake and a frog. Before Mother Earth emerged from the ground and destroyed everything, she was sick of all the contamination and wars we made in the planet she created, she thought we failed as human beings and we were not the creatures she wanted to create. The three survivors took refugee in a small cave by the lake. They spent a lot of their time wondering what happened, and when the disaster was over, they went out and saw all of the consequences of Mother Earth acts, it wasn’t a disaster, it was just like if earth was born again, a lot of lakes, mountains, deep blue sky, it was practically the earth we always dreamed about but could never get, it was perfect. There was only one problem, the trees were new and there were no other animals, so they had trouble finding food, when they realized this they started going nuts. While the duck went to look for food inside the lane, he snake gathered with the frog and said, if we eat the duck we could survive for a month, the frog felt offended of his proposal, he immediately denied it and told the snake never to think about doing anything like that again. Before the duck came back from the swim, the frog went to look for some food because he really didn’t trust the snake and didn’t wanted to be alone with him, when the three gathered it turns out the duck found three dead fishes on the lake, one for each one he suggested, and the frog found some berries, “we can survive for a week with this berries” he said, and the snake came empty handed. The frog and the duck were happy because they were going to be able to survive, but the problem was the snake was a little greedy, and she didn’t wanted to share the food with the other animals, even though they were the ones who found it. So they went back to the cave near the lake, it was time to sleep after eating those delicious fishes, but when the duck and the frog took off to sleep, the snake saw his opportunity, so he stole the berries and took off. The next morning the duck and the frog noticed that the snake and the rest of the food was missing, so they immediately worried, the surprise was that when they went out of the cave, not too far away they found the snake drowned, it turns out it rained that night and the water level of the lake raised, so they grabbed the berries, buried the snake, and continue their fight for survival.




The moral of this story is that if you do bad things bad things will happen to you.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

English assignment

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A kangaroo story

 A Kangaroo Story by Mauricio Rocha and Tania Moreno


            The sun came up in the morning over the peaceful valley where a large community of animals resided. They all rested before they had to begin their day looking for food and other things they could share with the rest of the animals, except for one of them. “It’s the end of the world! Everybody, the world is coming to an end!” The kangaroo ran around the valley waking up every animal and annoying them in every possible way. “It’s happening! Take cover everybody!  The world is ending!” The kangaroo would scream these words every morning, each time getting on the nerves of the rest of the animals even more. “He’s got to go.” Said the porcupine. “I can’t stand him anymore! I haven’t slept in a week because of him.” Said the monkey. “He’s the only animal in this valley who doesn’t contribute anything to the community. All he does is wake everybody up every morning. I’m so sick of him!” Explained the porcupine. “What if we got rid of him?” Said the raccoon. “How? We’ve tried everything, like giving him the silence groups and exclude him from our gatherings. He just won’t budge!” Said the monkey. “We should send him as far as possible.” Porcupine suggested. “Are you suggesting we ditch him?” Asked the raccoon. “No! Ditching him would make us look bad with the other animals. We should make him want to leave on his own.” Answered the porcupine. “Who are we ditching?” Asked the kangaroo, who overheard small fragments of the animal’s conversation. The animals froze still, not being able to find the right words to say. “We were just talking about how concerned we are that the world is ending.” The porcupine said. “That’s what I’ve been telling everyone all along!” The kangaroo replied with great relief. “Well,” the raccoon said, “we were thinking you could go to the farthest possible land away from all the danger to run from the end.” “How come you’re not coming?” The kangaroo asked confusedly. “We would but we wanted to give you a head start so you could warn everyone over there we’re coming as well.” The monkey explained. The kangaroo stared at them all for a while until he finally said, “I guess that makes sense. I’m off boys! Don’t miss me too much.” The rest of the animals just giggled and said goodbye trying to hold their laughter. The kangaroo arrived to a land called Down Under where he met other creatures like the crocodile, the koala, and the platypus. “No way! Are you all escaping from the end of the world as well?” Asked the kangaroo. “Absolutely!” Replied the crocodile. “Everyone back home told us to get a head start so we could tell everyone they were coming as well. It’s been an awful long time since they should’ve got here.” Said the koala. “Wait a minute…” The kangaroo said, almost as if he realized something. “They must’ve gotten lost!” The kangaroo said with a huge smile on his face. “Silly dumb animals.” 

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Sordid Tale

Once upon a time, in a town not to far outside of nowhere..
there was a young boy, about the age of seven.
One day, he realized life is no different than a dime- store
choose your own adventure paperback.
  He then set forth on a mission to live out the rest of his days
turning each page, not knowing what was written on the other. 
  never straying to far from his heart, he has lived a life many
could call adrift.
 Meeting new people, influencing lives, 
being influenced...in nature...loving, being alive ...being.
oh, but the story has many twists and turns indeed..like so many knots of tightly curled hair. 
  the loves lost, the fires, the search for higher ground.
Dragons and battles and merciless perils at sea. 
Whiskey, and mischief, and pens. 
 A fable would be far easier to believe if you saw the world
that resides behind the gaze of my blue eyes.
  O, but to love. 
One may never have truly...if it were not for its loss. 
 But the clock will never stand still, as so shall I. 
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A fable about the end of a small world.

The earth felt fresh, just as any other day. My brothers came out with me to work, so we followed the same route, in which we have been working on for the last fourteen hours. We were strong and nothing ever messed with us. I followed the path that I finished the day before, and I could see through the transparent barrier on my right, the unpredictable on and off of the glaring sun. Sometimes I also saw God. Every couple of days, he showed up, that gigantic and mystical hand from where the food fell off, and we were fed. He was a merciful God. My brothers told me to don’t get near to the hard, green colored structures that rested on the top of our home, because they were not eatable and we did not understood its purpose. The world intrigued me, I had many questions and only got dirt as response. Sometimes it trembled when we did wrong, and God shivered the world with anger, or perhaps just for fun. Only God knows. I don’t know anything. I had hundreds of brothers, and it increasingly felt as if there was less space in the world. Everything felt tighter, but we adapted ourselves, for there was no other world to inhabit. Sometimes I pleaded to God to build us a new world, a wider realm where my brothers and I could stretch and explore because in there we we used to know every inch of space. Every day we followed a routine, every day we did the same, and every other day we saw God's hand while he was dropping the food of the world. We knew nothing, but we already had got used to everything. And the days went by, and nothing seemed to happen until then.

Earthquake. Stirring frenzy. Everything around me was shaking. The world had gotten out of control and suddenly

­‑Splash! –

        - What happened? I cannot see the sun, there’s dirt without order, my dead brothers. -brothers, wake up! What happened!? Our home is gone, I don’t understand ... what is this I feel? Air? Something is pushing me hard.

My eyes got clear enough to see a bright light lit out of a frame - like the frames of those green structures.  What is happening?-
Suddenly I saw God approaching my now shattered world; I managed to see his face. -I saw the face of God! God help me, help me! Look at my world, what happened?-
But he didn’t answer, he never had. I watch a long tube with elongated hairs sweeping away my world, now extinct. I ran to save myself , I was startled , I ran towards the light frame, something was telling me it's was my only way out.
The light blinded me for a moment. Gradually accomplishing to focus my sight, I could finally see something I wasn’t ready for. A new world, reborn.

The land is green and the land beneath it feels smooth, the ceiling is blue and moody, and the sun irradiates the strongest light I had ever seen.

      - Are you lost little friend? I haven’t seen you around before -

I leave my amazed state to look at this new creature before me.

       -I do not know where I am, what's this? Is it the new world? ... What are you? Why are you so big?

      - I am a beetle, Haven’t you seen one before?

      - No sir, I do not remember seeing someone like you in my whole life, I didn’t think we had anyone else in this world.

      - But there are thousands of different creatures in this world, some are larger than you, some are smaller. You do look kind of lost, well, that you see up there is the sky, not a roof, and that's the sun, and it sets in every evening.

Puzzled by hearing this new creature and all of its new information, I felt the strange force trying to drag me again, taking me with her.

      - That you feel is the breeze; do not fight against it, it is part of everything. Every single thing is a part of something bigger, like you and me, we are part of the world.

      - A new world, like being born again. After the chaos, came the calm. But…what about my brothers?-

      - Death is just another part of chaos; peace will make your world reborn.-

      - I understand –

      - What do you understand?-

      - Death is part of chaos and with serenity everything is reborn, I understand that the world has reborn. But I do not know anything and now almost everything is unknown to me-


      -Then feel the land and respect it, feel the sun , the sky and the breeze. Life has welcomed you once more.-

Written by: Lorena Luján Cepeda and Gustavo Hernández Valecillos.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Did you get the species we were talking about? I'll give you a hint.

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The mouse and the snake

Thirteen billion years ago, when there was nothing but void, two Gods decided to make a world of beauty and creation together but they disagreed in much and they thought in very different ways. In said world some species followed what the good God said and other followed the bad God, dividing the population and that was how the world worked.

There was the snake family, who obeyed the bad God without fail, and who would attack other animals and fight all the time; and there was the mice family, that followed the good God, and was always happy and living in harmony. Even when the mice were used to their harmonious way of thinking, the problem was that the mice would always fear the one day the snakes would eat them.

Around the same date the mice and the snake family both had a baby. Neither of them knew of the other because, even though they lived in the same world, they never talked or shared given their differences.

One day the little baby mouse was walking in the forest looking for her house and she realized she was lost. After walking and walking she heard a noise in the bushes and felt terrified. Trying to hide in the bushes was a baby snake; he was scared of the mouse too, having never seen one before.

When the mouse realized that it was just a little snake she asked him “Why are you hiding? You should be trying to eat me. Isn´t that what your God tells you to do?”.

The snake was not sure what to do but he was sure he did not want to eat the mouse, who looked to be around his age. The snake knew he was not allowed to talk to his prey but he did an exception.

“This is my first hunting day and I don´t want to eat other animals, I don´t know what to do” said the snake a little embarrassed.

“Well I am glad you don´t want to eat me but your God is not going to be happy about this.” said the mouse.

“I know that, that is why I am not telling anyone” said the snake a little angry. “Any way, what are you doing here so far in the forest?”

“I got lost and I don´t remember where my house is” said the mouse.


After talking a little more the snake told the mouse he could take her back to her house and promise he would not tell anyone where she lived as long as she kept his secret. They thought everything was that easy but the Gods found out and called for a meeting in the top of the forest mountain. The bad God was so angry he wanted to kill all mice in the world. After the little mouse and snake explained what had happen in the forest the Gods came to an agreement that all species should be good and bad in a balanced way and this way the world will be a better place. 

Written by:

Edna Landois

Jesus Saavedra

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Of dog and man

In the beginning, man was friends with all the animals in nature, and they shared their meals, played and foraged together. Foxes, bears, cats, dogs, raccoons and all the other animals encounter at the big house in the middle of the forest, where every night a giant bonfire was built and everyone sat around and told stories to the others; many boastful tales were shared and many laughs were had around that big cozy bonfire. Since there were so many animals to help man, many stayed at the meeting place and helped with the daily chores, while others helped man bring in the meals for the day. The bear was especially good at finding the berries; with his big nose he could always find the plumpest, juiciest berries in the forest. The fox was very jealous, and told the raccoon “We should sneak out at dawn to find the best berries, that way the bear won’t get all the credit.” The raccoon, being the best animal at sneaking, agreed and they were on their way. The cat, which always stayed the whole night awake looking for his favorite plants, noticed something was amiss when he arrived at the house: “Where are the fox and the raccoon? It was their turn to tend the fire.” The big bonfire had started building up, and was about to reach the ceiling and start burning the house. The cat, being always a bit selfish, decided to escape without telling anyone that no one was caring for the fire. Once the fire started consuming the ceiling, the dog woke up with an alarmed bark: “Smells like burning, smells like a fire! Wake up!”. Suddenly all the man that stayed in the house where trying to put out the fire with everything they could, blankets, soil and other materials that the few animals that stayed brought. As the fire ended consuming most of the house, and a lot of its habitants were injured badly by the fire, in came the fox and the raccoon asking “Why did the fire grew up that much? Wasn't someone supposed to be watching over:” All the animals and man around the consumed ashes of the burning bonfire, saw them with a sad and disappointed look, until the dog said “ weren't you supposed to be the ones watching over night today?”. They both didn't knew what to answer and decided to exile to the deep forest without any companion. When the chaos subsided, everybody thanked the dog because if it wasn't for his notice, something bad could've happened, which is why is said that dog is a man’s  best friend.

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The Mole and the Vision

Jesús Fernando Sierra Rodríguez                  A01280136                             26/03/2014


Raúl Lozano Lozano                                       A01190520





The Mole and the Vision


Back in the days of the First Age, when Chaos and Order ruled the universe, there existed an animal that could foresee devastation. Its life felt as a torment because as little as it was, it had no power over the great problems that he saw in its dreams that came to reality in one “amjanba” or as it is said in this modern language a “month” after the first dream. This animal could fit in a human hand and worked hard digging its tunnels. The little mole kept digging and digging all day and night, trying to shelter itself from the disasters he foresaw. Only a few other animals in the land knew about its existence, and some others just never imagined such a creature. For some time the mole had no dreams about what the future departed so he started to go back to the surface each day a little more. After an “amjanba” the mole made it to the surface and began to speak to those animals who knew him such as the wise owl, the ferocious tiger and the majestic lion and began to investigate about the happenings of the surface. As he talked with each of the animals the mole realized that each of his predictions came true, as he knew they would. His animal friends corroborated his predictions with facts and told him that to avoid such disasters they needed his help more than ever. However, the mole stopped having his dreams and his predictions were no more, the mole was worried and his friends thinking that there was no more danger left him alone. It was only a week later that he received another prediction while sleeping. In this dream the mole foresaw that there would be a great flood, a flood that would devastate their food supply. The mole knew that he had to warn the others and as such rapidly went to find the animals of the surface so as to spread the word. When the mole found them, they were relaxing around a churning stream. Frantic, the mole explained that the next month there would be a flood and that their food supply would be damaged and to avoid any damage, they needed to start moving someplace else. The animals were skeptic about the prediction since it had been some time since the mole had any dreams that predicted danger and some others didn’t even knew the creature. Some uproar began to stress the surface and then came the friends of the mole. Just by saying a single sentence the animals looked at each other and began to move to higher grounds in the far part of the surface. It was until then that the mole realized that they commanded respect because of their qualities. An amjanba later the great flood came and with it, a few animals were taken, but most of them survived. That day the mole learned that some small things can be done alone, but by working together greater things may be achieved.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a fable about the end of the world in that era and a new beginning with a great flood.

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The Fading Sun

The Fading Sun

Luis Fernando Morales Flores A00999058

Ana María Padrón Martínez A00618350

It was just another regular day on vast mother Earth, everything was normal, the sun was rising, the birds were chanting, and the wind was blowing. It was a hot summer morning when all the animals began to wake up, first came out the lion with a big roar, in the distance the giraffe was stretching his long knees and his long neck, calmly the hippo was taking a long bath in the prairie lake, on the side of the lake the tiger was taking a big gulp of hot water warmed up by the sun, the last animal to show signs of life was the prairie dog who came out of a burrow walking slowly and yawning.

 It was almost noon, and at noon all the animal met out in the long grass of the prairie, so all of them were getting prepared for the meeting, when suddenly something strange began to happen. The first animal to take notice was the hippo, he noticed that the water of the lake was drying out and that not even his legs were now covered with water so the hippo quickly hollered: “Help!” “Help!” “Something strange is happening!” Quickly all the animals heard the hippo´s cry for help so they immediately ran towards him, and the giraffe asked: “What´s wrong hippo”? “The water, the water is all gone” answered the hippo trembling with fear. The giraffe really didn´t know what to do when all of a sudden they heard the tiger scream: “The grass!” “The grass is dying!” so everybody rushed out to where the tiger was in the prairie and they saw how the grass was turning black like coal, nobody understood what was happening. Just moments after, the lion came close to the group, “It´s happening” the lion said in a soft voice, “I can´t believe it´s really happening” he added. None of the animals knew what the lion was talking about, so the prairie dog asked crying out in tears, “What lion?” “What´s happening” “Tell us!” he screamed. The lion took a deep breath and said, “My friends, it has all come to an end, soon the sun will go out, the stars will not appear, and this, all this will be over” “How do you know about this?” asked the tiger, “Because, that´s the way life works tiger, we lived what we had to live and we did what we had to do, we were good animals, but it is time”.


 All the animals began to look at each other with a gloomy look, everybody knew it was going to happen, the lion was always right, they thought it was time to say their goodbyes. But before they could even start to say their last words, the sun began to fade and the stars never came out again, just like the lion said.

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