A kangaroo story

 A Kangaroo Story by Mauricio Rocha and Tania Moreno


            The sun came up in the morning over the peaceful valley where a large community of animals resided. They all rested before they had to begin their day looking for food and other things they could share with the rest of the animals, except for one of them. “It’s the end of the world! Everybody, the world is coming to an end!” The kangaroo ran around the valley waking up every animal and annoying them in every possible way. “It’s happening! Take cover everybody!  The world is ending!” The kangaroo would scream these words every morning, each time getting on the nerves of the rest of the animals even more. “He’s got to go.” Said the porcupine. “I can’t stand him anymore! I haven’t slept in a week because of him.” Said the monkey. “He’s the only animal in this valley who doesn’t contribute anything to the community. All he does is wake everybody up every morning. I’m so sick of him!” Explained the porcupine. “What if we got rid of him?” Said the raccoon. “How? We’ve tried everything, like giving him the silence groups and exclude him from our gatherings. He just won’t budge!” Said the monkey. “We should send him as far as possible.” Porcupine suggested. “Are you suggesting we ditch him?” Asked the raccoon. “No! Ditching him would make us look bad with the other animals. We should make him want to leave on his own.” Answered the porcupine. “Who are we ditching?” Asked the kangaroo, who overheard small fragments of the animal’s conversation. The animals froze still, not being able to find the right words to say. “We were just talking about how concerned we are that the world is ending.” The porcupine said. “That’s what I’ve been telling everyone all along!” The kangaroo replied with great relief. “Well,” the raccoon said, “we were thinking you could go to the farthest possible land away from all the danger to run from the end.” “How come you’re not coming?” The kangaroo asked confusedly. “We would but we wanted to give you a head start so you could warn everyone over there we’re coming as well.” The monkey explained. The kangaroo stared at them all for a while until he finally said, “I guess that makes sense. I’m off boys! Don’t miss me too much.” The rest of the animals just giggled and said goodbye trying to hold their laughter. The kangaroo arrived to a land called Down Under where he met other creatures like the crocodile, the koala, and the platypus. “No way! Are you all escaping from the end of the world as well?” Asked the kangaroo. “Absolutely!” Replied the crocodile. “Everyone back home told us to get a head start so we could tell everyone they were coming as well. It’s been an awful long time since they should’ve got here.” Said the koala. “Wait a minute…” The kangaroo said, almost as if he realized something. “They must’ve gotten lost!” The kangaroo said with a huge smile on his face. “Silly dumb animals.” 

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