The last hug on Earth

This day started out like every other but as the hours went by it teared apart many things and brought together other ones. Somewhere in an ancient temple in the middle of Egypt a cat and a dog woke up.  The dog and the cat had hated each other for centuries just as their fathers and grandfathers once did. And although this morning started out like every other with the sun rising and the birds singing, something felt odd. The city felt gloomy and the sky had started to turn red, and although none of the humans felt it, the cat and the dog, for once agreed that something was up. The dog rushed to talk to the cat because although they were not friends, they had known each other since they were born.


Dog: Hey cat

Cat: Why are you talking to me?

Dog: I feel something strange in the air today, don’t you?

Cat: Please go away, I'm meditating

Dog: Come on cat, this is important, do you feel something too?

Cat: What if I do?

Dog:Well, aren’t you worried?

Cat: We don’t know if there's something to worry about

Dog: Well...Let's find out, and if it turns out that nothing was wrong I'll leave you alone once and for all.. What do you say?

Cat: I'm not going anywhere with you

Dog: Come on, I bet that if we climb to the top of the pyramid we can get a good look of the sky and see what's happening

Cat: Fine, let's go… but only because I bet I can climb faster than you


As every time that they competed at something , the cat cheated and began running before the dog counted to three and as the two animals were climbing jumping from rock to rock, the clouds turned darker and the wind went harder. Even though the cat didn’t show it at first, she was feeling scared. When they got to the top, it was all clear. It only took the dog one look at the sky to see what was going on.

Dog: I know I'm colorblind, but I'm pretty sure this sky is not normal

Cat: Of course it's not, stupid, it's red

Dog: Are you thinking what I'm thinking

Cat: That is considering that you think….

Dog… Seriously though..

Cat: I'm sorry...yes, Having a red sky, and a big scary storm cloud approaching.. it's definitely not a good sign…

Dog: I'm scared Cat...

Cat : I'm scared too, Dog.

Dog: I don’t want to die

Cat: Me neither…


And as they watched the world burn down with the fire rain they thought of all the time they wasted hating each other and for the first time in centuries the cat and the dog shared a hug.


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Like Cats and Dogs

Gabriela Jaime A01192597

Jose Luis Valencia A00820392


It is the year 2687 and humans have been eradicated from the face of the earth, their excessive pollution and continuous wars has taken care of them. At the end of The Old World, the human species lacked compassion towards their brothers and sisters, which was another reason that led them to extinction. Just some instants before the last human heart stopped beating, they observed what their unconsciousness and apathy had led to. Before them laid a destroyed world; one without a trace of drinkable water, no uncontaminated vegetables and cows have been long gone before that. Half of the flora in the history of humanity is either extinct or has mutated to this point. A few months have gone by since the last human heart stopped beating, and the animals that had gone into hiding are starting to come out of their safe place. Now, on the planet formerly known as earth, there is nothing left but animals and nature. It is a new beginning for whatever flora and fauna is left.

After the extinction of humans, animals started to speak in a long-forgotten language which allowed everyone to understand each other. After a few months went by all animals were able to understand each other. Cats and dogs took it upon themselves to make sure that the planet was well taken care of, after all they were the closest animals to humans and they were the ones who had a better idea of what society should be like. Cats and dogs took it upon them to organize The New World, but some animals didn’t believe in them, because history has shown cats and dogs rarely get along. So they questioned cats and dogs’ ability to run a functional society.

A meeting was held and all the animals were to express their opinions on what cats and dogs wanted to do with society. Horses, birds, foxes, and all of the animals that were left showed up in the remains of what used to be the Great Bear Rainforest.

“The session is about to begin, please be kind enough and take your places at once.” Said a german shepard, with an authority characteristic to its bark.

“Who is he?” Said a mighty persian cat.

“He’s the leader of the dogs, his calls himself Prometheus.” Said a skinny little egyptian Sphynx

“Can the leader of the cats stand up.” Demanded Prometheus.

A white fluffy British shorthair, with eyes so golden they competed with the sun, came forward.

“My name is Brahma leader of the cats” Said the British shorthair.

“Could I have a moment with you alone Mr. Brahma.”

“Sure thing, let's go to a more secluded place.”

Prometheus and Brahma walked to a secluded place, behind some trees where they couldn’t be seen by the crowd, and left everybody else in what was left of the Great Bear Rainforest. Time went by and the two leaders seemed to be taking their time. The crowd began to whisper things among themselves. Both cats and dogs were worried but they kept calm, until the cry of an animal was heard.

“He probably just ate him and he’s just waiting for everybody to leave so he can walk out freely.” said someone among the crowd.

The cats became more and more suspicious about what was going on on the “secluded place.” They  truly began to worry about their leader. An hour went by and one of the cats began to plot against the dogs in case Brahma did not came back. Nothing seemed to be happening so the cats began their sneaky little plan. As they whispered and began to outline their attack, they noticed that dogs were ready to counterattack. A cat picked up a fight with a dog in hopes of creating mayhem and distraction for his brothers to set in motion their plan. And just as the battle was about to get real, both leaders came out, without even so much as a scratch.

“My brothers and sisters,” Said Prometheus “This is what destroyed the human race.”

“If we are to build a new world —a new society– that runs with peace and harmony, we need to become bigger persons than they were.” Said Brahma.

And so Brahma and Prometheus stated the Postulates of The New Era, in which it clearly said animals weren’t to abandon their common language, for they must be able to understand their brothers and sisters —regardless of their fur. If conflict were to arise, no physical action will be taken, and in case any of their siblings were to break these, then the universe was going to collapse. Or so said the “prophecy” Brahma and Prometheus told to scare everyone in the world.

Years went by and animals lived in perfect harmony until one day Prometheus and Brahma had a disagreement, and like humans, they fought like cats and dogs, unable to resolve their problems, which further lead to the collapse of The New Era. And with it came the end of the Universe.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Moral: The best way to resolve a problem is by discussing it peacefully. Violence creates violence. Be tranquil, compassionate and kind.  

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Dog love nature

The sun rises every morning and gives that special brightness to the magnificent tree over the hill, who spread its glow on the entire valley, filling it with beauty and life. From that point at the top of the hill, you can see how the flowers raise their heads, crowned with colorful petals, perfuming the day; you can hear the direction of the blue river go down the hill through the valley, saying hello to everyone who lives there. The grass is dancing with the air a lovely whistle song. There is a town downriver, a few miles from the hill, where many different kinds of dogs live, where Dago stands out for his leadership.

Dago is a wise dog who has many years living in the community with all his animal brothers. They all live there, peacefully and in perfect balance.


There is a big, old tree, with many branches, green leafs and as tall as the hill it sits on. It has been there for centuries, with many generations of animals revering it over the years. It is the mother of them all, the bringer of all life and their sustenance through the fruit it provides, Mother Nature they called it. They only take what they need, and return to the cycle of life when they die and feed the soil in which this tree thrives.


One day, Dago found a cat by the riverside, unconscious and in bad condition; it was strange as he never saw a cat before. His instinct told him to be cautious, but his good nature showed up and he took this new creature to his town where he nurtured him back to full health with the tree’s delicious fruit.


A few months later the cat settled by the hill and brought many of his cats friends along, they also liked the fruit very much and its rich nature allowed them to grow and spread. Over the course of a few years, they had become larger and the fruit was not enough, so they started hunting the animals like mice and ate them; they needed more water and depleted the river; they needed more houses and started cutting the trees… When they ran out of trees they went for the one over the hill… Mother Nature was in danger. She called Dago and asked him for a favor – Take these seeds, spread them with the help of your brothers over the world. They will create new ecosystems (animals and vegetation) that can sustain by themselves. However, be careful with the cats, once they realize about those new places, they will come after all of them, to satisfy their desires. So eventually that is how the rivalry of dogs and cats started.



The moral of the story is that we need to change our habits if we want to still have a world to live in, and take care about what Mother Nature give us. 

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The hungry little bear


Once upon a time in a warm day of summer there was, in little village on the mountains, a  young boy living with his father who was a forest ranger. Every afternoon, after school was finished the boy went into the woods to take little walks. One day he went for a picnic, he brought a lot of food of tasty food in order to enjoy his time. The smell of the food attracted a cute baby bear. The boy first reaction was fear, but then the baby bear started talking to him trying to calm him down. The boy was amazed that he could understand what the bear was saying to him. It was already late and the boy needed to get on his way back home, but he promise the bear he would come back the next day.

The boy went next day in search for the little baby bear. After a long walk while searching for the bear he realize he wasn't there. He was worried that bear didn´t keep up with his promise. He returned back to the village to have some lunch at his house. Suddenly he saw right from the neighbor's kitchen window the bear looking for something. Instantly he ran after the bear taking him out of there before his neighbors realize he was there sneaking for something. He successfully convinced the bear of getting out of the house just in time. The boy started questioning the bear of such actions taken, and the bear respond to him saying he was going through severe hungriness in the woods because he had no mother. The boy knowing from his father that animals are really important for environment and humans needed to whatever it takes to save them he took the bear home and feed him with human food.

Some months had passed, and the the little boy and the bear became really good friends. Every day the bear reached the little boy´s house looking for some food. The boy´s father realized something wrong was happening by the fact food was finishing so quickly.He thought maybe an animal or a neighbor was stealing the food. To solve this problem he put a trap on the backyard to catch whoever was stealing the food. The trap was a hole on the ground that will caught the robber. As always the bear went into the house to look for some food, but this time something went wrong. He got caught in the trap the father made. As soon as the little boy realized that the bear was trapped in the hole he tried to help him. He approached to the bear and tried to help him giving him his hand so he could go out of the hole. Instead of  holding the boy’s hand the bear bite him. The little boy ran away and leaving the bear trapped in the hole.

Moral of the fable: Never bite the hand that feed you.

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The Jealous Mockingbird

The Jealous Mockingbird


Once there was a mockingbird, whose name was Mike, sitting on the branch of a big three. He had not only shiny feathers but a mighty voice all his friends admired. He was singing his graceful song and dancing to it when another mockingbird sat next to him, one he had never seen before. “A new friend” he thought to himself, and decided to keep quiet in order to listen to him sing. This new mockingbird sang and his song was beautiful, but Mike was neither impressed nor delighted by his new friend’s talent, instead he felt jealousy, fearing that the song of his enemy was better than his. “This can’t be, my song is the best one there is. But just in case...” and the mockingbird decided to steal this song. And he practiced and practiced until he had master this new song, and now he could sing not only just his original song but this new one too. “This is proof that I am the best” he thought “if I can sing his song it means I am more talented than him”, and he went back to his nest to call it a day.


Next morning he woke up ready to show everyone his new talent and headed to the top branch of the highest tree, cleared his throat and sang his song full-throated, making sure that all his fellow mockingbirds could hear. As he always did, he catched the attention of all the other birds who kept quiet to listen to him and when they were all looking and him, he stopped for a second and began to sing his newly learned song. All the other birds froze, but not because they had liked this new song, but because they were shocked that Mike had sang a different song than his.

“This is outrageous” mockingbird Alexis, one of the elders, said “a mockingbird is born with a song of its own and that song is beautiful and original and special because it was composed specially for him” and he flew away offended at what he had just witnessed.

But not all of the mockingbirds thought like elder Alexis, and applauded Mike’s mastery on song-shifting. “If he can do it I can do it too” one of them said, “I bet we all can” the other one replied. And so it began that all the mockingbirds began to steal each other’s songs, changing from one to another and even forgetting their own. And newborn mockingbirds were no longer encouraged to find their true voice but to choose whose song to steal. And ever since Mike decided to still a song, no new songs had been heard and jealousy and mistrust spread, mockingbirds feared that they would be copied and always looked forward to coping others, and the old days when they all danced to their songs and shared them and admired the diversity were long gone. And it all began to decay until one day it was all over.


And this is the story of how the world ended. You may wonder why there were no explosions or chaos but you know what they say: “This is the way the world ends. Not with a bang but a whimper” (T. S. Eliot)

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There was once a big forest in which a lot of animals shared a cheerful life. Inside the big central tree lived a family of little rabbits who had little to eat and numerous members to feed. One of them, the smallest, a little female bunny named Anny, wanted so badly to help her poor family in order for them to be happy.

The lord of the village, a big owl that controlled almost everything that happened there, had lost her daughter on his last trip to the dark forest. He was asking the male members of each family to go and try to find her; whoever did, would receive a large quantity of food to last the winter. The forest was infested with dangerous, big, animals and therefore all the small animals were scared of this task, none went on the quest.

Anny’s father realized that the food would help his family out the current situation, so he considered the idea of undertaking the task.

Anny listen to him talk about it and said;

“Father, let me go with you, let me help you, I am strong enough.”

Her father, angry told her that she would only delay him.

“Females are to stay at home.” Her father firmly said.

Those words made her fury and sad at the same time, she ran to her room and cried.

When her father went to the forest to try to find the Owl’s daughter he got bitten by a group of wolves who heard him when he shouted desperately the little owl’s name.

Anny asked him again if she could try, but firmly he said no. This time, cleverly, Anny waited for the night to fall and cautiously sneaked out to prove her father wrong. The forest was cold and lonely but she wasn’t scared, she bravely sat down to eat something and slowly fell asleep.

Some voices woke her up

“Oh look a litle girl” sounded in the dark.
 “who is there?”  She responded
“here little girl” The voices said, but she could see anything.

Suddenly two little squirrels came out from the bushes, she asked them politely if they had seen a little owl girl who got lost among the forest.

For her surprise they nodded and told her she had been with them just the day before. They told her they saw her by the river in an old house, Anny asked them if they could take her there. She found the little owl sitting by the river playing with some plants, she told her how her father was looking for her and she took her home. Anny knew her way back, going slowly and cautiously to not be seen by the wolves.

When they arrived everyone was mad at her for risking her life like that but her father felt proud to have a daughter as brave as Anny. Who proved everyone wrong, and saved the little owl all by herself. His father realized that being female or male didn’t matter when you are clever. The food they received lasted all the winter. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 


The moral of this fable is that men and women are capable of doing the same things and that intelligence can beat strenght. 

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the cat and the dog fable

Jorge Kuri A01324289

Mauricio Hijuelos A01039325

The Dog and the Cat

A few days had gone by since the world started to end. Almost no living things had been left by, and a rare partnership had been made by two animals that used to hate each other. A dog and a cat had met and worked together for survival. They ran across the streets together searching for food, they protected each other during the nights.

Three days had passed and no food had been found by neither of them.

“I am desperate, I need something to eat.” The dog said.

“Let’s keep looking for food, soon we will find something.” The cat answered.

“I am going to eat the next thing I see, I don’t care if it's a living thing.” The dog said.

“We can not eat living things! There’s few of us left!” The cat yelled back.

Hunger had made the dog changed his mind about the end of the world. The cat did not know this, but the dog was willing to do a lot of things to satisfy his hunger. The dog was so hungry that he was starting to think about eating his partner, the cat.

A few hours passed by and the dog and the cat found something they had not seen in days. A small, little yellow bird was walking around. The innocent bird was walking all by himself. As soon as the dog saw this he jumped towards the little bird. Soon enough, the cat managed to tackle the dog and save the little bird. As soon as the dog stood up again, the little birds was already flying up in the air.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING!” the dog yelled, ”THAT WAS OUR FOOD!”

“That’s an innocent, bird, we can not eat that,” the cat answered.

“NOW I’M GOING TO EAT YOU!” the dog yelled back.

The dog hurried behind the cat, who ran away as quickly as he heard the dog. The cat sprinted across the streets of the city away from the dog who got closer and closer every second.

“THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU ARE DOING,” the cat yelled as he ran away.

“I ALREADY DID,” the dog yelled back.

The cat heard a loud noise and looked behind him. Out of nowhere, a wolf was running towards the dog. Motionless, the cat saw how the wolf tackled the dog and attacked him. The dog got severely injured and laid under the big wolf, who hadn’t stopped hurting him. The dog saw the wolf’s mouth approaching his neck and thought this was the end for him. Suddenly, the cat jumped on top of the wolf and bit him very hard. The wolf jumped out of pain and fright and ran away without looking back.

“You saved my life,” the dog said as he laid in the ground severely injured.

“I did, but I am not going to help you anymore. I now know what you are willing to do to your friends.” The cat answered.

“I am sorry,” the dog said. “Please help me get up.”

The cat looked at the dog’s eyes for a moment. Then he turned around and slowly walked away from the dog, who laid in the ground as he saw the cat leave him behind.

The moral of the story: Do not betray those who are there to back you up.

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The Raven and the Blue Jay

There once was a time, not so long ago, in Central Park New York City, a Raven and a Blue Jay (better known as “Jay”), who were the best of friends. These two were friends ever since they could remember; nest friends as papa bird calls them. While Raven had this combustion of impulsive energy in him, this need to always outsmart and stand out from the crowd. Little intelligent Blue Jay stayed by his side, and always supported him from the shadows.


Raven would always brag about being the fastest flyer in the city. He was recognized as “rapid raven” in Owl High since he was known for his capacity to do every thing faster than anyone else. Jay on the other hand, wasn’t known at all. Since he didn’t prove he was outstanding like Raven so he was practically invisible. Actually, he was outstanding in his own way but nobody noticed. He had the perfect grades and was a great singer. He actually preferred it this way though, his situation caused him no trouble. The mere thought of how fame just alters your ego and morphs you into someone you’re not, gave him the shivers down to his bird bones. He certainly did not want to be like that, however Raven was transforming little by little.


These two were a great pair. They’d do everything together. They would fly to school in the mornings and fly back home in the evenings, sometimes they would even wake up at dawn and go hunting. Even though they had their differences they needed each other, they counted on one another.


One day at school they were asked to do a project, they needed to collect branches and make a nest out of them. Once the head Owl was done explaining the instructions for the project, Raven had already begun the daunting task ahead. He soared through the whole park in a short matter of time, collecting the most branches he could find, of course faster than Jay.


Even if his friend seemed to be way ahead of him, Jay did not panic, and thought the project in a wise and composed manner. Brainstorming first about how he wanted to build his nest and making the physic and mathematical calculations on how much weight he wanted the nest to hold. After his calculations he slowly searched for the specific type of branches he had in mind; small but sturdy.


Raven, like always apparently “beat” Jay and brought in one hundred little tiny branches to their workshop in less than an hour. He started to work on his nest and was already halfway done by the time Jay arrived. Jay on the other hand, only brought fifty branches and started to build his nest patiently.


At the end of the class, the head Owl came to try out their nests. Raven bragged about how fast he had made his nest while Jay just stayed quiet. As the head Owl tried out Jay’s nest, every thing was amazing, he jumped, danced and it was hard as a rock. Once the head Owl stood on Raven’s nest it looked fine, but just as he jumped, the nest crumpled and came down in a rush. Raven stood there quiet and for the first time; and congratulated his best friend.


The moral of the story is this: Real achievement isn’t about who makes it faster, it’s about the final product.


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The Wolf and the Stag

The Wolf and the Stag

17. 17 cities, 17 kingdoms, 17 kings, 17 million people. 17 days is what it took to be completely erased. The wolf had always been lonely by nature, maybe that’s what kept him alive. Going on by the common road, nowadays the only road there was, the wolf stopped and look at the old skeleton of the biggest of the 17 cities, the only one that remained.

The memories of a past that was now lost reminded him of a time of peace and a time of war, with a darkness that lasted for 17 days.He wasn't going to die, he was the son of the wind and the biggest of the wolves. He was strong. As he crossed the woods  in search of food a sweet scent captivated him. A young stag with strong horns was crossing the same place he was.

After having the horn impaled on the side of his body the stag left him alone.

“Why won’t you just kill me?”

“Let’s just say this, it’s been a long time since that night ended, how often have you seen another living creature?”

“This isn’t the first time, but the others were very different from you.”

“What were they?”

“3 pigs, a beast, a lion, a tortoise and a hare, 5 monkeys, a bear, a panther, a snake, an old crane and you.”

“What made them so different from me?”

“The pigs keep to themselves, isolated from the world. The beast wishes company. The lion roams the terrains like he owns them, the tortoise and the hare travel together, slowly and steady. The 5 monkeys are always looking to serve. The bear doesn’t care about anything but to stay alive, the panther’s only objective is to protect the last one. The snake is mischievous and tried to fool me. The crane ran away the second he saw me. And you striked me with your horns.”

“You tried to attack me.”

“Did I?”

“I felt in danger, I don’t want to end like this.”

“Everything will end at some point. What if I told you I was just looking for some company? That I’m tired of always being alone?”

“I wouldn't believe you, it’s in your nature the desire to kill for food”

“After all that happened in those dark days, I’m not even sure myself what is in my nature anymore. Every other living creature that survived has tried to stay away from one another. They don’t understand we need each other”

“Need each other? But we are all so different, there is nothing in common between us”

Need is the basis of all of this. You needed to survive, so you attacked me, I needed your help so I came close to you. Appearances are meaningless. Once you hear the voice of all the things, you will finally begin to live.”

But if we leave behind all of our differences for a greater good, what will happen to us afterwards?”

You can’t expect good or bad. They say that the past is forgotten, the future is uncertain but today is a gift, that’s why it's called present.”

The moral of the story is this:


It’s only when you leave your differences behind when you can truly create something new.


Patricio Carrillo Tijerina


Teresa Arana Aristi

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