The importance of little things.

Not so long ago all animals coexisted in peace, and in perfect balance. Birds soared the skies, fish swam in the oceans, rivers and lakes and animals roamed deserts, jungles, and forests. One lucky day a young bear was walking on the forest and by accident found an abandoned honeycomb, he felt curious and took it down,  on the inside he found a yellow viscous substance he smell it and it smelled sweet he taste it and it tasted delicious, since that moment honey became his favorite dessert, he saved the remaining pieces of the honeycomb for later but once the honey was over the bear went looking for more, when he found another honeycomb the bear started to hit it to bring it down

-Hey! What are you doing? Exclaimed a very angry bee.

- I want honey, what are you doing in my honey? Said the bear

-This is my house please stop beating it. Said the bees

-You are lying, you just want my honey. Shouted the bear.

-I am not, I am a bee I live here. Exclaimed the bees.

-I have never heard about bees. Said the bear as he hit the honeycomb harder, in that moment all of the bees came out of the honeycomb and started to sting the bear, the bear cried and hit harder the honeycomb until it fell.

-Our home is gone. Exclaimed all the bees

-You hurt me. Said the bear

-You deserve it. Said the bees as they went flying away.

The bear filled with anger talked about how some yellow evil little beasts called bees have attacked him and left him with terrible injuries, all animals were filled with terror and persuaded by the eloquent word the bear spoke the animals decided to call up a council meeting to discuss the whole bee situation to ensure everyone's safety.

-The bees are driving us nuts. exclaimed the angry mob of animals to the judge

-We never attack if we are not in danger. Said the bees

-We don't care we want them away from our children- shouted a worried squirrel.

-Yes! Shouted all the animals. Chaos erupted.

-Calm down! As a judge in this great council I have come to a solution, the bees should be sent far away to an island to live in isolation until they learn how to behave.Said the judge.

The bear was happy with bees leaving he could have all the honey he wanted, the animals felt safe and peace ruled once again.

Several months passed and things started to change flowers, trees and even the grass started to die, animals were starving because they couldn't found food and the bear was sad because he couldn't find  more honey, when everything was dead but a rosebud the great council gather again, animals found out that all these changes had happened since the bees left, as a solution they sent the bear to apologize and convince them to return, the bear went to the island and found the bees, they agree to return but when they came back the rosebud had just died.  


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Ana Carolina Avellan 

Jose Ramirez 

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How Light killed Planet Earth


The sun shined for the very first time and elements were born. Each created a community of its own, first they growth their community's atmosphere, then they started to add life and at last they developed actual living creatures with a mind of its own. Years after, when the elements thought their own creatures were prepared, each element chose a representative to guide creatures through life in Planet Earth. Air chose Eagle, Water chose Octopus, Earth chose Groot, Fire chose Jaguar and Light chose Humankind, none of them knew anything about guiding but with time they became wise and every living creature respected them. Wildlife became a paradise, everyone could live happily surrounded by the other communities, except for humankind’s leader, he didn’t want to share his belongings, instead, he stole from others whenever the chance presented. He decided to talk to light who surprisingly agreed with him and lead him into each element’s younger community’s manipulation. There were no official gatherings to analyze Planet Earth’s development each element’s leader had to take care of any dilemma, so no one could notice that the younger ones were being convinced to rebel. Humankind started to question the decisions of the other elements leaders, he thought they were no longer capable of ruling their own communities. Therefore, Humankind, with his secret meetings with each community’s younger members managed to convince them to rebel against their leaders. They poisoned the elders’ minds too and got them to lock up their leaders and drove Planet Earth to an age of selfishness and madness. The lives of the living creatures on the planet were at serious risk but there was nobody to stop that terrible faith. Slowly, each one of the leaders started to die. The communities lost their path and Light acquired the leadership. He became the leader of an infructuous dark land, the new Planet Earth. Humankind never saw that coming, he thought he’d be the leader. The years passed by and Light keeps being the leader, the condition of Planet Earth have deteriorated and today the hope is almost inexistent. The few members of the communities that still alive fear of Light’s decisions and peacefully await for the end, hoping death will be more pleasant than life on Planet Earth. The planet itself is agonizing and Light contributes to its pain each day of the year.

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In a far away land on a mountain there was a community of animals that consisted of SHEEP, DEER, BEARS, BUNNIES, OWLS and some other animals. Under a big tree the young animals went to school everyday. Since the community was small in the school there where only a few students there was a SHEEP called Steven, a DEER called Tommy and a little BEAR called Barry. One day unexpectedly a new student arrived to class this animal was a BUNNY called Albert and he was brown and this was weird because no one in the class had ever seen a brown bunny. When he first stepped into class everybody asked him all kinds of questions so many questions he did not even answer one. The teacher then told everyone to be quiet and asked the scared BUNNY what his name was and he answered, "my name is Albert and I am from a land far from here called Tropical Forest". The other animals in the class all laughed and Tommy the DEER shouted "Tropical Forest! What kind of place is that?" Then Albert said, "Well it is a pretty nice place you should come sometime" Then the whole class laughed at Albert. "Why would anyone want to leave the beautiful mountains they all thought? Then the class ended and  since Albert the BUNNY noticed that Tommy the DEER was the leader of the group Albert the BUNNY kindly asked him if he could play with him and all the other animals and Albert the Tommy the DEER laughed at him and said "WHAT! You are weird and brown why would anyone want to play with you? then the sad BUNNY just left the BUNNY cried on his way home. When he got home his mom saw him crying and Albert told his mom that the kids at school did not like him because he was brown and from a different place. His mom then made him some hot cocoa and told him it was going to be okay. The days kept passing and the animals at school where the same to Albert. Only one day Barry the BEAR approached him and told him to play with him. Albert was so happy when this happened. After this Barry the BEAR noticed that even tough Albert looked different he was still pretty fun. And from this day forward Barry the BEAR decided he would never ever discriminate someone by their looks. The days kept going and Barry and The Albert became best friends. Even tough Albert and Barry where now friends the other animals did not talk to Albert. Then one day all of a sudden one of the biggest trees in the mountains was tore down by what it seemed to everyone like a bear with no hair that walked with two legs. The OWL then said that it was a human and that their job was to destroy everything they see. Then there was a town meeting to talk about what was happening then when the OWL explained that humans are here to destroy everything they see, everybody started to panic and some even started crying. "It is the end of the world they all thought" . "We must leave someplace else the OWL said" but no one knew where to go. Then all of a sudden Barry the BEAR shouted, "I know where we can all go”. Barry then explained that His friend Albert had told him great stories about his old home the Tropical Forest where the trees where green and the water was clear. Then the town agreed that they where all to move to the Tropical Forest. The town realized that the person that they where most mean to was the one that would save them after all. When they asked Albert for help he gladly helped the town move. And so they left. It took three whole weeks to get there and all along the way the town kept saying mean things to Albert about how he was a liar. Albert just kept ignoring them and told them the way. Finally they arrived to the Tropical Forest and they where all amazed at how beautiful the place was. When they got there they realized  how mean they had been and they all said sorry to Albert and like the BEAR they all made a promise to themselves to never judge anyone by how they look.

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Where Is The Food? A Tale of a Deer and a Bear

It had been a hard season, the food was scarce and it seemed that it wouldn’t be enough for the whole community of Fimtopia. The birds, the squirrels, the bunnies, the deer, the foxes, and the bears of Fimtopia hadn’t ate for days. The fruits and plants that kept all the animals alive were disappearing. The harmony that ruled Fimtopia was fading away. The hunger was driving the bear mad, he soon started to feel an appetite for the other animals; a feeling that he hadn’t experienced in his whole life. One evening, the leader of the community, a deer filled with wisdom, summon the other animals to a food crisis meeting.

“Welcome fellow friends” said the deer.

“What is happening? where’s the food?” said the frightened Bunny.

“Like you all have noticed, we are running low in food”

“I have flown through the whole kingdom and there is no sign of food, not even a sad berry” said the scarlet bird.

“We have a little food left, we can manage the food but it would not last more than a week” the deer told the community.

“I don’t know about you guys, but I’m so hungry I could eat the whole place” the bear exclaimed. Everyone looked at the bear with a shocked face. “Of course I’m joking, you’re so cute I wouldn’t eat you”

“Okay… moving on, I propose we should organize ourself, so we can all eat for the next days till we find a solution.”, and with this the dear finished the assembly.

Some days later the bear was walking through the woods when he ran into the deer. The deer asked the bear to join them for a search for food, but the bear declined his offer; he was too lazy to help.

After the deer left, the bear laid down and yelled to woods “I’m so hungry, I want some food”. Suddenly a squirrel ran next to him.

“I have some food” the squirrel told the bear.

“Oh, really?”

“Yeah, I can give you a piece”

“Look at you, so kind and helpful by giving me some food”

“Well, you know, we have to help each other as the deer said”

“That’s right, come closer I’m too lazy to go”

With an sudden movement, the bear attacked and ate the squirrel.

“So tasty, finally I found food” The bear started to devour the other animals, until he encountered the deer.

“Have you seen the other ones?” said the deer.

“No, why are you asking?” asked the bear.

“ I can’t find them, and I need to tell them that there is no food left anymore.”

“Really? That’s funny because I just found some food”

“Seriously? That’s sounds great, where is it?” the deer asked with a hopeful voice.

“Well, I’m looking at it and it seems really tasty”

“Where? I can’t see it”

“It’s right here and it smells good”

“What is it?”

“You” said the bear sinisterly and attacked.

The bear satisfied his hunger that night, and the next ones. Until he became the last animal in the kingdom of Fimtopia. He realized that he should have listened to the deer and worked together with the rest of the animals to find food.

“What should I eat now?” said the bear.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Ursula Alejandro and Ricardo Lazo

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The deer and the wolf


There was no wind, only the sound of the last of the leaves falling from the long dead trees onto the barren ground. The blood-red light of dusk clung onto the edge of the frame, as if trying to escape the dark clouds that were racing to cover the land. At the mountain’s foot, stood a shadow with antlers, desperately trying to catch the last few droplets of water with its mouth, as they fell in slow agony from the rocks, those that once made up a stream that came from the mountains and into the now dry lake bed. You could tell from the creature’s bleeding ankles that he was exhausted and had been on the move for days. With a sigh, after wrapping up the last drop with his tongue, the deer fell on his stomach and closed his eyes. Little was he aware of the pair of yellow eyes perched on him.

A twig cracked, and just as the deer managed to open an eye, a shadow lunged out of nowhere towards him. With a jolt, the deer scrambled to its feet, but as he reached the perimeter of the forest, his antlers got caught on the branches of a fallen tree. With a bent neck and kicking desperately, it wrestled to break free.

-  Keep still or you’ll make it worse– muttered the two yellow eyes just as two fangs and a wolf’s snout came into what little light was left.
- Please don’t eat me.
- I’ll help you.
- How will I know…

It had been too much for the tired creature. As he fainted, his antlers freed themselves and the wolf put him on his back. He took him to the cave in which he had been staying since the Day. When the deer woke up, he had leaves around his ankles and a bowl of

fresh water in front of him.  


-       You didn’t eat me.
-       No, I want you to stay with me.  
-       Why would I do that?
-      You blind? Have you seen anyone else since the Day? We are the only creatures alive, we’ll have to stick together if we want to survive.

Although the deer did not trust him, he was very injured to continue alone, so he stayed. They became friends and once the deer got cured, he became very strong while the wolf got more tired everyday, as there was nowhere for him to find food. Eventually, water also became very hard to come across. The wolf fell very ill one day, and the deer tried to do anything he could to help him, just as the wolf had once done for him. The deer went on big searches for supplies, but there was nothing left. One night, both fell desperately hungry, but kept it to themselves as they did not want to alarm the other. Suddenly, in the middle of the night, an acute pain in the deer’s leg woke him up only to see the wolf chewing on it.

-       You betrayed me!
-       Never! You chose to trust me even though you knew the inevitable.

The deer wanted to fight, but it was too late. A cry filled the cave as the wolf reached for his throat.

Moral: A leopard cannot change its spots.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

By Omar Vidal and Mariana Ayala

A Funeral Song

A Funeral Song


As a single star fell from the sky, the midday sky seemed to travel forth in time. The near pitch-darkness led to an uprising, with only the fluttering lightning bugs left as guides through the end of the world. As the voices overlapped, the wildlife coming alive amid the throes of panic, the queen of the pride found it in herself to speak over the masses.


The sudden roar led the grasslands to a tense silence, a sudden stop of hooves and sharp whines. She rose from her throne, her elegant steps echoing throughout her kingdom and making her subjects tremble. There was no moon and no sun in the sky, just a trail of falling stars illuminating the heavens above. Still, she seemed to shine as her voice roared again.

The day has come! The fools have brought our mother's’ wrath upon the Earth, and we shall go down with them, through no real fault of our own. Still, with grace we must go.

Sounds of dismay erupted throughout the land, and the queen made no attempt to stop their grief. She had known this day would come, since the first time the coyote tasted flesh, and greed and lust were born into the world. They would settle themselves in the hearts of the fools that ran their home into the ground, and there was no way to fight it. Her kingdom had lived with as much dignity as they could all muster; reduced to being hunted for sport, not even for need. She reasoned the stars were the ones hunting down the fools now.

The sudden gathering resembled the olden days, a funeral song for times of peace and prosperity. All of her subjects, big and small, joined by the chorus of falling stars. And then there was silence.

An eerie air enveloped the darkness, as nothing was anymore. The queen, or who she used to be, as she wasn’t anymore, descended into a deep trance-like slumber. But she awoke with a jolt, or as much as she could be awake and not exist at the same time, for a voice was speaking her name.

            “Who calls for me?

M Y   D E A R   C H I L D.   M Y   B R A V E   C H I L D.

The lioness, who was no more, felt a warm kinship with the voice from the void. She tried to roar, to explain herself and her kind, but found that no sounds came from her mouth. Nonetheless, her thoughts were echoed back into the darkness.

            “Mother, our courage was not enough.

As despair threatened to envelop her the way it had her subjects, images from their last moments on Earth found themselves seeping into her heart. A sight lost for centuries, all creatures standing together paying tribute to their home. A symphony composed for tragedy, a harmony missing a voice.

And the void answered back,

            “D I D   Y O U   N O T   W O N D E R 

W H Y   Y O U   C O U L D   H E A R   T H E   S T A R S   S I N G

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written by:Diana Cervantes and Melissa Parra 

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The CATastrophe

The CATastrophe

The mouse ran through the street, with despair in his face, fearing for his life. He heard the sound of cursed bells approaching him, he knew it… there was no way back, yet he kept running, running as if the world was going to end right before his eyes. His heart pounded with tremendous fear and felt so agitated as if it were going to fall from his chest. He turned around before hitting a wall, and then he saw them… a group of ten, maybe twenty cats cornering him. Suddenly the squeaks ceased, the heartbeats stopped and only the bones remained of what used to be a mouse. That my folks was another innocent life lost due to the cats. The cats had been conspiring for decades in order for this day to come. They were certain that they could end every single grasp of life on earth. The word started to spread and the rest of the mice locked their doors and waited with fear of what was inevitable, they were all going to die that night. There were thousand and thousands of cats, they were everywhere, outside every house, under every tree, near every alley, they were just too many. A doe was walking in the street, and then the cats cornered her. Her face became pale and she became still, unable to move any part of her body.

”I’m pregnant,” she said, “please have mercy on me, I will do no harm”.

“We show no mercy,” said the cat leader, “anyways, your baby would have been born in a nonexistent world.”

A loud scream was heard, there went the life of the doe and her child.

The cats broke into every single place and found every single mouse that could have been hidden. They were destroying everything, burning every place and form of vegetation. No place was left to hide, it was just the ground, thousands of cats and the remaining mice. Only five mice remained… three were eaten in front of the remaining two.

“Why are you doing this?” asked one of them, “Why can’t we live in peace?”

“It’s our nature,” said the sub leader, “cats are meant to eat mice, you shall all be killed.”

 The two mice were too afraid to die tragically so they threw themselves off a cliff.

“We have conquered the world” said the leader, while the world was falling apart.

They all asked themselves what came next… they had no one to eat, nothing to destroy and no purpose in life. They all kept staring at the world while it kept falling little by little, piece by piece. They had damaged the earth so badly that it could no longer sustain itself.

Then, what was expected to happen happened, the cats were making a line to throw themselves from the cliff, they had all accomplished their goal.

Nothing was left and the earth ceased to exist.


That my folks, was the end of the CATastrophe.

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The Confounding Continued

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Andrea León Noyola

Mario Contreras Pavía

"The Confounding Continued"

Once upon a time the world was a lovely and a comfy place for all living things. Everything was controlled by a supreme force called, Alkeides and he was able to do as he pleased. He could create new creatures or elements, design new activities and even change the universe’s order. Everyone was supposed to obey and respect Alkeides, because he enjoyed having the world in harmony and peace. Alkeides tried to love and respect everyone the same, however he had a favorite creature.. It was one of his last creations and he believed it to be the most beautiful one, almost perfect. And one day he realized that he had created so many different creatures that it had become difficult to control them all, so he decided to give a special power to his favorite creature, so he called it Alkippe and gave him the power of control with the ability of intelligence. When Alkippe first got his powers he used them with responsibility, obeying Alkeides orders and respecting all the creatures in the world. As time went by, other creatures started to get jealous and were acting inadequately against him. No creature talked to him, wanted to be with him or shared their food with him. Therefore, Alkippe realized that the powers he got had made him disgusting to others, so at this moment he decided he would treat others as they treated him. Also, as he had the gift of intelligence, he was able to know and understand what was happening around him and he learned to use his intelligence against others. His first malevolent act was to diminish the amount of food others could get, so he could have enormous amounts of it, this way he didn’t needed anyone to share their food with him.  Then, he destroyed environments  so that other creatures had nowhere to live and so that he could build a gigantic home. After this, he spent several days planning what he should do next in order to avenge the other creatures. He was planning on doing a final act of vengeance so that everyone learned that he would rule the world. This is when Alkeides felt an extreme disappointment, since his favorite creature was now trying to overrule him, so he ordered a group of creatures to stop Alkippe from completing his master plan. The next day, all the creatures from the world gathered outside Alkippe’s home in order to defeat him. They all started to dismantle his house, and when they finally got to him and were about to murder him, Alkeides interposed and stopped the creatures from committing an act that wouldn’t have been forgiven. At that moment, Alkippe realized everything he had done wrong, he begged to be forgiven and promised to never abuse of his powers again. However, Alkeides decided to take away his power and return him to an ordinary creature life where Alkippe would live in harmony with all the other creatures.  

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The Cockroach and the spider.




The cockroach and the spider


There was once a spider, beautiful, with long black legs and a silky smooth body. It was the king of the small valley it called a home. It would pass his days reminiscing about its beauty and wondering why no one was like it. Life in the little valley was calm. There were no trees to prevent the sun from touching the smooth skin of the spider. Only beautiful flowers on which the spider would be around comparing its own beauty with them. One day a small cockroach entered the beautiful valley of the spider. Repelled at the ugly nature of the cockroach the spider screamed:


            “Ugly cockroach. You are now in my territory; henceforth I can do whatever I want with you. So I tell you to be gone before I sink my poisonous fang in you”


The cockroach not recognizing whom the voice was from looked up. The spider was right above it and getting closer. Spooked the cockroach begged:


            “Please, kind, merciful lord of the valley. Don’t end my life, for I am a simple cockroach that wishes to cross your valley to arrive at more prosperous lands.”


            “I would let you cross if you weren’t so ugly. If you would cross my small valley you would end up poisoning the flowers you are nothing but an insufferable filthy Insect. I repeat be gone.”


Humiliated by the spider, the cockroach turned around and returned to its lands. The spider would live a few couple of months peacefully in its beautiful valley.



            The spider would remember the day it saved its land by vanishing the horrible cockroach. He would spend the next couple of months peacefully among the flowers of its valley. This was until one day it rained. It continued for 12 hours, and then 24, then 2 days. The rain didn’t seem to stop.


            The valley was being destroyed, the water destroyed many flowers and the valley was starting to flood. The spider remained in its house, but the water was reaching a critical level and it had to leave. It ran outside an looked for a way out. He tried to get his silk to connect to a tree, but there weren’t any of those around. The spider turned and faced it’s fate, it would drown. The spider heard a buzzing, a flapping of wings. It was saved!


He looked for the sound and found it in the shape of a small cockroach speeding past his valley looking at it and laughing.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Héctor González

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