The Old Black

Luz Treviño and Arturo Dávalos

The Old Black

It all took place in the old black, the big nothing, where nothing was all there was, but all was meant to happen, the empty canvas waiting for a creation. It all began when a string of the “nothing canvas” broke and released two tiny bits of nothing which collapsed forming the first gods, the wise nine-tailed silver fox named time and the mighty fire bird called space. Both time and space ruled the vast nothing, as they grew bored of nothing they decided to fill it with lovely music, so the mighty fire bird and his cunning mate began to sing a song which formed tiny bits of white called light and pale blue dots called water all over the black canvas. As both became used to their songs they wanted someone to sing for them so they created the first beings made of dirt and water but they were flaccid and their singing was weak, in an attempt to listen, the fire bird got too close hardening the muddy pale blue dots becoming planets. On a second attempt they tried to create life, this time with a noble sacrifice of blood from both time and space, they mixed it with dirt and water, which formed animals and plants. This time they were satisfied but the animals’ behavior became a repetitive pattern, singing the same songs over and over again. On a third attempt, the gods made a sacrifice of flesh mixed with a tiny bit of nothing. Man was created from the firebird’s flesh; woman from the nine-tailed silver fox’s flesh. This was a perfect match for the gods, the chaotic nothing made humans uneasy, non-resting, innovative, hardworking, always looking for more things to fill their emptyness, they never ceased to sing. The gods rested at the side of the earth giving it warmth and care, the mighty fire bird became the sun and the silver fox the moon. One day the man was resting with his mate, the beautiful woman at the side of the sea in a beautiful night, the man felt like if he was empty, like if he was made of nothing, like if his beautiful mate, the woman, was not enough and needed something more to fill his emptiness so he fell in love with the moon, the silver-fox goddess. Days passed and the man had his head on the moon, always waiting at nights for her by the ocean. The woman became aware of that and felt like if the nothing was consuming her, more emptiness, so she drowned in the ocean in an attempt to fuse with the moon’s reflection on the sea. The god space didn’t find the man singing attractive so he left him to his own, also abandoning the wise time god since her songs were not enough anymore, it was nothing, just as mankind, just as the gods. The silver fox began to cry feeling empty, she slowly flooded the earth with her tears until the man drowned together with all the animals and plants becoming nothing. After the planet flooded, all lights and pale blue dots began to vanish as the gods’ song was not being singed anymore, both gods faded and fused with the old black, becoming nothing. The old black just stood there, gazing deeply into himself, watching the everlasting nothing, closely looking how all comes and goes, all the impermanence, the cycles of nothing.

Why animals live in packs

Everything started with just a tiny particle of matter, with darkness surrounding it. No life, no breath, no living particles. It was just God and this tiny particle until he decided to make something productive with it so he decided to create the world. A big, round and massive place where different kinds of living things can breathe the pure oxygen, eat the food that the trees and environment provided, like fruits, seeds, plans, mushrooms and other delicious things, drink as well the cold, light, transparent water of the ocean and rain, and get along with all the other living things even if all of them where different as a very special, caring and beautiful family. God decided to create animals that life on the ocean, rivers, and lakes with a special and different way to breath inside them. This animals where fishes, sharks, whales, dolphins, sea stars, lobsters, crabs, sea worms, jelly fish and so many more kinds of them with different colors ,shapes, and weight, but they didn’t care about their differences so all of them behaved as a family. God created as well animals that lived inland like lions, bears, zebras , rabbits, beavers, deer, snakes, pork, cats, dogs and so many more of them of different types of colors, shapes and weight, but they didn’t care about their differences so all of them behaved as a family. God created animals that have the gift of flying in the pure air so he created the eagles, crows, pigeon, humming birds, and many others with different kind of colors, shapes, and weight, but they didn’t care about their differences, so all of them behaved as a family. One day the sharks, lions and eagles got together, they thought they were the strongest in each species so they had something planned, they wanted to prove all the other animals that they were the strongest of all the living things, so they made a challenge to all animals, the challenge said: “We are going to prove all animals we are the strongest and we should govern the sky, land and ocean. If someone does not thinks like us, you can fight us to prove us wrong. The next day some animals decided to fight them, each different kind of animal went alone to fight them but they just died or got seriously wounded, but then some animals like the fish, wolves and seagulls got in a reunion and started to think a way to win the fight, they looked at many plans until they decided to fight them. The fight got interesting the fish, wolves and seagulls were winning because they surpass by number to the enemy and after 2 hours of fighting they defeated them and proved that there are no strong animal who can’t be beaten. So that’s why many animals like these lives in packs, shoals or flock of birds, protecting themselves and living in great amounts. (495 words)

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Roberto Gonzalez A01191438
Daniela Segura A01192265

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fable the squirrel and the bear

The Squirrel and The Bear
Millions of years ago the Gods formed the Earth. There were lakes and oceans, fertile green valleys, the bluest skies and great abundance of food. The animals that lived in Earth had everything they needed to live in a comfortable way. They didn’t have to do a thing to survive so they became very lazy. This made one of the Gods angry and one day he came to Earth to give all the animals to wan them that the end of the world was coming. He stated that only those who disserve to live could have the chance to overcome the disaster so they should prepare for bad weathers and lack of food and water. All of the animals in Earth didn´t paid attention about this since they assumed it was impossible to happen because they lived in such a perfect world. All of the animals thought this except by the squirrel that decided to prepare for the disaster that was coming. The squirrel started to collect as much food and water as possible and also he started looking for a good and safe shelter. But the rest of the animals went on being lazy and living their lives comfortably.
While the squirrel worked hard every single day to prepare his shelter and recollect food and water, the bear came by and asked him why he was working so hard since there was no need for it. The squirrel explained that they needed to listen to the warnings and prepare for the end of the world because it was the best thing to do. The bear laughed at the squirrel and said that the end of the world was impossible since they live in a perfect world but the squirrel insisted that it was better to prevent than being sorry for not doing it before and he advised the bear that they never know what could happen the next day. The bear told the little squirrel that all of this was a waste of time. The bear assure that the Gods just had envy of them living in such a perfect place. He told the squirrel to stop working and start living life without worries.
The squirrel keep on working hard while the other animals just watched and laughed at his hard work. The squirrel struggled with the opinions of the other animals that made offensive comments and disturbed the squirrel’s work. But after a few moths the end of the world came and there was a huge lack of food and water for all the animals, just as the God said. The weather was terrible and natural disasters appear all around the world and most of the animals started to die due to this changes because they weren’t prepared. All the animals suffered from this except for the little squirrel, which has been prepare for it. The bear came up to the squirrel asking for help since he was starving and needed a shelter. The squirrel felt bad for the bear but he couldn’t help him because the shelter and food was too small for the bear. The bear felt sorry for what he had said before and sadly the bear died with the rest of the animals that did not take in consideration the warning of the Gods except for the little squirrel.

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written by karen ibarra and jesus arreola

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The beginning of the world

At the beginning everything was in darkness; so light was separated from the shadows and the sun, moon, starts and ocean were created. But still there were no living things around the earth and it felt empty, so the gods decided to fulfill the land with trees, flowers and many other kinds of plants; but even with that the gods knew that something else was missing to create harmony in the world.
-“What else we can do?” one of the gods asked
- “Maybe it should stay like this” the other one said
Two angels came with an injured wing, telling the gods they cannot do their work anymore. Worried about this, the gods were thinking what other things this angels can do to help them.
- One of the gods said “Why should we not send them down”
-“You have just read my mind”
Both angels looked one another asking themselves “and then, what we are going to do there”. The gods knowing what these angels were thinking, told them “Don’t worry; you are going to bring to the earth the harmony that is missing.” With these words and with the faith they were going to do the right thing, both angels descended from heaven to the land, transformed in animals, each one in rabbits, one male and one female.
Not knowing how to survive the rabbits started to explore the land and as time passed the understood that the gods gave them everything to survive there. They used the big trees as their home, plants as food, discovering that carrots were the most delicious from the others ones; and drinking from rivers to maintain hydrated. The rabbits were enjoying life; they have everything and know a new member a baby rabbit! The new family was having peace and calmness.
Upstairs in heaven the gods were thinking that it was time to send down to the land new angels transformed in animals, so the land could be fulfill with many others kind of animals and complete the harmony the gods were looking for. From one day to another there were all these animals, and the rabbits didn’t know what to do, for them, they were “invading” their home; but the rest of the animal community told them, that the gods decided this and know they will share everything and the land.
So, the rabbits know have new neighbors; they had more baby rabbits and as well the rest of the animals; and friendship between them became the base for having a harmony in the world. And this is how the earth became fulfill of animals.
The End

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The dolphins and the Shark

The dolphins and the Shark
There was a school of dolphins in the sea, all of them were happy and related to each other. They lived in harmony with the whales, grampus and seals, and had all the fishes they wanted to eat. However, one day the Shark came, he was gray, fast and mortal, a beast that nobody have never seen before. He devoured the small and big fishes in the sea and then dolphins and seals became his prey.
The seals lived in the surface far from the Shark, but when they wanted to eat they went alone to the water. Sooner than later, one by one seals sank on the Shark’s jaws until there weren’t more seals in the sea. The dolphins, which lived in the water and always had to go at surface for breathing, were the most intelligent; they realized that seals fell because they were lonely. They did a council in which the chief decided that everyone had to go for food or air in groups of four or five bodies.
One day the Shark attacked a dolphin a little far from the group, the other three dolphins came to help him, they fought, dodged and beat against the Shark, he ended so tired and confused that left one wounded dolphin and other three only with a few scratches. The dolphins went back to home and told others the incident. Everybody was celebrating the success with a great party, but the chief , a wise one, came and speaks up: What do you celebrate, dolphins? There is no proud in their negligence! You have to be more careful and aware of the danger you face, this time ended well but the next time no one knows.
Animated by this win, the previous three decide to kill the Shark. Hiding from the old chief they organized a big group. A group of twenty dolphins leave the haven to search the Shark in the deepness of water. They went to the place where fishes were afraid of. At the place they surrounded it and searched for the Shark, but didn’t find anything more that fish’s bones.
In their return, they find the others crying because in their absent the shark had come and attack the school. The wounded dolphin from the fight, who can’t swim fast, was killed by the Shark and the other were too surprised for doing anything. When they saw what had happen, it was too late and the shark was leaving the place with his pray.
After that, the group of twenty demanded revenge, but the old chief spoke again: Didn’t you learn anything from this? Your recklessness left the school unprotected and left the nature order to flow. If you had been here this could be prevented. But you were too much blind by your false victory!
In that moment the dolphins understand the chief’s word and organized a greater council than the last, in which all dolphin participated. They set round keepers and chasing groups. The kids were specially kept and every dolphin had their role. Only in this way they get to shield and look the good for each other. It was the intelligent and the join that they always had, what let them live and reside the seas until now.

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Punks of Nature

Punks of Nature
We had lost our sky, our land, our home. The end of the world had begun, it wasn't anything similar to what we had thought it will be, and it was a surprising event. It wasn’t what the bible said, nor what the Mayas predicted. Our friends had turned their backs on us, and what we rejected becomes our only choice.
After we were attacked we didn’t had no choice but to escape, leaving our family and friends on the way. They rapidly took control of our houses, the streets, the skies and the seas; there wasn’t an extended list of where to seek for refugee, so we decided to go in the sewers. There we found a completely different world. A creature that seemed to have the leader role in there approached us, but we didn’t understood what he was saying. They guide us aggressively to what appeared to be a kind of cell in were we stayed, they gave us crumbs of food and water, it wasn’t much but it was enough. Day after day more and more refugees started to arrive, but still no one could understand what these creatures were trying to tell us.
One night, a family arrived; they seemed to have been thru some difficult times. They were 3, the mother, the father, and a girl named Ayxa. Ayxa was 3 years old, she couldn’t have a serious talk with a grown up but, it seemed that she could talk and understand with our savers. After we realized this, we try to mobilize to try and find the leader who guided us here. We searched for hours and after a long search we finally found him. There we realized that the creatures, our savers, weren’t nothing more than rats and some insect.
We saw how Ayxa was communicating with them, they talked for hours. It was really obvious Ayxa’s body language, we could easily tell when she was scared or when she was relaxed. What the rat, the leader, told Ayxa was this:
“It’s hard to explain what is happening. For hundreds of years the other rats and I have been building the resistance in which we could refugee from the other animals’ plans. We collected crumbs and old food to survive. You humans didn’t understand the purpose of our actions, so we decided to act hostile for a while. The other animals, the ones you called your best friends, considered us punks, they said we were rebels. We didn’t want to participate in their evil plan to take the world, they pretended to be your friends for all this years but their intentions were never good. At these hard times, you without knowing it created this resistance. It’s time us to help you in your misery. We’re stronger than them, we’re wiser than them, and we all together will succeed.”
We then realized that the resistance wasn’t just build by rats; there were also cockroaches, crows and all kinds of spiders. That’s when we decided to join them. We had simple works, because we were bigger we couldn’t help them in the exploration tasks, but we helped with food and strength when needed. We were a team, like in the old times.

Alejandro de la Fuente
L. Alejandra Davila

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Fable: "The other side"

From the beginning of the times, there was a tree were all animals lived, you couldn’t see where it ended, and you will need 80 days to go around it. There, all the animals lived and made their caves. The gods told the animals “Live in peace, share what you have, and everything will be alright”. Years passed in peace and everybody was happy, until the gods send a drought, the rabbits “Fortunately we have water for several weeks and we’ll survive”, but the lions didn’t had the means to survive, so they thought “The only way to survive is getting all the water available before anyone else and stealing the water from those little rabbits to be sure, they don’t need it anyways, they’re little enough to live with a drop a day”, so the lions made a plan to steal the water, one lion said “We’ll sneak where the rabbits are, and then silently we’ll get all the water we can, the others go to the river and get all the water you see”. Finally they arrived and stole all the water and the rabbits died, and the lions pretended to be astonished of the dead of the rabbits, and the river was dry as a dessert.

Some days after, a strong winter whipped the world with tons of snow and ice, and the lions said “With this chilly winter we’ll surely die”, so they started killing bears without anyone noticing, so they could get their fur to make hotter their homes. A little time after, there were no bears anymore, but the lions survived and the world was as cold as hell.

Some days after a famine came and the lions again were not prepared for something like this again, so they thought “We’ll have to steal the food from the pumas” so they said “We’ll make a tunnel that goes all the way to the other side where the pumas are, and then silently we’ll get all the water we can” so the lions started digging and digging days and days, some of them were almost dying, but they kept digging and digging and digging. One lion said “We’ll be there by tomorrow; I can see the end of the tree”. The tunnel was hundreds of meters long, but they finally were near their objective. And finally the lions were there, some of them peered to the sun, but the tunnel collapsed and the door was closed. And when one lion saw the other side by a small hole, he realized that the rabbits, bears and pumas were happily dancing in the sun with plenty of water, cool weather and food, different from what they had at the other side, dry, cold and without food, so the remaining lions went outside and saw nothing from what they saw in the door, so one lion said “We were left behind in a world of pain and suffering”.  

Steve Andrew D'lamora
Miriam Villareal

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Honesty brings Happiness

Once upon a time, in jungle far far away, there was a troop of monkeys having a difficult time collecting bananas, because the foxes were stealing the bananas for themselves. Moonkee, a little monkey was searching for bananas far from home in a very tall tree. After several hours of searching for bananas Moonkee has just found a banana in a high place for him to reach, nevertheless, he tries to grab the banana, but after several tries the banana´s stem broke apart and fell down into a big pond of water. Moonkee was sad, because he lost his only chance to get a banana, and he couldn´t get into the water since he can´t swim. At the moment he was about to leave, Moonkee heard a voice coming out from behind. When he turned back to see whom it was, he saw a white swan. Moonkee was surprised to see the beauty and grace of the swan. Then, the white swan asked Moonkee why did he look so sad and Moonkee replied “I lost my only chance to have something decent to eat for the day, now I’ll have to satisfy with grass and leaves.” the white swan out of nowhere took out several bananas and held them in one hand, and a single banana on the other hand. He asked Moonkee which one was his, and Moonkee pointed to the single banana. The white swan amazed with Moonkee´s honesty decided not only to turn back his lost banana but grant him the bunch of bananas as well. Moonkee then went back with his pack of bananas with the other monkeys. When the monkeys asked where did he get all of those bananas he explained everything that had happened. Every monkey was so interested in listening to the story that they didn’t put attention to their surroundings, behind them someone was watching them really carefully. It was a fox, it occurred to him that he should do the same as the monkey so he can receive more food, and so he did. The fox went to the big pond of water and threw a banana, expecting the white swan to come out. After several hours, the fox got tired of waiting and turned back to go home, that´s when he heard the same voice Moonkee had heard, the voice of the white swan. The fox turned back and was mesmerized with the beauty of the white swan. The swan asked the fox if he had lost anything, and the fox replied: "I lost a big bunch of bananas", the swan took out only 1 banana and asked the fox: "is this banana yours´?" and the fox replied: "No, I lost a bunch of bananas, not only 1" and that´s when the white swan realized that the fox was lying and all that he wanted was to seize the chance of getting more food, so the white swan decided to punish him for what he had done. The fox shall go to the exile where he will not be able to enjoy the delight of bananas and will receive just a meal for a day, unless someone shows mercy for him and he can only come back after reconsidering the consequences of telling lies.

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The Banquet

Once upon a time there was a mouse named Mike who lived just beside a restaurant with his brother Pablo. Mike was so excited that his brother’s birthday was coming up. Mike decided to give him a big surprise party by preparing a huge banquet. He started gathering food a whole month before his brother’s birthday arrived. He gathered food for the whole world. He was going to invite all the animals. He spent a lot of effort preparing the party until it was all prepared except for some decorations. Finally the day arrived, Pablo went to work on the morning and meanwhile Mike went on a walk with his friend Petunia the rabbit to finish the last details for the night, she was helping him buy flowers, balloons and decorations. That night animals started to arrive to the huge celebration. The dogs, the rabbits, and the birds… everyone was there except for the lions who apparently were running late. Pablo arrived and he was so happy and surprised, they were all having a great time until the lions arrived. By the way they opened the door everyone knew something wrong was about to happen. They started by destroying the decorations and they ate all the food but they were still hungry. They complained there was not enough food for them, that they wanted more. Mike got very nervous and didn’t know what to do. All of a sudden, one lion got very angry and grabbed mike by the tail and ate him. All the animals were struck by what had happened; they had never seen an animal eat another. They were all scared and tried to run away, but it was useless. The lions were all around the animals. There was a huge mess. After 2 hours of lions eating the other helpless animals, there was no one left, but them. That’s when they realized they had nothing left, no food and no friends. They started to get desperate just by the thought of this. They started fighting because they knew their meat was the only thing left to survive. The days passed, and the hunger was growing. Until one day, they couldn’t resist more the starving that they attacked each other. Their fight ended 5 days after, on a huge massacre, which left only 1 lion alive in the whole world. This lion felt sick at the view he had. He could see all his dead friends at his feet. He was alone in the world, no one to talk to, no one to share anything with, no one to be with. He was like that for a week, feeling lonely and sad. He got sick and no one could take care of him. Until some days later he simply died from sadness.

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