What Goes Around Comes Around

In a very small house in the meadow, lived a happy family of rabbits. The lovely family was made up of mother rabbit, father rabbit, the oldest sibling, Peter, and his younger siblings. During an ordinary evening, while the family was getting everything ready for dinner a tragic event took place. Mother rabbit and father rabbit were preparing a carrot based dinner and Peter and his siblings were waiting at the table when suddenly, two yellow bright eyes appeared on the window. “Go hide now and don’t make any noise”, yelled father rabbit. Every member of the family quickly went to hide, but for most of the family it was useless. A big, hungry coyote took down the door of their little house and without any trouble found and ate every rabbit except Peter, who the coyote didn’t manage to find. Suddenly, from one second to another, there was Peter, all alone in his hiding place, with no family left. He stayed there for weeks, without eating or sleeping, until one day he started thinking. “Why does it has to be this way?”, he wondered. “I refuse to keep being seen as the prey.”

One day, Peter reunited the whole rabbit community and explained to them that it was time for them to take action. Everyone agreed without thinking it twice. The problem was that they thought themselves as weak, and though they didn’t stand a chance against their predators. The words spoken that day by Peter started spreading around. All kinds of animals that were preys too started to hear about what Peter was trying to do and a desire to join this movement that started to grow in them. Birds, rabbits, deer, mice, elephants, zebras and many other kinds of animals started to gather now and then to discuss this topic. They gathered by the lake so that even fish could listen. They would work together and defend each other as if they were the same species. Every animal used their special skill to defend the rest. They realized that together they were stronger than they thought. Everything was going great, all types of animals working together to help and protect each other, but things started to get out of hand. They reached a point where they were doing too much damage. They did not only protect themselves, but also started to harm and even kill other animals that used to be their predators. Some animals even started to torture whole families of predator species without remorse. Suddenly they realized they had become exactly what they were fighting against in the first place. Things were out of control and even the lions, bears, coyotes and other strong animals were afraid of them and feared for their families. “We’ve become what we feared, we’ve become what we hate.” realized the animals that used to be preys. Peter, the same rabbit who had started the revolution, felt responsible. Finally, he decided to go talk to a coyote, which was the hardest decision of his life, since a coyote was actually responsible for what happened to his family and the reason he started the revolution in the first place. At first they both felt scared of each other, but then Peter had the courage to tell the coyote that he felt extremely sorry for what happened, but he also explained the reason why he started the revolution in the first place, so the coyote realized that he and the other predators were part of the problem, so he talked to them and they also agreed and understood their reasons, so then preys and predators got together to discuss the problem and agreed that the solution to the problem was mutual respect, so they made a pact where they would not harm each other and everything was solved.

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The Lion, the Lioness and the Snake

Before the human race, there was once a kingdom, where the lion and the lioness ruled and kept peace among all the living things. As they usually took care of all the important affairs of the kingdom, the lion and the lioness had a separate room they called ‘The Cave’, where nobody but them was allowed to come in. There, they used to make all the most important decisions in private before revealing them to the rest of the animals.


In the kingdom lived all kinds of animals. Big animals, small animals, thin animals and fat animals. Animals with legs, animals with wings, animals with fins and animals with nothing but their body, like the snake, who was known for being selfish and for always wanting to know everything about everyone, even if it was none of her business.


New Year’s was soon to come, and the rulers wanted to have a party for the entire kingdom, where all animals were invited to celebrate the end of another great year. They both decided to go to the cave so they could plan the party. The snake saw them walk into the cave and decided to sneak in. The lion and the lioness were discussing whether to make the party a surprise for everyone or to simply tell them all to go.


“We must tell them!” said the lioness.

“I don’t think we should” replied the lion.

“But it will be a complete disaster if we don’t!” answered the lioness.

“You don’t know that!” said the lion.

“But it will be on New Year’s Eve! We have to let them know what’s going to happen!” she said.


The snake heard this and left quickly.


The days went by and New Year’s Eve was getting closer. The snake deduced that the king was trying to hide the truth about the end of the world, and since she was such a selfish snake, she wanted to be the one to tell everyone about it. The gossip spread quickly among all animals in the kingdom. Everybody started panicking and decided to confront the king.


“We want to know the truth! We want to know the truth!” shouted the animals.

The king woke up to this scandal and said: “Easy, my people, would one of you please explain to me what is going on?”

“We want to know what will happen on New Year!” shouted a gorilla.

“How do they know?” asked the lioness to her husband.

“Well, we wanted to make it a surprise” said the lion, “but it seems like all of you already know…”

“We are having a big party for everyone!” said the lioness joyfully.

“A party? So there is no apocalypse? No end of the world?” asked a giraffe in the back.


Everyone started looking at the snake, who seemed to be very ashamed.


“Apocalypse? Who said that tremendous lie?” asked the lion, very confused.

“The snake told us the end of the world was coming on New Year’s Eve and you were trying to hide it from us!” exclaimed a young rabbit.


The lion and the lioness both looked at each other in awe then turned to see the snake with disappointment.


“Is that true, snake?” asked the lioness with a strong yet subtle voice.


The snake could not bear the shame her obtrusiveness had caused and started begging for forgiveness. The lion forgave her although she had to be punished for betraying the rulers and the kingdom, so she was uninvited to the party and also left her an untrustworthy reputation.


Moral: Don’t poke your nose where it’s not wanted.

By Valeria Villarreal and Miguel Marrufo

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When men disapeard


Thirty years after the last human was seen. All the plants got together and the trees being the strongest had the word first and  asked, “Now that the humans are gone, should we take back what is ours?”  All plants agreed with what the trees said, so then, the division of the land started. The trees being the tallest and the strongest, they took over the skies, so, they started growing on the sky scrapers. The grass being the smallest but the most expansive, took over the ground, so they started growing on streets and roads. The lily pads, being graceful, they took over water, so they started growing on pools. Everything was going well, so peaceful, everyone was living in harmony and they helped each other out.  One day the trees thought as they were the biggest and strongest, and this made them feel superior, that they deserved not only to live in the sky scrapers, but also on land. So the trees came down from the skyscrapers and went on the start living on the streets. Were this was supposed to be grass territory. A meeting was called by the grass (which was strange because all the meetings were called by the trees). When they everyone arrived grass opened the floor and stated that they disliked trees actions and did not like how they just arrived and took their space. The trees ignored and continued living on grass territory. One day the all the trees got together and the biggest of them all said, “We are trees, we can live where we want, we can have whatever we want.” The trees were so greedy that they moved on to live in the lily pads territory, which was the water. The trees now dominated all three areas in which they could live in, this made all animals and the rest of the plants uncomfortable. The grass, , and the lily pads got together without the trees and started talking about the trees attitude.   They started to argue and they started getting really angry at the trees for feeling superior and taking away the pre-established space, they moved forward to telling the trees that they should go back to the skyscrapers and they should stay in their space, the trees did not agree. Madness broke out, grass and Lily pads started setting borders around the territories trees had dominated, they stopped helping the trees. They started tearing apart. As years went by, they started talking differently, they had different cultures, different ways of living, and from the day that the trees started being greedy, ever since that day, the world now has borders, differences between regions that are neighbors, hate among same living species, and lack of tolerance against others.

Javier Vazquez

Erij Alexander

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The Little Pig and the Apple Tree (by Eugenio Granja, David Alejandro García and Daniela Santos)

Once upon a time, there was a big and beautiful apple tree, and beneath it, a little pig would lie and eat the biggest, reddest, juiciest, yummiest apples in all the forest (that this and only this tree could give).

But there was a problem, every day, more and more little brown birds would fly in from the south, perch on the tree and peck at the apples.

“My apples! Don’t touch my apples!” yelled the little pig, but the birds couldn’t understand the pig’s language, they would only go ke! ke! ke!, not even kawh! kawh! kawh! like normal birds, and that drove the little pig crazy. “They are dirty and smelly and just too many!” the little pig was really upset. So he thought of a plan. He planned to scare the birds away and build a big bird cage around the apple tree, that way the birds would have to look for apples somewhere else and everything would be great again.

But the little pig needed help, he couldn’t do such a tremendous task alone. So he went around the forest, talking to the other animals.

“The birds are eating from our apples, leaving them full of holes! We need to kick them out or we’ll end up with nothing!” said the little pig.

“But the tree is part of the forest, and the forest belongs to everyone and no one,” said the owl.

“But we were here first!” argued the sheep.

“Actually, the bison were here first.”

“That doesn’t count!”

To make a long story short, they argued and argued for a long time, until the little pig finally convinced some of the other animals to help him build the bird cage.

It took some time, but finally the last of the little brown birds was kicked out. The animals were very happy. With help from the other animals, the little pig climbed the tree all the way to the top. He smiled triumphantly as he threw the apples down to the animals who were devotedly cheering for him. The pig was a hero, and on top of all that he could have all the apples he wanted!

But there was a new problem, some of the animals weren’t taking the apples. They simply didn’t want them.

“What’s wrong?” asked the little pig.

“My apple has a worm in it!” said one of the sheep.

“Mine too!” said another.

Soon the little pig was attacked left and right with mine too’s.

“Well, just pick them out!” yelled the pig.

“Me? I’m not gonna touch a worm. Gross!”

“Well, look for an apple that doesn’t have worms!” yelled the pig.

“They all have worms!”

“Nonsense!” The little pig picked the nearest apple and took a huge bite. He didn’t find a worm in the apple, he found something worse… a half eaten worm! The little pig was so grossed out that he fainted and fell from the tree.

        When the little pig woke up, he saw that the animals had cut a hole in the cage, letting the birds in.

“Are you alright, my friend?” asked the owl.

“What happened?” asked the little pig.


“You see, without the birds around there was no one to eat the worms, and so, the worms multiplied and plagued our food. By kicking the birds out, we disrupted the balance of nature. All of the species have an important role in our dear forest. Only if we learn to set aside our greed, become united, and work together, we may be able to keep the forest and its inhabitants alive and well.”

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The Three Phases


The three phases



God came to the idea of creating a perfect world. A world full of beauty in which no evil was found. So He decided to do it and created one, but in three different phases. The first one would consist in the creation of all elements of nature. In the second one, all terrestrial, aquatic and flying animals would be created. And finally, in the last one, human beings would have their appearance. But unfortunately, there was only one condition for this world to continue existing: every single living thing, except for the plants, should only die by natural causes. If someone ever break that rule, the world would end faster than the blink of an eye.


He followed His idea and phase two arrived. And animals were created. They lived for many days in peace, joy and grace. There was no lack of food or shelter, and they all coexisted as a family. You could see the union between species. Until one day, one of the bravest animals that existed, the lion, felt jealous of the frog. He could see this one living inside and outside the water, and he could only live on terrestrial land. So one day, absorted by his jealousness and boredom of only feeling the texture of the ground, he decided to kill the frog, saying that if he could not live in both habitats, no one will.


Not even the phase three could be created. No human being ever existed on that world. Humans suffered the misfortune of the animals. And God realized that He could never have a perfect world in which evilness was not found. And this is how his perfect world came to an end, and got destroyed faster than the blink of an eye.

Mara Montserrat Mier De la Garza

Miguel Alejandro Mena Hernández

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Fish and Birds - Daniel Saldaña & Ilse Ortiz

Awakening in a dark place might seem scary at first. But as soon as the sun starts to shine and light begins to filter the water, everything starts to feel better. When the sun kisses the horizon and the wind begins to whisper to the mountains, a new day begins, and so does a new life. Everything starts with light, and then comes the rest. That is what the Gods agreed. First came the creation of the sunlight, then the plants, and at last the animals.

The first that woke up where the fish, confused about their purpose and believing that they could do anything they wanted, that everything was theirs. They could only see around them, and could only see the sky, which they thought was part of their ocean because there was no one else to be seen, and it was blue, just as their surroundings. They lived in harmony with each other. Nothing to fight about. Until the birds came and conquered the skies. And the fish realized that the vast blue something above them was not theirs. The birds, calmer creatures than the fish learnt that the world was for them to share.

The fish being impatient and selfish creatures wanted to try and fly, and they tried. They tried one million times, and one million times they failed. They wanted to have everything. They didn’t like feeling like they were below, they wanted to be everywhere. The conflicts arose. And a war begun, and it lasted many years. Until one day the god of animals came and talked to them. He said “Let us all live in peace, because I have not created a world in which my creations would live in constant war, because of territorial disputes, there is enough place for everyone. We must all learn to share and be respectful. We are all different, capable of many different things. Stay calm and live in harmony, because that is why earth was created. A place to enjoy and a place to be free”.

From that moment, they learnt that everybody has a different purpose and place. It’s up to them to decide how to live. Its our mission to be happy and let everyone else be happy too.

More creatures came around and the fish and birds thought them what the God told them, about sharing and peace. And that is how a happy world stared.

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The beginning of life


The beginning of life

When the universe was created and the stars had spread light through every corner of the galaxies, the world we called earth was very different than what we remembered. It was barren and had no sign of life. It was but with the first raindrops that the first beings of water grew to life. They had no physical body but they could communicate with each other by creating waves and bubbles.

The water beings developed a great society that soon expanded throughout the entire Earth, until there was nothing but water and land was nothing but a myth. The water beings began to worry about their abundance in the earth and the lack of life that brought, that with a huge wave they managed to create islands of land for life to nourish.

The first animals that were born on that island were lazy and decided that the best place to live was in the water since the land was desolate and when the sun came out there was no shade or shelter to live in, so they moved to the water and grew gills and became the first fish.

The water beings grew depressed as the lands they created were empty deserts with no life so they decided to create new beings that would bring life to the land. As they gathered their waves and power they decided to bring about a being that was proactive, energetic and hardworking, so in the end they created a bee.

The bees would then nourish the lands creating plants and trees, they would guard the forest and help it expand it by carrying and moving the seed for the plants to grow and form fruit. The bees would make the wasteland of land a paradise and with their energetic and hardworking bodies they had the task of pushing the wheel of life forward forever.

As the years went by more animals would be born in the land until there were millions of species. From birds to bears the forests grew ever more green and full of life. The water beings were impressed with the job the Bees did for the world so they gave the bees the titles of Guardians of life.


The bees to this day hold a very important role in nature and continues to show us the virtues of hard work and a strong will as the actions of a being so little as a bee can help change the world.

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Pigs can fly

Pigs can fly


Mason was a little pig that lived with Lucas and Helen, his best friends, he always had big and exciting dreams, he dreamed that someday, somehow he could become the first pig that could fly. This crazy dream started because he always saw all the birds flying by his house. While Lucas and Helen only dreamed to win a blue ribbon at the annual fair. Mason told his friends from the neighborhood about his big dream but all of them thought Mason was crazy, that he would never accomplish it, they told him “Oh Mason don’t be silly, maybe you should lower your expectations and dream of something achievable” but that didn’t stop Mason’s dream, in fact it motivated him more just to prove them wrong.

So the next day Mason went to the next block, which is where the pigeons live, so he arrived but there was no one until he looked up and saw a group of pigeons sitting together in a tension cable so Mason gained courage and shouted at the pigeons “Hey!” and the pigeons looked around looking for a fellow pigeon but they didn’t saw anyone up there “Over here!” Mason shouted, the pigeons turned around a looked at Mason “What do you want kid?” One of the pigeons said in an angry tone “I’m just looking for help” Mason replied “What? Did you get lost kid?” Another pigeon replied and they all started laughing, Mason angry said “No! I want to fly like you guys!” After hearing that the pigeons laughed even harder and one almost fell off the cable, on of them still laughing said answered “You don’t even have wings! You’re just a farm pig!” The little pig turned around and said “Fine! I’ll look for help somewhere else” The pigeons were still laughing “A pig flying can you imagine?!”.


Mason then went back home and started to try every option possible. He went up the barn and tried to jump but unfortunately he could not understand why every time he jumped he came right back down again and again. After many tries he walked back home with a disappointed look and decided to sleep the day off.

The next day when Mason went to the backyard he found a feather and noticed that the bird used feathers in their wings to fly. So he decided to make himself a pair of wings, of course the first wings he made were not good at all, those wings didn't even work. But he didn’t give up there he tried, and tried, and tried again, Helen and Lucas told him to stop wasting time, that he would never do it.

It took him 7 years and 97 attempts and Mason finally made a pair of wings that could make him fly! He got so excited that he went to to tell all his friends! At first nobody believed it but at the annual fair he won the “most amazing pig trick” award because he flied in front of the judges. Everyone at the fair was amazed by Mason.

He got the satisfaction that was the first pig that ever fly and he also won a big ribbon before his friends did, since that day he was admired by everyone on town.

You put your own limits, Follow your dreams.


Diego Eduardo Contreras Zapata         A00817441

Héctor Sebastián Balcázar Navarro      A01196591

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Adventures of Yoyo

At the beginning of the world there was a time when all the living beings were in peace. They were following a code, it was simple “you can’t eat anything that can move”. All the animals including the predators were following that rule, they just ate grass and berries.

One day everything changed, the predators started growing big teeth and claws. All this happened by night when everybody in the community were sleeping. All the bears, lions, coyotes and the other predators started a slaughter, they killed all the innocent small animals. All the little animals that survived started to hide so the predators began to starve. It looked like the end of the world.

But there was a little gray mouse called Yoyo that didn’t hide. She had a bear friend before everything started so when she found out that all the predators were changing she refused to believe that it was a natural change. One day she went to his friend’s house to see how he was, but the mouse realized that her friend’s eyes were different and that he was watching her like food. Yoyo was very scared so she ran out of there. She felt confused, she didn’t want to believe he was trying to eat her.

When she was going back home she passed beside the river and noticed that a coyote was drinking water. Suddenly something strange happened, the coyote started transforming his body. His claws and fangs started to get bigger and sharper. In that moment, she realized that there was something wrong with the water, so she decided to take a sip. She noticed that the water had a different taste, something kind of acid and bitter. Yoyo decided to go upstream to the source of the river.

By the time she arrived to the top of the mountain where the river began she found a lot of barrels with a rare substance inside of them. When she was inspecting a big snake appeared behind her and lunged at her but she ran around the trees. When there was no other place to run the snake throw his last attack but the snake realized that he was tangled up in the tree trunks and rocks.

―You catch me! ―the snake admitted.

―Why did you do all of this?

―Because I was jealous of all the animals that had legs, they never see me down here and they always step on me.

―You made that big animals hunt us! How can I cure them? ―Yoyo asked.

―There is no cure, you all deserve this.

―Then I’m going to leave you trapped here.

―No! No! Please I will tell you how to help your friends, there is a cure, but let me out of here.

―Ok I’m all ears.


When the snake told her how to cure their friends she immediately cured them. All the animals returned to normality, they weren’t being hunted anymore. The community and all her friends were back; she was very happy. You could say is amazing how a little mouse saved them all from the end of the world, but is even more amazing how jealousy almost ended the world.

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