The falling sun


We used to call humans to those ape-like animals who flatten the land so their flying boxes could help them travel from one nest to another. They were smart, but had no claws, no jaws, no hard skin. But they were the first one’s to notice it, thirty moons ago, they all hopped into gigant steel birds of theirs and vanished away, leaving us behind. We weren’t so lucky, we had to face the falling sun that was heading towards us. The meerkat came running and screaming to me one hot afternoon:

- “Mr. Turtle, Mr. Turtle! Quick, look in the sky! I think the sun has a new friend! What does that mean?”

- “Meerkat, what are you....”

Then I saw it. A second sun right next to ours was there, just hanging out with him. I’ve lived 150 winters and in all that time had never seen anything like that.

-“Gather the others, all of them, ants, bees, spiders, snakes... we have a big problem approaching.”

Meerkat told the birds to spread the word and tell the rest of the animals to come as fast as they could, and so they did. The moon wasn’t even out by the time everyone was wondering what could possible be so important to call for this meeting.

- ”Brothers and sisters, I called in this meeting because the second sun that Meerkat spotted, isn’t good for us. I’ve been studying it and it seems to be getting closer, I presume we have two moons before it falls in us, and I fear, if it does, the end of the world will come,” I said.

The panic began to rule in the crowd, I couldn’t understand a word among all the grunts, screeches, buzzes and clicks. And suddenly everyone seemed to have a solution.

- “We should all hide in a cave, that will keep us safe,”  the bears growled.

- “No, let’s make a tunnel and gather inside it until it’s safe to come out,” the ants buzzed.

- “You are all crazy, we need to climb a tree and wait until it’s ok to go down,” the monkeys chattered.

And one by one, all the other animals yelled their ideas, each and everyone of them was as useless as the previous one. Until a little bee figured it out.

- “I have an idea Mr. Turtle. Why don’t we combine all our abilities to send back the falling sun to the sky?”

- “That’s actually not a bad idea, let’s see... we can make a giant web that protects the Earth from the falling sun.”

- “Horrah!” the animals shouted unanimously.


So we began to do it, together, the gorillas carried the rocks, bees buzzed the orders, ants coordinated the movements, spiders constructed the web and moles cutted the trees. In no time there it was, a magnificent web built by all the animals waiting for the falling sun to come; and so it did, the sun went down faster than a Cheetah, a Lion and a Horse combined; it smashed violently the web, and stretched it until it almost hit the ground. But, it worked, the falling sun rised and went straight back to the sky, and for some reason it didn’t stay with our sun, he just vanished in the darkness, maybe it went to the same place the humans did in their try to escape from it.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This short story was written by myself along with Cyntia Cavazos

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By Diego Rodríguez and Sofía Mora

Three thousand years ago, the last human-built bomb was dropped. Mother Nature finally laughed as ruins of cities remained silent and were covered by jungles. Animals were the only ones left. Unusual chemical exposure induced them to accelerated evolution. They started reasoning and coexisting just like a civilization. Things became stable again. Animals spent their days coexisting with each other and making the Earth’s nature rise at it never did before. Life in the animal civilization was calm and peace, until one day, Crocodile saw a biped hairless monkey running in the north limits of the forest.

Crocodile ran as fast as he could to the heart of the forest, looking for Owl, the wisest animal among them all and a very loud voice in the world of the forest. Crocodile told the old Owl what he saw. Owl listened carefully, as he always did. But Owl was not the only one listening carefully. Fox was around, hiding in a dark corner. Fox heard carefully what Crocodile told Owl. A big, pale, hairless monkey, walking on its two legs.

Fox had heard about this before. He had heard tales about ancient monsters who almost destroyed Mother Earth, until fortunately they destroyed themselves first. Fox heard as Owl told Crocodile he should not tell anybody what he saw until Owl could go and take a look. Fox didn’t like secrets, not when he was not a part of them, not when Monkey was not part of them.

Monkey was the smartest animal in the forest. The smartest, not the wisest. He used his clever words and ideas to manipulate some of the animals in the forest. Fox was a perfect example of one of those animals. Fox went to the dark side of the forest and told Monkey about the secret. Monkey didn’t like this, he didn’t like the hairless monkeys, and he didn’t like Owl.

 Monkey called Hyena and Anaconda, and together with Fox went to the limits of the forest, where Owl was already looking for the hairless monkeys with Crocodile, Dog, and Condor. Monkey stopped Owl and his friends, arguing about the kept secret. Owl said it was none of Monkey’s business and told him to leave. But Monkey was staying, he and his friends wanted to find the hairless monkeys and kill them, because they had damaged Mother Earth in the past, and he wouldn’t let them do it again. Owl knew about the ancient monsters, but he believed that these were different monsters, that maybe they were not monsters anymore.

They began to fight. Monkey broke Owl’s peak, as he took Monkey’s left eye out. Condor fell against Anaconda. Dog killed Fox biting his jugular, but then died too because he bled out since he was left with no skin on his face. Crocodile ate Hyena. Anaconda strangled Crocodile and then choked when she tried to swallow the entire corpse. Finally Monkey slammed Owl’s skull to a rock. Monkey was the last animal alive. He was weak and hurt, missing one ear and one eye. He knew he was going to die. He laid on the floor and fainted.


He woke up in a dark cave, with his wounds healed and surrounded by pale hairless monkeys.

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The animal's new world

It has been a week since everything happened. The virus left no humans in the world. The planet is so peaceful and quiet now that it is habited by animals only. The sun was shining up in the sky when the frog saw the duck. She took great leaps towards the poor trapped animal and asked the duck what happened. The duck explained that he and his family were about to migrate to the north when a big tree fell down, and a branch reached him and left him unconscious. The frog, really worried, tried to move the branch but her arms were too weak. The duck quacked loudly because of the pain, so the frog moved away. The frog didn’t want to let the duck there to die because all the animals needed to migrate to a better environment. The frog realized that even though she needed to run away to save herself, she couldn’t leave the duck alone, so she decided she was going stay with him and get help. In her way to the jungle, the frog saw many fallen trees, a fire and no flowers. She has been walking for around 2 hours and no animal was on the sight. The frog, feeling defeated, turned back to go where the duck was. Suddenly she heard some noises on the distance. She ran to that direction and saw a baby gorilla crying. The gorilla explained that he and his herd were running to the north, when they saw fire. Everyone got scared and started running so he lost his dad. The frog, being as compassionate as always, offered her help. They kept looking until his dad finally appeared. The big gorilla was so thankful, that he asked the little frog if she wanted to join them on their way to the “animal’s new world” the frog, very excited, started to jump all over! She told the gorilla that first they had to help her friend the duck. The gorilla accepted happily. He carried his baby and the frog on his back and ran on the way to save the duck. When they arrived, the duck was crying because of the pain, so the gorilla with his great strength moved away the big branch so the duck was set free. Then, when everyone was ready to leave, the big gorilla carried everyone on his back and started their journey to the animal´s paradise, where the water and food is endless and all the animals are friends; “the animal’s new world”.

By: Ernesto Chapa & Ale Hdz

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After a Dream


It was the last day of autumn. The first snowflakes started to fall. Winter was just around the corner. It was about to start. One little bear was really happy playing outside when his mommy came and said “It’s time to go to bed honey”. The little bear didn’t want to sleep for so long, he still wanted to play. He wasn’t ready to go to sleep. “Why do we have to sleep for three months? Why do we have to sleep for so long?” His mother, in order to make her little bear going to bed decided to answer her son’s questions with a story. “Let me explain” she said. “In the beginning there was nothing alive but plants. They were the only living things in the world. The Earth was full of lakes, rivers, seas, rocks, mountains, deserts but none of them were alive. Only plants were alive. There were all kind of plants, flowers and trees but all of them felt really sad. Their sorrow was because they couldn’t share the oxygen and the fruits they produced. The trees had a fantastic idea. It was creating other living things that needed their oxygen to breath and their fruits to eat so they were able to share them. They created a lot of living things so they needed to establish some rules. In order to keep a balance and to prevent their fruits from finishing, they sent us to sleep on winter.” The little bear understood and without complaining he went to sleep. He was kind of tired after all. He fell asleep immediately. Three months passed and it was time to go outside of the cave. He had a nice dream but it was time to go back to reality. The little bear couldn’t wait one more second to go and play outside. Also he was pretty hungry. He wanted to eat his favorite berries. His mother hasn’t woken up yet and he wanted to let her sleep so he went out by himself only to discover a big surprise. What he saw was astonishing. It was a horrible picture. Everything was devastated. There was nothing but a dying burned tree on a destroyed land. The little bear went with the tree to ask him what happened. With his last breath, the tree told the little bear “We should have sent them to sleep instead of you”







José Antonio Rebolledo

Lizbeth Rodríguez





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Through The Eyes of The Eagle

Up in the gold morning sky flew through the snowy mountains a big and naïve eagle. Flying across huge valleys, over deep blue oceans and other amazing places, the eagle seemed grateful with Earth. So much beauty all around made the eagle eager to get closer to Earth’s heart. As it descended everything that seemed so beautiful started to change. The scenario became more violent, lions killing innocent animals, sharks eating fish, polar bears struggling to find a home and entire forests tolled and dried up. There was so much evil and devastation on its way down. Tired and confused, the eagle decided to take a break and land on a tree. How something that seemed so beautiful could be such a mess? All of a sudden a little, creepy, black crow decided to land just beside him on the tree. The eagle was tangled up in his own thoughts of what he just had saw and the crow realized it. ‘‘You’re not around here, aren’t you?’’ said the crow. ‘‘Not really, I come from a very faraway place where everything seems beautiful and peaceful, not like this place,’’ said the eagle disappointed. The crow just stared at him full of curiosity, ‘‘well I would love to get to know that place. Last time I checked, all of Earth is full of violence and evil.’’ The eagle just looked back at the crow, ‘‘what do you mean that all of Earth is this way?’’. The crow just sighed ‘‘well it has been a while since Earth has become this big place full of hatred, jealousy, violence, etc., but it wasn’t this way before. A lot of years ago, everyone seemed happy to live here, people and animals. They were glad when someone succeeded and if someone was actually happy. Now, everything has changed, the world has been manipulated for the good of every single person or animal, they don’t mind if that implies hurting other creatures. It is based on looks, if you don’t meet with their expectations; you are not welcomed in society. I don’t know where everything turned this way. I believe that the end of the world is closer than we think. Maybe it’s already here and we have to face these consequences even if we don’t like it. Look at what this place has become, it is quite a shame. ‘’ The eagle was more disappointed than ever ‘‘I live up in the skies and let me tell you that this planet from up there seems beautiful and peaceful, it’s a shame that this place turned out this way because of selfishness and avarice. I was in love with Earth, but I don’t know if I feel that way anymore.’’ The crow looked up the sky and said, ‘’well my friend, then you see how everything is not what it seems. You have to really get to know something from all of its perspectives before having an opinion about it.’’

Isidro Sada Salum
Nicole Vielledent 

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"Earth's Beginnings"

David Eduardo Arriaga Catalán                                                       Alejandro Ibarra Martínez

Earth’s Beginnings


A very long time ago, in Earth’s beginnings, the Universe God created a race of creatures to rule the Earth. These were named dinosaurs. The Universe God put two dinosaurs to lead all the dinosaur kind in order to keep peace in the world, Buba and Kiki. Buba was a big tyrannosaur who was conscious of his great and tremendous strength, and was admired by most of the dinosaurs. By the contrary, Kiki was a small triceratops, with an enormous compassion and love for all the living things in Earth, and his only power was his unmatched and incredible wisdom.

Every last day of the year, all the dinosaurs gathered in the highest mountain of the Earth, that was called God’s Thumb. In that place the dinosaurs pay tribute to the Universe God, by singing some prayers to him. One day, Buba was tired of doing the same thing every day; he believed that there was no point for obeying the great Universe God, because the dinosaurs were the real gods, so he instigated most of the dinosaur kind stop paying tribute to him.  Kiki doesn’t thought that, because the dinosaur kind has to be grateful of the life that the mighty Universe God gave them, and only a few dinosaurs agreed with him.

When the Universe God saw that most of the dinosaurs weren’t paying tribute he decided to exterminate them all, but he didn’t want to hurt Kiki and his tribe. One midnight, the Universe God talked to Kiki and gave him instructions of going below God’s Thumb mountain with his tribe to save themselves of the meteorite that was going to crash on Earth the next midnight. Kiki obeyed him and went as fast as possible to the mountain with his little tribe, feeling sorry of the catastrophe that was going to happen in a few hours.

When they went below the mountain, the meteorite crashed and killed Buba and most of the dinosaur kind on Earth, leaving a scene of death and pain behind. Kiki and their tribe stayed for a year below the mountain, until the Universe God said to them to get out. The Universe God was having a sad feeling for all the creatures that die with the meteorite, so he promised to never let that happen again, and turn all the last dinosaurs into small and intelligent creatures called Men.

And for the next thousands of years, Kiki and his tribe of men repopulated Earth, and teaching all the next generations to be grateful of the life they got.



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The rabbit bad habbits

You could see the sunlight coming just above the biggest mountain where the turtle elder lives.

The tortoise was known by all the animals that live in the mountain thanks to his wisdom and ability to interpret the signals that appeared in the sky, he had a very furry and strong rabbit that was known as the fastest animal in the whole mountain community, as his assistant, he was in charge of warning everyone if something wrong was coming. But the bad thing about all of this was that the rabbit was well known in the community for his lies, and his bad jokes. THe jokes that the rabbit told the most were about a bad thing that was going to happen that supposedly the Tortoise elder had send him to warn the community in order for them to get their precautions ready for that certain event. Sometimes the rabbit said that a huge storm was approaching, other days he said that they had to start storing food because a very long period without rain was going to comer, and they will be lacking of food because of this.

All of the animals believe him and get all of the things prepared such as food supplies, and a place to hide in order to survive. But all of this preparations were in vain, because all of this were just jokes of the rabbit.

As the time passed the rabbit continued playing and the each time fewer animals believe in him and very few were the ones who really get all of the stuff prepared hoping that this time what the rabbit was telling them will be true, and all those preparation wouldn’t be in vain again.

But one day this all changed, the wise tortoise call the rabbit, and tell him to go and warn all the other animals that a very cold winter was approaching in the next few days. The rabbit do what the elder tell him to do, and this time he make it immediately because he perceive a really bad feeling in the tortoise announcement, this time the announcement was serious and completely true.

The rabbit run and run until he get to where all the animals were gathering together and there he began to explain what the elder had told him, he tried to convince everyone else that this time it wasn’t just a joke, that it was completely true, but as expected these time nobody believed in him and decided just to ignore him.

The rabbit desperate and worried tried to get all of their attentions one more time but this was all in vain, he just keep waiting for a feedback a good response from them, and this never came.


The rabbit give up the moment he saw all of the animals were taking care of other task and at that point he feel a huge guilt, because he knew that everything was his fault. During that night while the rabbit, and everyone else were sleeping a huge storm accompanied with snow hit the community making them all to enter into an eternal sleep, like if the time had freezed at that moment.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This fable was written down bye myself (Iván Vázquez Alanís), and a friend (Mariel Tijerina Martinez), we hope you like it.

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The Bears and the Bees

NOTE: This is a fable was made by me and Xavier Mendieta



When the rivers had dried and all the forests had turned into deserts; when the color green turned brown and the sun was too hot to live in the surface and the nights so cold that the thickest fur could not keep you warm, the only place where life could be found was inside a cave. Inside this mystical place the last garden and the last fountain of water were protected by a pack of bears. The only two living species aside from the bears and flowers were a few fish and a swarm of bees. The bears and the bees had an agreement; the bees could extract pollen from the flowers if they gave the bears some of the honey once they were done. This process would take the bees long days of work, but the bears waited patiently, knowing they would get a juicy reward. Meanwhile, the bees were happy because they lived peaceful lives and they didn’t fear for any predator or for any damage inside the cave.

One night, knowing little about the agreement and thirsty for something sweet, the bear cub went to the beehive, leaving their parents sleeping in the other side of the cave, and he begin to approached it.

A few moments later, the bees awoke because of a scratching sound, then temblors, and finally a fall. When they finally realized what have happened, they saw the bear cub eating their honey between the remains of their only home.

Now, bees are hard-workers and had a great patience, but the view of the beehive destruction and the not-caring bear cub infuriated them. Full with rage, the swarm attacked the bear cub.

The bear cub cries were heard by their parents. At first they couldn’t see what had happened, and then they saw their child mortally wounded by the bees, expiring his last breath.

As any parent, pain filled their hearts, and they decided to take revenge: With a fearsome roar, both bears smashed what was left of the beehive and started to kill the bees. The bees attacked too, stinging their tick fur. Because they were too big and powerful, only the sting of all the bees could bring them down. That didn’t stop the bears of attacking and they killed almost all the bees before they finally died of the attack. The bees that remained rejoiced in their victory, but then they noticed they all had used their stingers and they would die soon.

After a couple of days, there were neither bees nor bears in the cave. The flowers wilt without reproducing, and only the cold fish remained in the waters of this last life’s sanctuary.

The moral of this fable is that the world’s end would begin with rage and destruction, but at the end, just before all life vanish, it will be pain and regret.



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Ana Mescco
Flor Sepúlveda
Adrian Felipe Sánchez

The bird and the fire


Once upon a time in the jungle, there were animals and plants, also rivers and all kind of animals but they have a defect and they would learn about cooperation and patient. It was a beautiful day, as usual, the sun was shining bright and the sky was blue, extremely blue and clear, birds were singing beautifully and the sound of the river completes the harmony in that jungle. But the animals were selfish and did not take care of the resources they think that they would live there forever. The Rain god, send the animals , rain and thunders as warnings, but they did not do anything about it, the Rain god do not know how to make the animals realize that they are doing wrong and that they must act instead of destroy day by day their habitat.   Suddenly the god gets mad with their behavior and their continuing destroying the jungle.

There was just a bird that was always trying to convince the other animals to take care of the jungle, but he was so little that anyone listened to him. So, the god decided to send them a lot of thunders, without rain, suddenly the fire start and the animals get scared and start running away. Just the bird was the only one trying to stop the fire by carrying water from the river hoping to end the fire sometime. A monkey ask him what he was doing, and the bird explain him that action was at least the only thing they all could do, that he was trying to save the place that give them everything to survive.

 Then the monkey start helping the bird and other animals ask the monkey what he was doing, and the monkey explain them that if they do not save the jungle no one else would do it for them. One by one the animals start to carrying water and pouring it to end the fire. Then the Rain god see how everybody was working together to save their home. So the god forgives them because he knows that they learned the lesson. The god sends a lot of rain in order to stop the fire. The animals rebuild the parts that was destroyed and after that they learn the gift of perseverance and stop being selfish and start caring about the other animals.

In this fable we learn that working together and perseverance will make you success.

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