Resolved to Love

Her eyes opened to the dark of the coming dawn.
Silence, like the canopy above her head, hung in the air, if only to be disturbed by the rustling wind.
She blinks again, unsure of what her eyes are showing.
He was there, laying beside her in bed, his face soft from slumber.
Beside her was where she found him.

He could feel her eyes, like the morning sun, enveloping him in their warmth.
He didn't dare stir at fear he would startle her and force her to hide behind a blush.
He knew she was questioning his presence.
Then slowly, he felt her wrap herself in the sheet and remove herself from the bed.
Never again would he let her leave him.

She clung to the sheet as her feet slipped across the cold floor.
She gazed through the open window at the commencing morning.
She couldn't bring herself to find her clothing that was thrown about the room.
In that moment she was resolved to stay.
She was resolved to let herself love him.

He watched her as the sun slowly rose to illuminate the paleness of her skin.
He let his feet touch the floor and carry him to her.
His arms moved to tighten the sheet around her, and yet, secure her to him.
She was too much to take in all at once, he loved all of her equally.
So he closed the curtain again.

Together they let the morning pass to night once more.
And in their slumber they held onto each other for dear life.
Never again would they let go.
Never to be apart.
Together to greet the oncoming dawn.

Resolved to always love.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is quite a poem, but it's not a short story either. I thought there might be an audience for it here.

A Day At The Farm

Once on a farm
There was a grand old barn
With an old cottage sat in the sun
And animals out in the run

The sun held high
Up in the sky
Glistened on the ground below
With the quiet murmur of the cello

The music was soothing
The animals weren’t moving
And the world stopped
As a grasshopper hopped

Then the hustle and bustle of cattle
Made the ground shake and rattle
As they moved towards the sound
And gathered all around

The farmer played the cello
It made the cattle mellow
Then silence hit the hills
As the farmer finished his trills

The day drawing to its end
Meant the cattle went back to the pen
Then peace and tranquillity roamed
And that’s what makes home sweet home

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is more of a child rhyme, its very pleasant.


~Happy Thanksgiving Day Wishes To You~

Today is Thanksgiving
A nice day to celebrate
Be around family and friends
Have good time
Enjoy a nice meal
Talk and laugh
Time to get closer
To thank God for everything
Recall His blessings

Dorian Petersen Potter
aka ladydp2000

November, 24,2011

we did for us

To lie for something
To lie for someone
but sometime it feels good
even after scolded by mom
we happy after every prank
you can see straight virility in our arm
the glorious face after a little gladness
show something else
different from it's appearance

I did the same thing
I went through the same way
but after met you
i got a knotty every where

you show me that
i never knew
you give the faith
you give the change
we went outside
we ran as we can
that was splendor for me
cause i saw that i never saw

we hugged
cause we didn't know
when that time come
we lie for the happiness
for everything we did

i was scolded a little bit
i was angry
i fought for me only
cause i'm incomplete in only me
i'm incomplete to fill blank in only me

To lie for something
To lie for someone
but sometime it feels good
even after scolded by mom

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wrote this poem for my friend . I said about me and my friend in this poem

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