Child's Poem

Written from the Heart

Just a thought!

I read a poem years ago, it had no rhyme, no sentence structure, and no punctuation.

To top that off, most of the words were spelled incorrectly.

The poem started out..."Deer Momee."  As I read on, it was from this child,

(only six years of age), who's mother had passed. Her words came from

innocents, filled with love, hope, a little emptiness and most of all...

It was," Written from the Heart."  Truely the most beautiful poem I ever read.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to write a poem...just write from the heart, you'll do fine.

Most rocketeers would only write from technical application anyway...."No heart"

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A Day At The Farm

Once on a farm
There was a grand old barn
With an old cottage sat in the sun
And animals out in the run

The sun held high
Up in the sky
Glistened on the ground below
With the quiet murmur of the cello

The music was soothing
The animals weren’t moving
And the world stopped
As a grasshopper hopped

Then the hustle and bustle of cattle
Made the ground shake and rattle
As they moved towards the sound
And gathered all around

The farmer played the cello
It made the cattle mellow
Then silence hit the hills
As the farmer finished his trills

The day drawing to its end
Meant the cattle went back to the pen
Then peace and tranquillity roamed
And that’s what makes home sweet home

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is more of a child rhyme, its very pleasant.