My father’s safety helmet

I have a lot of memories since I was a child from my father’s safety helmet from his work. He has always use one. Since arriving from work to eat in home, until get in his car and saw there the safety helmet and playing with it in the car. I can remember when I used to be a child to play with it, and pretended to be an engineer just as him.

That safety helmet has been always the same color, but I don’t think it’s the same one, he has been working in the same place for 25 years, so I think they give him a different one, but I know it’s going to be always a white one, with a sticker on it with his name. It’s really strange not to see my father without his helmet or if it’s missing on his car, because it is always there.

One memory I have of something related with this, is the moment when I had a photoshoot for my XV años, my dad didn’t have time for being with me during that hours, and I really wanted to have a photo with him, so we decided to go to his work and take a simple photo of both of us, so we went to his work, my mother made a phone call to told him we we’re already there, so he just came out of his office to take the picture out there, and in the photo we can saw he’s holding with one hand the safety helmet and with the other one he’s hugging me. It was an epic moment and funny, I remembered saying my mom he was holding two of the things he really love, his job and his daughter, just in one picture, and everyone who saw that photo that knows my dad say the same thing.

I’ve always wondered why he has his helmet in the car and why he don’t just leave in his office, so one day I decided to ask him, just to leave it there, and he told me, he has two, just in case of something. But then I discovered they were not only two, one in the office and the other one infront the car. I found it was another one, in the trunk of his car. I just wondered why he needs so many safety helmets if he only needs to used it in his work, not every time he goes out.

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