My Dad's Car

My dad’s car



I still remember when my dad bought the perfect car; it was a Neon SRT-4 one of the first “street racing cars”, I was a little boy and I loved that car, every day I got up in the morning very happy even if I had school that day just to see it, I went to classes and couldn’t concentrate on what the teacher was saying because I was thinking on going to the drag races with my dad, the best moment of the day was when my parents picked me up from school with the car, I felt very good and I was a little egocentric so I bragged about it to my classmates. My dad used to ask my every year what I wanted for my birthday, and every year I had the same answer… I want the Neon, but he just told me that I was going to get it when I got old enough to drive it.  When my dad and I went to the track races I liked to be on the pits zone where there was a strong smell of burnt tires and excitement waiting for my dad´s turn on the track, the only problem was the strong noise coming from the big engines and the tires sliding on the ground, they were so loud that my friends had to pull me back from there so I didn´t burst one of my eardrums, but I didn´t want to back up because I was always checking the stopwatch to see how much time it took the Neon to get through the quarter mile, it was one of the fastest cars in those racetracks and people there knew it and called it “Starman” so they were always recording it and seeing how my dad let his opponent eating dust, he would come back to the pits and at that moment it was as if time stopped and I was there watching my father, being so proud of him because he didn´t send his car to the workshop to be modified by professionals, no, he did it all himself, every pipe change, every muffler, every screw... my dad and that car were inseparable that is why I wanted it so badly, to be like him and to continue his legacy in the track or on the road.

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This is the story about my dad's car and how I was proud of him.

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