I wasn't solid enough to be the,

Things you rather wanted to see in me,

Should I forget myself too?

Get over you not being there?

All I can do is pretend and lie to myself,

Over and over again

The ghost of you still breathing,

It won't leave me alone,

It keeps teasing me,

Reflections of eternity are darkness and hell,

Now I can see and because of that I'm glad,

My heart and soul are still mine,

I couldn't stop believing in fantasies,

You destroyed them and then forgot,

Now I rebuilt this promise land,

Made by sand of an hour glass,

It's misplaced and it's broken,

It has disappeared and so have you...

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See I knew you would love

See I knew you would love this girl! Very inspirational poem love it

♡Love my babies♡Niklas + Stephan❤ My journey has only began and yet, I get to enjoy it with my boys and my boy friend who inspires me more than he knows. 

Broken_Inside_082289's picture

I so do love this and i love

I so do love this and i love you too bestie and all your writings i have gotten have alot but just wait i will catch up asap lol love you!!!

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My heart and soul are still mine ..!

by sand of an hour glass these questions seeking answers.....!!!!

thanks for sharing...! 

Broken_Inside_082289's picture

thank you for reading

thank you forreadingmy work this is the first time i have ever put my writtings on the web for others to read

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thank you

and i hope you continue writing and sharing it with us......!!!!