Where this World Ends

Sleep my angel
darling dear.
Sleep my sweet
do not fear,
for this world ends
where our dreams begin.

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I Want to Contact You

Baby sister Poems

I want to contact you,
I want you to show me,
that we still have
our bond together.

I know that you
are no longer on
the earth, with a body;
but, I believe
that I'll be able to contact you.

I'm figuring out how to do this,
by talking with a friend,
and she is being very helpful.

She can be contacted by
spirits and angels,
so I know she's the
one who can help me!

I want to contact you,
to feel your presence,
to know that you are by me.

I want to contact you,
to know that you
have heard my voice,
and came and talked to me.

I want to contact you,
and I hope that we
will be able to!

I can only hope and pray
that you can hear me,
and are able to contact me.

I'll try and keep
my heart wide open,
and my mind, also.

I want to contact you,
my darling little Jessica,
my little sister who died
too young, of cancer.

I want to contact you,
and I want you to know
that I love you so much,
and will never let myself forget you!

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Out Of Paradise The Slaves Will March

Azrael's War

Let the dead dance with the dead
let the living mourn with the living
I come not for the tormented of the grave
nor the sorrowful flesh
but the first born children of first father of the universe
I come so that I may receive all the slaves of paradise
the angels in bondage
and the when the pathway to heaven opens
I shall receive them
and the soldiers of the new God shall march upon
the earth, even to the borders of heaven and the to kingdom of hell herself
and the war will begin.

Encounters Like The Hazy Dreams One Can Never Hold On To

Under the heat of the summer sun
he stood in shock;
gazing around, searching for the voice that called to him;
desperately looking for the angel he thought he saw waiting by the
glistening waters of the old fountain.
In the haze of the day, his heart pounded, rushing blood
and confusion into his mind, chasing the sweat from his face;
why was this happening to him,
what did she want with him; who was she?
Always close, but one step out of reach, even when it seemed
to be within his grasp, her mysterious embrace eluded him.

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Ashes Turn to Angels

Ashes turn to angels
When I walk alone,
And the fallen beauties
Sing to me
A song of

Ashes turn to angels
When I close my eyes,
And their broken spirits
Speak to me
Of regrets and

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one is special...

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I believe you are an angel

Your wings and halo may not show

And I have never seen you fly

Yet in my heart it is so true I know


 When I am hurting deep within

You always seem to be there

Even though sane it sounds not

I believe you appeared from thin air


When you touch me I get chills

That run down my arms, legs, and back as well

Then I look into your eyes so rich

And instantly I am put under your spell


I never want to part from your arms

For if I do I shall fall so long and hard

Please stay by my side through time

Let our heaven sent love never be marred



Written on

July 14, 2001 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was written to yet another boyfriend. keep in mind I've never been married. I hope to one day walk down the isle, but it is far off I know.

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Pain Of An Angel


Why would an angel ever cry

What would make that beautiful face

All red and puffy with bloodshot eyes


What would hurt an angel

So deep down within

To make her feel so bad


What sight could an angel see

That makes her close her eyes tight

And not want to open them again


What words can an angel hear

That makes her want to bury

Her head in total shame


What earth can an angel look upon

And make her shake her head

And sigh with total disgust



Written on

January 25,2001 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was one that I came up with for no reason. It still says the same thing about not making angels cry.

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our angel

Almost 2 years ago,

Things changed forever,

For me,

For you,

For all angels,

I prayed for your health,

And I prayed for your happiness,

Unimaginable things,

When you were so young,

Never again will we be the same,

You fought every minute,

And every day,

And never had one bad thing to say,

Happy and positive,

But we knew you were scared,

But also brave and bold and never worried,

Outgoing and strong.

I am wanting to remember,

But wishing to forget,

With a darkness,

And a sadness,

And love spilling from my eyes,

I know you asked me not cry,

But that’s a wish I cannot fulfill,

Because you touched my heart,

And touched my life,

It breaks my heart,

That you will never become a wife,

Or go to a prom,

Where I know you would look beautiful,

With a mother’s gentle hand,

She would help you do your hair,

I miss your love and your laugh,

But I know that right now,

I cannot see it unless I look deep into my mind,

And see that you were always good and pure,

For sadness there is no cure,

He needed another flower for his garden,

And you will be a beautiful one I know.

An angel is what you are,

With wings of pure gold,

You are free of suffering,

Worry and the cold,

On the day of a service,

I saw an over flow of rays,

And a sun that gave hope,

I’m here with you in your hearts,

And never will I leave,

But please don’t grieve.

You are my angel,

And the first I’ve ever known,

To leave my life,

And never return,

Until I get the privilege,

Of meeting my one and only savior,

And seeing you beyond,

And finally knowing you are safe,

With a hand to hold,

And a friend to hug,

You must still know that,

I hate to wait,

But I will see in years and years.

You are in my prayers even know,

And I still cannot believe it.

Almost a month ago now,

I was just standing in the hall,

From a stranger I heard,

What put me into shock,

And made me want to bawl,

A worried visit and a sighting,

Makes me realize that your fighting,

Has come to an end,

   But you will always be my friend. 

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'10 The Last Angel



The Last Angel


"Oh God, how much you thought they deserved

'Inebriated' as hell; the souls you preserved

A dwell in them as a sin or souls concurred

Living incalculable day to day conjectures

As a deliberation for their lives unnumbered"



© David Joel Rodriguez

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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