I believe you are an angel

Your wings and halo may not show

And I have never seen you fly

Yet in my heart it is so true I know


 When I am hurting deep within

You always seem to be there

Even though sane it sounds not

I believe you appeared from thin air


When you touch me I get chills

That run down my arms, legs, and back as well

Then I look into your eyes so rich

And instantly I am put under your spell


I never want to part from your arms

For if I do I shall fall so long and hard

Please stay by my side through time

Let our heaven sent love never be marred



Written on

July 14, 2001 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was written to yet another boyfriend. keep in mind I've never been married. I hope to one day walk down the isle, but it is far off I know.

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