statue of liberty

Lady Liberty Needs a Break

Hang your head in anguish, Lady Liberty, as the golden door has closed and do not disturb sign placed upon the knob. The country is at capacity and cannot accept any more.

Extinguish your beacon, Lady Liberty, calling for those oppressed and homeless to live in freedom as we now only live in fear. Our faith is placed into the hands of government to secure us from our enemies, our neighbors and ourselves.

Take a seat, Lady Liberty, you deserve a break after more than 100 years of standing for liberty and freedom. You once meant something to this nation as many of our families past through your gaze, but those apparently were "different times". 

Go back to where you came from, Lady Liberty, as they seem to need you now more than us, as a reminder that liberty and freedom come with a price. We would rather not pay with our wealth or our lives to defend those you were charged to bring as turmoil is meant to happen on other shores.

Maybe someday, Lady Liberty, your mission will become clear to us again. Today is not the day you make a melting pot from the offerings of those you have brought.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just something that poured out after reading an article about a CNN reporter tweet about the vote of Syrian refugees that got her suspended.

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Tears Are Blue


.....(photo is of the Havasu Falls in Havasu Canyon, Arizona,

deep within the crevices of the Earth, in the United States Of America)...




Watching it all drifting away,

I am frozen, remembering her pain.


The rapists had come and gone,

Taking her beloved twins into the darkness forever,

Cutting the hearts from the children that were left,

The dagger of death,

Forcing them to witness, over and over again,

As the helpless babes tumbled into the earth from whence they came.


Dust to ashes, …ashes to dust.


And the words drift across my mind illusively,

Like a hologram,

Escaping from the crevices where the meaning of it all resides…

     ….the place where real freedom truly abides.





Copyright 2002


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this in 2001, actually. It is a part 3 of 3 parts. I was inspired to post it after reading Astral_Tides poem:

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