american dream

Fellow American


Fellow American




A time to throwback


The time to relive


Not for the shadow lives


For the whole and soul of


Life , liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.


Genesis of America


A gift of labor in harmony of


Those hands of light and shadow lives.


A thought of Abraham’s I have a dream


Realized true few decades ago,


Recent lived Obama’s stay at  Whitehouse


Glorified the dream I have a dream.


American dream urged for labor


Let not shadow hands live as Ralph’s Invisible man


It is not a time for live life of horse - and – buggy


It is time to live in harmony dear fellow American












Author's Notes/Comments: 

Relating to present racial situations, need for harmony!!!!!

The dream of dreams we chase

When I was a little kid, I didn’t understand the struggle. I minded myself in my trouble free bubble.

I lived life without caring, what my actions might cause. It was sooner as a teenager I learned all about the flaws.


I wanted to be a policeman, why? Because I thought they were cool. But thanks to imagination less supervisors, my dream faded in school.

‘’You shouldn’t even bother, you don’t have the potential. No matter what your dreams are, for our system it’s inconsequential’’.


I walked home that day from school, feeling all my dreams were crushed. Like someone took it out off my head, put in the toilet and flushed.


I felt an anger rise in me from somewhere I can’t recall. Why did I have to be let down, when others who had dreamt the same, got their picture hung up on the wall?


We always hear you can make it to the top by working hard. How can I do that, when others take my goals and press discard?


I said to myself what happened today wasn’t fair. I will train, push my boundaries, I will prove you wrong I swear!


Each day on a piece paper, I wrote little milestones I had to complete. I didn’t stop before I was satisfied, I wouldn’t keep sitting on the passenger seat.


I wouldn’t hesitate putting more weight on in the gym and on my shoulders. Before I helped them, now I passed by people who had wrote their dreams onto folders.


I didn’t care about anyone but myself, why should I? I was the guy, who flew high up till the sky, you were just on standby.


I become a roaming robot, who was controlled by the evil voices. They directed me, led me to some risky and stupid choices.


In all of this madness, I realized what I had become. I looked down on my self, how could I be so dump?


I was sucked into the dark side, the world of meaningless competition. I had abandoned my sane for this, had forgotten about my true life mission.


This was many years ago, I’m different today. The only way to express my happiness, is by going down on my knees and pray.


Martin Luther King’s dream wasn’t about fame, it was about equality. They dream we chase today are just a twisted apology.


Today I’m not chasing any dreams, I am at rest with myself. I am so damn grateful for what I have, I’ll never again put it on a shelf.


Whenever I feel the world is going down and I’m stressed. I just have to sit down in my chair, and think about, that I’m blessed.


I have been the one who had been giving the gift of life. When I get older, I’ll teach my children what I learned, smiling while sitting next to my beautiful wife.


I am here to tell you, you need to give yourself some more credit and respect. Because you can do so much more than you expect.


There will come many people into your life, and tell you how to beat this life long race. The beauty is, I’ve found my own version, of the dream of dreams we chase.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a poem about the american dream. It's passed on what the dream is. It's not just about fame. The story in this poem is a story from my personal life. 

I wont spoil too mucn, because I also want to you to think what the poem means. 

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