Zero to 500 instantly 

The immediate urge to both stay and flea
A crawling sensation creeping from the heart to all parts of me. 
A dire feeling of urgency 
A screaming of insecurity 
Too much false comfort and nurturing
Ignorance of reality. 
I want to run and I want to stay 
Bundled up in covers of dependency 
A sickness keeps burning holes in me
And I am slowly forgetting how to breathe. 
Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written after waking up in a state of anxiety related to love and human relationships. 

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"Human Relationships"


I immediatly applied the metaphor to world politics and scnarios in board of director's meetings. I'm stuck, a differnt kind of dependency. Good poem, solid write. Well constructed. Thematically consistent - there has been a rash of mixed metaphors on PosPoems lately - see my work (hodgepode is jealous). :D




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Thanks! I love that poetry,

Thanks! I love that poetry, and all art, is created from one humans mind but can be interpreted differently based on each person. I'm glad you could relate to it. I just wrote it in a stream of consciousness and did not edit. Often it seems my more solid ones come from that space.