I Want It

My Exotica

I want you on my insides, 

like when its raining outside and cars collide;

like laying in bed but our hips are tied;

like when your proping my legs up over your shoulder and your tongue slide.

Can you go deeper?

Tell me if my thoughts are too wild.

Would you put me to sleep boo?

Wondering if you liking this ride...

Til' you flip me over to my side and my legs divide

have me shaking and coming all over like im on some type of oxide...

or you lean upward and me crisscrossing you like im locked style

damn is the sex mild

hell naw, cause the sex wild

and i know that everytime you hitting my spot, i get loud

You see that effect... A Hard Smile. 


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Special Surprise

My Exotica

Lips piercing up against my neck, 

these sounds I'm trying to suppress.

He say, "I'm about to take you through this parsec,"

said " I need you to talk less"

"But your making my hair a mess"

"Your hair is not something to obsess"

Damn he make my pussy wet, 

if I must confess

I'm liking this compress

liking how he talking

and liking that aggress.

I tell him give me a sec.

so i can get undress...

little do I know, it's power he possess.

"May I intervene?"

he likes pulling all my strings

make me bend my knees, see he kinda a tease

so I'm bending over to the back, so he can eat my french cousine

I mean eat my chinese.

making me say please.

Maybe cross my T's

dot my I's

I swear you got me warm on the inside

letting lose like I ain't got no insides

"I told you tonight you was going to get that special surprise"



Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem i wrote after i spent some time with my best friend. He always make me feel like this and what better way to express how im feeling rather than writing it . Please be adviced Adult Content.........

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