After church their daughter ran into the house and maps she began reviewing

Mom and Dad walked over and asked…“what is it you’re doing?”


“I’m looking for the town where God works!” she said as only an innocent child can.

“If I find where he works I can go and see him…because I have a plan”.


“I want to ask him why Grandpa had to die!”…here Mom and Dad were taken aback

“I want to ask him, since he’s God…to bring my Grandpa back”.


“And where do you think God works?” Mom asked as she met her husbands gaze.

“Oh, I don’t think, I know!” she smiled….”Father Joe says he works in Mysterious Ways.”


“I’ve looked all over this map. I’ve looked here and I’ve looked there 

but as for city of Mysterious Ways…I can’t find it anywhere.”


Mom was the first to speak as a smile crossed her face

“Mysterious Ways is how God works.” she said…”It’s not a real place.”


“So where does he live then?” the daughter asked- still not quite sure what they were talking about

“God lives inside everyone of us.” Mom said…”and it’s up to us to invite him out.”


“God is love.” Dad nodded…”God is anyplace where people care,

and if we let him or her into our hearts…God could be everywhere”.


I know it’s hard to understand…and you might think it odd

but anytime you pray you are speaking with your God.


Their daughter thought for a moment then said excitedly…

“So all I have to do is pray and God will bring Grandpa back to me?”


“You can always pray.” Mom said, “for prayers and faith we never lack

but once God has taken someone she doesn’t usually give them back.”


She doesn’t always answer our prayers but I believe one day

she will provide the answers…for that is her mysterious way….


“She’s so young,” Dad said, as that night they watched their daughter dream…

Do you think she understands…this is so much more complicated than it seems.


“Look at that smile on her face .” Mom said 

perhaps it is simpler than it seems

perhaps the town of Mysterious Ways


and Grandpa are alive within her dreams.”

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They each approached their God in their own way…

some stood, some knelt…most of them bowed their heads…

“I come to you with a problem…I need your help!” they said.


Then as their Gods listened from their heavens or from atop their mountain peak

simultaneously from here on Earth each person began to speak…


From all corners of the planet…their appeals were the same

“There is so much hate in the world,” they said…

and they were quick to place the blame…


(Here is where each person’s story gets a little odd)

for they put the blame not on themselves…

but on the other people and their Gods.


Each God listened intently from their place up in the sky

and after a moment or two of silence…each God began to cry.


“You have forgotten why you were put here.” Each God answered, 

“I find it so bizarre…that you have forgotten your reason for living

you have forgotten who you are.”


“This is not a problem for me.” Each God continued.

“You know what you need to do…

or have you forgotten the power to fix this…

lies not with me…but you?”


“You speak to us of hate!,” 

this was spoken in one combined voice booming from above…

“Come back to us,” the voice continued, 


“when you can speak of love.”

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"Beset by Blue"

The sky was an aura.

Robins egg blue,

With white snowcapped mountain peaks,

Kissed by yellow, touched with violet, carsessed with crimson.

Was the sky,

A true spectacle painted by God on this,

Sunday Morning

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Into The Mystic

This is a book of magical poetry.
That will inspire you and perhaps life some burden off your shoulders.
Come with me on this beautiful dance of words. If you would like to purchase this Ebook and need it in a different format or language we can arrange that for you. Cover design by Ravenscraft Studios. https://payhip.com/b/u56E


They asked their God:

“Why is there poverty, famine and injustice in the world?

Then pleaded…”Please, God, what are you going to do?”


“For as long as I can remember”, their God answered,


“Those are the same questions I’ve been asking you.”

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And, yes, your hands are cold


Walking past I don't judge so well,

A lonely female, standing for a no-show friend,

But I see more clearly,

The 'Big Issue' your arms are gripping

As I'm rebounding along,


For my failure to recognise, I am compulsed to heed

And stride toward,

the erstwhile Jesus

waiting in the vision edge.


- Did you need anything to eat?

- No.

- No, off course not.- No hand is free to hold,

And I see lined eyes

knowing brighter foreign skies,

But the palm empty pushes forth,

backed by devine grace, needs proper filling, 

Not worthless coinage that weighs the crate

And commit to my noted change.


You thank me with God on your lips, over and over,

For a kindness I feel I don't deserve or can own,

Your tiny face harboured under layers of clothes,

Our fingers, our times entwine,

Even though I prepared for what was to be,

I am shocked.

And, yes, your hands are cold.

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He was brought up to believe in God

That God was in his church…all knowing and loving and fun!

Until he and his classmates were beaten in the name of God by the priests and all the nuns.


He was confused at what he was experiencing…He was no longer enamored or awed

In fact it was while the nuns were beating him that he lost his faith in God.

What happened to him when he was young came as a shock…a huge surprise.

so he began to look at the world with more discerning eyes.


He noticed so much suffering and tragedy.  He noticed discrimination, hate and poverty

He noticed people senselessly hurting one another.  He noticed wars and animosity.


And he thought to himself…what he was taught in his church was nothing but a fraud…

A world so full of malevolence is proof there is no God!


But at the same time he noticed compassion and tenderness, acceptance and charity.

People coming to the aid of one another. He noticed kindness and humanity.


And it made him reassess his belief.  Perhaps his thinking had been flawed.

Perhaps his vision was too narrow when he was looking for his God.


And it was here he stopped his search for God.  All those years he had misunderstood…

It wasn’t God he should be looking for…so he started looking for good.


As he found good in many men and women…he began to see the light

He found good in gays and lesbians…in people black, red, yellow and white.


He found good did not need religion…it had no boundaries, no borders…no cares

And when he took the time to look…he found it everywhere.


Oh, he still noticed evil but the more he looked the more he learned

And the more good he discovered in the world…the more his faith and hope returned.


Hope that people will look inside themselves…find their goodness and be awed


and realize once they’ve found their goodness…they have discovered God.

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My Redeemer

God you've given so much, but I was the one who nailed you onto that cross 

God you've taken so much pain, but I was the one who deserved it 

I was tempted and failed, but you were tempted and endured it 

My peace is from the King of kings, the Lord of Lords 

And my blessings come from the almighty one who gives 


But I nailed you to that cross, I nailed you to that stick 

I was the one who rolled the stone, I moved that boulder 

I ran from you, because I am the monster that killed you 


So, nail me down, tear me down, rip me apart and burn me 

Because I killed you, I deserve to be killed by you 


But that is not how my story ends, he should have ended it  

But ended up making that my beginning. Now I carry that cross 

I carry on without curses and using Christ as my crutch 

Because he is my red coated redeemer 

That rescued me with his blood. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Little more inspiration from a while ago

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Inculcating under Your breath

365 challenge


Its His beginning,

Strengthening green in jumping winds,

Once more, reminding.


A blossom-mous May,

Sings afore the summer heat,

In rainbow timbres.


Fall-ing in the end,

Lips winter, in-drawing again,

To learn, to know, Him.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Back at it with the 365 Inculcating

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