Special Surprise

My Exotica

Lips piercing up against my neck, 

these sounds I'm trying to suppress.

He say, "I'm about to take you through this parsec,"

said " I need you to talk less"

"But your making my hair a mess"

"Your hair is not something to obsess"

Damn he make my pussy wet, 

if I must confess

I'm liking this compress

liking how he talking

and liking that aggress.

I tell him give me a sec.

so i can get undress...

little do I know, it's power he possess.

"May I intervene?"

he likes pulling all my strings

make me bend my knees, see he kinda a tease

so I'm bending over to the back, so he can eat my french cousine

I mean eat my chinese.

making me say please.

Maybe cross my T's

dot my I's

I swear you got me warm on the inside

letting lose like I ain't got no insides

"I told you tonight you was going to get that special surprise"



Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem i wrote after i spent some time with my best friend. He always make me feel like this and what better way to express how im feeling rather than writing it . Please be adviced Adult Content.........

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i dont feel like this poem is adolescent at all. it gives me clear vision and your word play is AWESOME. Reminds me of nights i wish i had

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thank you

thank you