Walkin' on Water Lillies

Walkin' on Water Lillies,

Dancing across the pads.

Listenin' to the drippin' drops,

The sound driving me mad.

Listen to the frogs croaking,

the flies buzzin' through the air.

The wind whisltling to and fro'

Me walking without a care.

Spinning on my heels,

eyes to the sky.

Yearning for Mother Nature

to hear my solemn cry.

Staring at the clouds above,

watchin' birds as they fly.

Trees leaves blowing in the wind,

dehydrated flowers die.

I feel all these things,

as they happen everyday.

Because here in thes forest field,

I'm one with nature as they say.

The moon rising high,

while the sun is settin' on the land.

Digging my toes into the grass,

as easily as if it were sand.

The stars shining like little bugs,

dancing in front of my eyes,

smiling and laughing at me,

as the last of the sun's rays say goodbyes.

The water bubbles, the creatures stir,

as I'm laying flat on the ground.

The wind seems to taunt my ears,

daring me to make a sound.

But I just lay low and listen,

as Nature's party has just begun.

And it doesn't cease until tomorrow,

with the rising of the sun.

Then I'm singing songs to the trees,

Dancing free and acting silly.

Feeling like I never need to care,

While I'm Walkin' on Water Lillies.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The coloring is deliberate according to nature and sceenery

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mrpoofs's picture

the coloration was a swell

the coloration was a swell idea...really added to the depth of imagery...i was in each stanza. great poem!

DazedByLife's picture

Thanks! I usually use colors

Thanks! I usually use colors if it makes sense with the Poetry :)

squawk's picture

i liked this poem, grabed my

i liked this poem, grabed my attenion, start was very good!