Grant me a corner
in which to cry;
through joyous eyes
I saw my son born,
through bleeding eyes
I watched him die.
Grant me a corner
in which to cry.


Permit me a quiet place;
let tender fingers
sew together
a wounded heart,
which through
my son's death,
has been torn apart.
Permit me
a healing place.


Allow me a soft bed
on which to rest;
let someone soothe
my aching brow;
keep the memory
of my first born son,
not amidst the dry reeds
or dull souls,
but amongst the best.
Allow me a bed
on which to rest.

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One Small Step

I raise my hands

I give up

Finally death overwhelms my soul

Ashes to ashes

To earth we return

To the embrace of home

And I am going home

But death is just the beginning

A small step to a greater journey

So don’t mourn my passing

Don’t cry

But laugh hysterically

Shout till your lungs burst

Because I’m waiting for you

I’m waiting for you to catch up

Because you are a step behind


And we’ll love again when you come here

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