Grant me a corner
in which to cry;
through joyous eyes
I saw my son born,
through bleeding eyes
I watched him die.
Grant me a corner
in which to cry.


Permit me a quiet place;
let tender fingers
sew together
a wounded heart,
which through
my son's death,
has been torn apart.
Permit me
a healing place.


Allow me a soft bed
on which to rest;
let someone soothe
my aching brow;
keep the memory
of my first born son,
not amidst the dry reeds
or dull souls,
but amongst the best.
Allow me a bed
on which to rest.

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your piece is softly spoken,

your piece is softly spoken, but strong. I think that it is not an easy thing to have gone through, what you speak of in this poem. 

Do you remember why we're here?

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Thank you, Mic Silverline.

Thank you, Mic Silverline.