Beside Me


I cannot go to sleep tonight
I'm thinking if you're alright
If you're feeling this way too
If you say these things like I do


The days had been very nice
But the nights were cold like ice
Thinking of you makes it colder
Recalling the past makes me bluer


It seems only yesterday
When you wrapped me in your arms
In your pillow there I laid
I was starstruck by your charms


I never knew what took over me
All I know is that they were real
Once I saw you beside me that night
Never stopped to look and think twice


The warmth I felt with you remained
The ache of waking up still stayed
The pain the past brought kept on
The joy from that night went on

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"BESIDE ME" is longing for someone you are used to be with every day but there comes a time that you should part ways.

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You make smile, you write like me, straight from the heart, I believe. What ever feels right, do it that way, just keep it up, you have a long way. Nice work James 

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Thank you. You're right. I

Thank you. You're right. I write straight from the heart. I'd keep your advice in mind