Three Years


Looking at the happy crowd
Sitting here all alone
I wanted to walk away now
Crying loud was my soul


I remembered everything suddenly
All the accounts for the past three years
I then recalled how I loved desperately
And how they all gave me my fears


The first was a real nice one
Giving me all the smiles I could ever wish
Someone I wish I could become
But I found that my heart was still unready


Then a year after, I met someone
A girl with glasses talking 'bout her crush
She dumped me 'cause I wasn't the one
We became bitter and harsh


It is true that for eight months I grieved
Until a new one came along
This might be an opportunity
This one listened to my songs


But no matter how hard I deceive myself
Truth is that no one's here with me
I remember everything all too well
How they all made fool of me


They all only filled me with lies
I spent those three years with tears
They played my heart with dice
I loved truly but still I end up here


I wish upon those stars and smile
But even if I beat myself with a burning rod
A couple of million times,
I know no one would come


I wish God is here and hear
All my life I have longed for some love
I don't ever regret a thing
Though I've given all I had

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is viewing "THREE YEARS" of my life in one perspective.

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i really like your prose


 i really like your prose

you have some large windows

trouble is they look to the rear

or they are full of fear

you wish that god is near too

god permanently resides in you

the angels are amazing

minimise any hating

the world that we cant see

is as real as the one we see



 and the truth of the matter is

you are never alone in your s%^t

guides, angels, family too

all around to help you

your heart dice, yours to throw

most women, far too shallow

to give any energy too

your power is yours to loose



james i am a mystic you see

please accept some help from me

all i ask is full name, date of birth

and your town where you make mirth

and your permission to tune you up

so you fully realise your luck

and are gratful for every breath

instead of thinking, smile to death

at those stars smiling at you

then you realise

pointless being blue

Daz xxxx



























































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Thank you for reading it! I'm

Thank you for reading it! I'm James Dela Cruz from the Philippines