An Untitled Story


I met you on the first day of class
You're a prominence, I stood no chance
You're a lister, I was a dropper
You were heaven, I was a scavenger

The year had been good for there was you
You were my inspiration each day
One smile from you perfected the whole day
But I knew you did not feel it too

Your dark skin was just the same as mine
Your innocent smile made you like a child
I never felt this crazy before
Each time you're near, I took a detour

When our eyes met, my body got stiff
Couldn't say a thing, I couldn't speak
And I really loathed reality
Because you and I could never be

Before I fell asleep, I cried hard
I had to accept the fact I'd discard
You could never love me more than friends
Each time I closed my eyes, all I see was you

And then I relied on hating you
Your smile hurt 'cause I never caused it
Your tears hurt 'cause I never caused it
But could I ever find someone like you?

How could something wrong felt right?
You inspired me to follow my dream
You taught me to look before I leap
Tell me, weren't you the one to be mine?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I created this one in my first semester in the University of the Philippines. It's about falling in love with someone who could never be yours. I guess it's just "AN UNTITLED STORY".

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