Forever Alone


"He" will never concede to get down on one knee- 
"Alone" has become my destiny 

to be able to feel, I want no more 
all thy vitals shutting down to the very core 

at some point "Him" became "Them" 
needless to say "They" 
devoured my soul as "Their" personal prey 

No longer will I relinquish my soul to thee 
My heart shall close indefinitely 

Long will be forgotten those measly moments of pleasure 
those sensational caresses exploring the depths of my treasure 

so soon comes the "AfterShock" of how my world would shatter 
realizing yet again, I was no more than waste matter 

Everything will be fine, now that I've cut the ties 
I'm prepared to be alone til I reach my demise. 


lsr 2016