poisonous veins and coffee stains

polarized idiot

I dreamt us up late one night.

perfecting your features in my sleep.

softening the words left out of sight,

making valid this shallow leap

      ..of faith

      ..of lust

      of pure star dust.

the planets align for you, my love.


like a snake in a cage

you escaped in a second.

you toy with my rage

until your master beckons.


she is tall and bitter

with hair dark as depression.

no wonder you follow her.

she is a picture of perfection.


yet here i am, dreaming

of the times spent in bed.

where you had me believing

it wasn't all in my head.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

you are poison in my veins. you are all the coffee stains.

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allets's picture

"...dark as depression..."

I like this image. I am always on the lookout for darkness well said and this is one - write on! ~allets~