Slowly Faded Away

Black and white was the day;

where like a shadow, I began to slowly fade away.

Black is the sin that slithered its malevolent way in.

White was the jovial light, which faded away into the shadows of an endless, freezing cold night.


Cold and dark were my days and nights,

as unpleasant sounds of laughter echoed off thoughts telling me to give in and just loose the fight.

There was no bright, warm, happines of the sun down in my desolate pit that I made;

the only company I ever kept was misery with a sharp and shiny, glistening blade.


Faking a smile everywhere I trapesed;

every passing human always had a hidden second face.

Some showing off their true colors, without any resentment or remorse;

others, however, cowered themselves in the shadows to hide their hearts true course.


Once shining bright like an LED high-beam,

the light of the day began to unravel at its seam.

The frail pigment of white soon ceased to exist;

morphing into a dismal snowy cold grey, and filling the void with a mind rendering mist.

Then like the dark angel of the night,

it vanished forever, leaving only a feeling of frozen emptiness and smite.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

depression is a serious mental illness, and it sucks.

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Well hopefully getting it all

Well hopefully getting it all on paper helps the depression a bit.  It does for me.  The third stanza was my favorite, very well written.

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There isn't enough time But

There isn't enough time

But things can change

 People think they are never good enough

 At least some do. KS