They told her she could be anything.
But never did she anticipate a women loving woman,
with trembling innards spewed on a cold street right next to
her charred pulsing muscle. 
They didn't mention the ache of fraying sinews.
Or of rose water weeping wounds to be bandaged
while the world sleeps. 
She didn't know about the store of sludge in the pit of her gut
that would make her gurgle as she choked;
futile attempts not to swallow herself. 
They told her to follow her dreams. 
But all she dreams of is sleep. 
Author's Notes/Comments: 

I am not entirely sure of what this is meant to mean, I could just feel the words urging me to put them to paper.

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there was a girl

there was a girl

older than me
but young in life
there was a girl
with clear skin
and a beautiful scattering 
of freckles, 
like a picturesque scattering
of seeds 
waiting to bloom 
into flowers
there was a girl
who loved music 
especially old folk tunes 
that remind her of her childhood
and riding her motorbike
recklessly on her own
there was a girl
who had suffered 
too much for her age
and yet she only trusted
a few
with the dark secrets 
beneath her smile
there was a girl 
different to the rest
not only in who she was
but also
the way 
she made me feel
there was a girl
who changed 
everything I thought I knew
about life 
and who I was
there was a girl
who blessed me 
with kisses and love
and company 
in my single bed
there was a girl
who would hold me
comfort me
care for me 
love me
there was a girl
I hurt 
I abandoned
for shallow acceptance
from my peers
there was a girl
who was in pain 
needed a friend
needed help
there was a girl 
who found 
her savior
in a bottle 
of pills
and then suddenly
there wasn't 
a girl

Is it bad that....

Is it bad that

I'm starting not to care?

About people and how

they'll stop and stare?

Or is it normal?

That I feel this way?

That seeing this one person

brightens up my day?

People say its wrong,

that I shouldn't even try?

But they don't understand

and can't give me a reason why...

It's so wrong to be with this person

because they can cause trouble?

But what if its beyond my control?
And I burst their little bubble?

Why can't they be on my side,

or just be happy for me,

Is it bad that I love them?

Just because they're a She?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

It's about a girl who is confused about a lot lately. And the person they love's true identity is revealed at the end


I had accepted it myself, but would they?

Have all those years of church finally gotten to their brain?

How would I tell them?

What could I do?

I knew that the only thing I needed to do was be true.

I walked into her room, clamy, shaking.

"Have a minute mom?"

Then I said it, those two little words.

"I'm gay."

My heart was pounding, I was sweating through my shirt.

She said nothing.

She cried.

But she surprised me that day.

See, I was sure she would through that book at me and send me to be "fixed"

but instead she held me and said that to her I was still perfect.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Coming out to my ever so Christian mother.

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Royalty Of A Woman


Smothers her beauty all over the world
Caught by her stare from miles away
Her eyes begin to meet yours
Intense connection magnifies from each glace back
Met once and now is eager for a date
Only just to ask a woman of royalty
A woman of amazing beauty
A woman capable of stopping one in their tracks
Only to ask and not be afraid

A woman of royalty, a woman in love
Maybe falling, maybe too deeply
All the butterflies flutter in our stomach
Talking to each other in civil conversation
Politely getting to know one another asking questions
Both finding each other becoming more attractive

Slowly and surely going to take it faster
Blushing, gloating and flirting constantly
Endlessly, non-stop ad chemistry erupted
Couldn't believe falling for royalty of a woman
Can take so much work, can consume so much time
Allow the princess come to you instead
Much better to wait having her sweep me off your feet
Is true royalty of a woman finding a lover

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Woman of Royalty.

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Investigation F.B.I.


She let me be the spy
So that I can go under cover
To investigate the crime scene
As a female body inspector

She created unorthadox clues
And tagged each one in an area

She hid them seperately within' a secret
Attached from a pin onto something
That the spy would know what to look for
And being the FBI she brought me onto the scene

Sealed an envelope shut with her tongue
Telling me to search for her heart
And the bonus is her body when the investigation is done

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A Lesbian Cop Investigater going to check out the crime scene which be her girlfriend.

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