Is it bad that....

Is it bad that

I'm starting not to care?

About people and how

they'll stop and stare?

Or is it normal?

That I feel this way?

That seeing this one person

brightens up my day?

People say its wrong,

that I shouldn't even try?

But they don't understand

and can't give me a reason why...

It's so wrong to be with this person

because they can cause trouble?

But what if its beyond my control?
And I burst their little bubble?

Why can't they be on my side,

or just be happy for me,

Is it bad that I love them?

Just because they're a She?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

It's about a girl who is confused about a lot lately. And the person they love's true identity is revealed at the end

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annasmith7813's picture

Your rhyming seems

Your rhyming seems effortless. The way this poem flows is beautiful. I love the message of it too.  I don't think it's bad not too care :)

DazedByLife's picture

Trust me sometimes I'm at a

Trust me sometimes I'm at a loss for a good rhyme and it sucks. But I'm glad you loved the message