Those left behind! 2015

those left behind 2015


those left behind have the heavyest cry

when we have been told that they did die

first comes shock and it leaves you hollow

and your soon thinking i wanna follow

those left behind are then in denial

and they themself feel like there on trial

memories start flooding in to fill your mind

with places and things of every kind

those left behind know there in a better place

in reality its tomorow that you dont wanna face

one day you'll be able to think of them so fondly

and tell of there life to which you speak proudly

those left behind have storys to tell

of the wonderful person you knew so well

they went up to heaven by the hands of an angel

to be with god there no more pain they will handle

when we are called up there to live for all time

never more will we be among those left behind




Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wrote this last night because my childrens step mom passed away yesturday morningand while i didnt know her personaly i didnt wanna see my children go thru a painfull ordeal like this i do wish i could talk away the pain but some pain we have to go thru in order to be a batter person hope tou all like it


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