*Stairway To Heaven*

Trish M. Barrek Hopkins

As i look up the long stairs to heaven 
I get this relaxed feeling 
And know God will be waiting 
For me on the other side 
Good or bad he loves me
And does not believe in hating 
He comforts me and begins the healing 
I will hold my head up with pride 
Because God will help me see
There isnt a reason to have cried 
No more for the pain inside 
Only time for praying 
For the loved ones i left behind
For I am now their guardian angel
To protect from the world around them 
And for them to allow my soul to move along
For peace in their hearts 
I will help them find
To continue with life staying so strong 
Knowing i am where i belong
If they ever feel like falling apart 
Because they miss me so
I will be right by their side to catch them
And begin to help them understand
That here on earth is where they belong
And they live life to the fullest thats a demand
I will help them see
It is not their time to go 
And to let me rest at peace and set my memory free 
For i will always be near
To let them know when times are low
My angels touch the warmth of comfort they know
The melody of my love they will hear..


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