What we leave behind

    What we leave behind!          


On the day that we are born is the day our lives begin

we’ll leave behind footprints to where we all have been

some impressions will linger on so do keep that in mind

its those things that will live on as to what we leave behind

during our time on earth were taught all kinds of things

like how to live the life were given without the age-old sins

some will give all they have strength and honor intertwined

its those times we live for as to what we leave behind

so make sure you live your life the way god wants you too

and seek his guidance and his love in everything you do

so when your time on earth is done please bear in mind

the love you’ve given thru out your life is what you’ll leave behind


Becky Chadbourne.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

hope you all like this poem !!!!!

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