Up Against

Verse 1: Now that the odds are stacked against you,

             Who or what will you run to now?

             'Cause duck now or take cover

              These lies you tell yourself continue to grow.


Chorus: Without a care against the world,

             You smile and carry on

             As if your heart has never been broken before.

             You and I, we're both up against something greater than ourselves.


Verse 2: After all that you've endeared,

             You put yourself to the test.

             Up against something greater than ourselves,

             The battles won, the game's over, you've won.


Bridge: Now that everything is over,

            Who or what will you run to now?

            What keeps you alive and running?

            'Cause babe, we're up against something grreater than ourselves.


Last-Chorus: The battle's over, the ship has sunk.

                    Could you be my unsung hero?

                   'Cause I'm fighting these battles alone.

                   We're up against something greater than ourselves.

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I like it

Not bad.  I like how you rhymed with ourselves.  That's a hard word to rhyme.  I think you meant to write endured instead of endeared.  I know I'm being picky and I shouldn't mention it, but I want to help you.  Other than that I think it's a great song.  Thanks for sharing.  If you could read some of my stuff and tell me what you think I would love it.  Best of luck to you.