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Verse 1: My heart aches in pain To be healed of these timeless scars. Maybe, if I keep faking it, Things will illuminate. Light the way.

Chorus: Show me what it means to live Show me the meaning of love. Show me what I cannot see 'Cause I am alone in this world. I am a lonely self in the darkness... Waiting aimlessly to be free Of pain, suffering, and worries.

Verse 2: My voice and story will be heard. Now, is the time for me to Rise from the ashes. Like a moth drawn to the flames, I will be heard. The heart blooming yet shattered, Yearns to be heard.

Bridge: This tattered heart, Torn into pieces, Aches to belong In this world... I am nothing on my own. But, I also know that I am nothing without you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Reality of living with C-PTSD and Depression atop anxiety and being bullied for Autism...

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I Would Not have Guessed Autism

You write sooooo clearly. Nothing inverted and song lyric format is fabulous. Keep writing. U go girl! Keep on keepin' on. - yrs in writing, Stella




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Thanks, I am battling C-PTSD

Thanks, I am battling C-PTSD and Depression again so have not been updating. I have nearly 80 pages of songs typed up on word that I wrote since 2014-Present that I pick and choose what to post on here