Frightened of silence

the blank space

is quickly filled up

& covers

with fast words

& convenient thoughts


Emotionally scarred

& scared of the truth

I hide the nothingness

of a blank page

with jargon of a would be poet




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Why is it in the loneliness of the evening

when she is feeling vulnerable…

and small

the silence that surrounds her


is the most deafening sound of all?

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I asked her how to make the world more beautiful

(A lesson I hoped to learn)

She said…

Speak only when your words are more beautiful than silence…


Then she allowed silence to return. 





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On the other side of silence…enchanting sounds appear…

if you take the time to listen…if you take the time to hear.


Walk along a forest path…listen to the breeze.

Pause next to a field of flowers…listen to the humming of the bees.


Put your ear up to their crumbly trunks…listen to the trees.

As the snow falls on a wintry day…listen to it freeze.


Walk inside a cemetery…listen to the graves.

Stand along the shoreline…listen to the waves.


If you turn your head up to the heavens…then gently close your eyes…

you can listen to the clouds as they soar across the sky.


Listen to the stars at night…you can almost hear their dreams.

Linger on the riverbank…listen to the stream.


On the other side of silence…nature conducts her symphony.

On the other side of silence…she finds her harmony.


On the other side of silence…softly filling the air…

a myriad of wonders…


waiting for you there.

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What is Addiction?

What is addiction?

A small child calls out from the crowd

Her voice isn’t loud

But it breaks the silence

And someone replies and says

It’s the violence

Within our own minds

It’s the loss of sanity

Left behind

The gun with one bullet

Aimed at the head

That slips so slowly through the air

And doesn’t make a sound

As if it were underwater

It’s like when the pencil runs out of led

And the writer can’t get out of bed

Because they have nothing left

But just a hollow pencil

Just a hollow body

No mind

No words

Like a bird

That can’t fly

Because he spent his wings on the temporary high

But, above all these things

Addiction is a sickness

That makes you feel total bliss

But only for a minute

Because after it leaves the body

It leaves you feeling spotty

Because you can’t remember a thing

And you know nothing but the feeling

Of your mind peeling away

And falling into the ocean

Losing motion

Of the land

Because your hand is shaking

And every breathe you are taking

Feels like your last

Until you feed the addiction

With your need for a substance

To take you away

From the pain you feel every single day