A Call to the Universe

I have seen the breaking velvet weaves,
dancing to the beat of my heart
I have heard the kaleidoscopic clouds,
Speaking to the universe in my mind

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Everything that happens in our lives, has a meaning behind it. Every bad ending is the beginning of something great! Live, laugh and give nothing out but kind words. Most of all, give away unconditional love to all we come across, even if they are just passing by. Remember, the Universe always has a way of giving it all back to you!

Love to all <3
May peace be in the hearts of each and every one of us! <3

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Maybe I'm tripping.
Maybe it's just my mind playing tricks on me..
But who am i kidding,
I'm falling apart and it couldn't be more obvious to see

Maybe i feel too hard for her.
Or maybe i just didn't play my cards right..
The way she took all my energy out of me got me feeling bare,
And i'm left with nothing but memories that are black and white.

Maybe i should just cry.
Or maybe i should just give up on love and throw the middle finger at Cupid..
But memories of how i used to lose myself between her thigh, got me on a leash and i'm still stuck on stupid.

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Absent Flashes

There were no flashes in the shroud;
not of Turin, but of sound, and light,
and restless colors that weren't.
Though they could, they hadn't then,
and wouldn't for the evening, no matter
what we'd do to provoke them and their ire.
We spoke in idle, but idle things... Somehow would,
in spite of us, build a fanged momentum, and
occasionally bowl us over when we feigned
disinterest. They only fed on funny bits of
insight, or "insight", or relevance found
completely on the spot. And even still,
they'd be picky, they'd be prudish; they'd
be snide. Denied by time, our Father,
not a God but a thing, the only true king;
somehow absent of any mercy for you,
for me -- for anything, ever, anywhere.
So they strove to fascinate and leave;
bitter at the funny way of things,
the general disinterest of the world at large,
and the fact that they lacked the presence
to do anything more than luster in the air,
or frighten people in the passing dark.

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Distance From the Ground

I'd put my foot through glass for you:
to shatter it and matter forth,
to fall into the outside bled,
to make threats to the sunset.
We share no more than common space
among our chosen common friends,
but we're not alike in how we speak,
nor alike in our conclusions.
I can only hope that after biting dust,
you'll settle in with me to warm
and know that someone else is there,
that is your same distance from the ground.

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Lateral Bloom

After the trip, I realized that
a voice in my head had wanted me dead.
With body atomic; interact and detach
from the sinister thing that spat in my ear.

I felt that the sour was the glaze on my skin;
the filth that would coat me on days of my sins.
And with it applied, no one could see
enough of a draw to stay closer to me.

Then came the outside, then came the shift.

During the trip, the laughter of friends
held measure to needles that endlessly prod.
While patterns were fighting to entice and entrance,
my self-addled self could only recoil.

Then more than now was the loathing of self
yet the walls with their pulse was all that we felt.
The constant was buzzing, inviting the eyes
to follow the flutter that waits in its guise.

There was the matter, at hand but forgotten.

Before the trip, I had sprawled on my bed,
drowning beneath the need for another.
Insides were panicked, sullen and doubt...
and then we ingested the pockets of spark.

Eventually, I...

Laid under glass between me and the moon,
indulging in normalcy with a lateral bloom:
I found I learned little and took nothing away,
as I came back to center still shy and afraid.

Center was here, at heart in hard wood
that I've settled and burned myself into for good.
As straits were less dire and the room remained still,
I was becoming bed-ridden and useless until...

... When?

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