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A Call to the Universe

I have seen the breaking velvet weaves,
dancing to the beat of my heart
I have heard the kaleidoscopic clouds,
Speaking to the universe in my mind

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Everything that happens in our lives, has a meaning behind it. Every bad ending is the beginning of something great! Live, laugh and give nothing out but kind words. Most of all, give away unconditional love to all we come across, even if they are just passing by. Remember, the Universe always has a way of giving it all back to you!

Love to all <3
May peace be in the hearts of each and every one of us! <3

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My Rescue

It feels like
Day by day and hit by hit
This world sends me trippin' into a deep pit.
Gay parades and Prada freaks, blog site junkies and gaming geeks.
Surrounded by liars, corrupted by friends
Tell me, well there be any making amends? Pushed against a wall with no where to turn
Is this it? Am I gonna burn?
I'm falling on my face in this life or death race.
But here He comes with sanctification an grace.
Helping me up, pulling me out, grabbing your hand as I shout "My Lord! My God!"

And in that moment you quiet me.

Speaking so reassuringly
"Come my child and to my kingdom we will flee."