Sad, Beautiful, Tragic

For Ryan

It's sad that all our time
Was wasted,
Like watching hours
Fade to minutes
Even more every day.
The memories
That are nothing more
Than pretty images
Implanted in my mind,
For eternity's life.
The ending of it,
Where it crumbled
Like an avalanche,
As it covers everything
That lies in it's path.
This sad,
That once used to be

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Based this off of Sad, Beautiful, Tragic by Taylor Swift. It came on while I was listening to music. So yeah.

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Child of Cost

I cried out to you as a loving father would his own daughter, I begged you to turn back, to come back.
In darkness she did wonder, escaping the grip of my hands to slip away into the pull of the currents that brought her under.
Swept a far beyond my eyes, there she lye covered in flies.
The first pitch of dirt shoveled did no trouble to the face it capped,
Her naked body lay still beneath the weight of the earth,
never to be seen again in the way she was perched .
Though we search, their wicked deed was well hid,
 so also were the shameful schemes she often did.
Oh my precious child, I would never have considered to put a price on you,
Because your soul you did bother to sell,
you were bought at the very expense of your life.
Oh now how I wish you would tell,
What it is that you gained at the end of his knife?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Please if you will, any comments you have on my poem are welcomed. I hope this is a good peom, but if you will let me know what you think about it. thank you for reading :)

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My ode to Newtown

current affairs

Guns don’t kill people, people do
I’m no liar, speak the truth
Think about the statement I make
Think a gun can fire it’self
Your more than half baked

No doubt families are grieving
About Newtown, some seething
That someone decided to fire
On innocent young victims
A whole community in death’s mire

Big love heading from me
And every other lightworker definitely
Big changes coming well soon
Then peace and love will be a boon
Not soon enough for Newtown
And a school full of frowns

And as much as I don’t like guns
Bit gutted that I don’t own one
When everyone wakes up to robbing
Taking place under their noses
There indeed will be more sobbing

The truth is nobody die’s anyway
Just ascends to spirituality
Just cos their physical body is gone
Had their spirits commended to god
Just like Jesus on the cross

No doubt it’s a tragedy
When young lives get taken early
And experts about conspiracy
Would have you think
Newtown’s designed to get
The weapons off people early

Just when a house is armed up
To the hilt, killers are in luck
My brother in laws got guns
But they are in a cabinet
Under lock and key
Newtown would have better luck

But even Master Jesus in
The Glostic book of Thomas; doubting
Says you got to fight for
What is truly yours
Else it will be taken definitely
Currently in progress: Daylight robbery

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A powerful twister tore a man's life apart.
It took his wife and kids and left him with a broken heart.
In just a moment, his entire family was killed.
A marriage ended that took twenty years to build.

The years he spent mentoring his children came to a tragic end.
He wishes he could erase his memory so he never has to feel this pain again.
He wonders why the twister had to strike where it did.
Was it God's plan to take his wife and kids?

Wanting to provide his family with a better life, he worked his fingers to the bone.
It was all for nothing because now he's all aone.
Tears form in his eyes as he recalls a time with his wife when he first kissed her.
Everything he held dear in life was destroyed by that twister.

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Sniffing glue

A teenage boy died after he sniffed glue.
It was a really stupid thing for him to do.
His parents rushed him to the hospital but it was too late.
That poor boy was doomed, it was truly a horrible fate.

His parents said goodbye to him and then he died.
Sniffing glue is idiotic, that can't be denied.
He sniffed it because he wanted to get high.
Don't ever sniff glue or you may also die.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a true story.

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Killing Time, for Worthless Paper

by Jack Fehlmann

Bring it down
To the land of the
Not quite right.
Heave this impossible

Of "life",

On time
If you don't mind.

Can't you tell,

I'm here waiting.
Killing time.

Am I a fool?
I should listen?
And do "It" right?

Killing time?

Or, living my life?

Every minute,
Is my reason.

Each one so fleeting,
Is good reason.

Finite is one life.
And one day it is ended,

No second chances

To wipe ones ass with
Treasured scrap paper
Which all currency is really.

Is that not painfully apparent?

What's wrong with you all?

Toss on down
Unprovoked assaults
of the Untimely
So so, impossible
rope a dope life.
Measured by debt.

Endless imperfections,

Must-have possessions.

Killing time.

Chasing, creating, tracxking and graphing
Highs and lows, charts to show,
Black and white lines.
Why is it alright that its
Paper driving reason.
Fucking paper, we treasure?
And that paper can't even be eaten?
Why would I forfeit my time,
For bullshit such as that?

Killing time?

Financial growth plateaus,
The what is a recession?
Economic Depression?
Rising, rolling, sinking,
Never even?
How is that worth not living life?
I again ask why?
How did so many countless
Burried and forgotten,
Foolishly decide to forget be alive?
They were killing time.
Time is life; Life is time.
Not arithatic, bottom lines, black fridays, two-for-tuesdays or APR types!
Seductively fabled institution,
Bright lights and misdirection.
Nobody even questions?

Killing time.

Well alright.
Yeah, alright
Just fine
Killing time,
That's life.
Just buy it.
But I decline.

Offensively graphed,
Great minds tried
countless numbers
Wrong, right,..
Society writes
So much paper.
So we'll know,
Yes, or no.
If we did it right.
Rich and poor
Die every time.

Killing time.

Blissful meaning
To the question,
Chasing phantoms
To painful to listen.
Punch out, back in,
Solar cycles,
Dark and daylight.
Singular and Finite.

Killing time.

Well, alright.
Yeah. Alright
One? Right.
Aw fuck it.
Right the line.
Killing time,
Who needs life?
Killing me.
Killing you, you, you,
You, yours, and mine.
Killing time, forgetting "Life".

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I know, not very poetic right? Everyone needs to vent sometime. But I hope you hear my message.

Santa Fe

It all came to an end last Sunday in Santa Fe.
The love of my life was violently taken away.
A mugger shot my wife even though she gave him her purse.
She was rushed to the hospital but things got even worse.
The doctors couldn't save her even though they tried.
While she was on the operating table, she died.
She was carrying my baby and that makes it more sad.
I'm no longer a husband and I will not be a dad.
Because of that bastard, two lives have came to an end.
My wife wasn't just my lover, she was also my best friend.
Now that she's gone, my future doesn't look very bright.
When the cops find that man, I hope they shoot him on sight.
She died even though I went to the Chapel to pray.
My life became worthless last Sunday in Santa Fe.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a fictional poem.

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The Ballad of the Dedicated Coconut

It's a world of destruction
And violent splendor
Where the earth is ruled
By the law of the blender
A world of darkness
& twisted mesh
Of the blender's path
Of blended flesh.

They’ve blinded the world
With utter delusion
As their spinning blades spin
A web of confusion
As long as we do nothing
They’ll just keep on winning
As all we know dies
& their blades keep on spinning

Though many remain
In the devastated city
Fear for our lives
Outweighs compassion & pity
They’ve blended our hope,
And fed off our fear
We grow fewer & fewer
Our fate is clear

The sun is now setting,
My vision is blurring
But silence is shattered
By the blenders whirring
They don't move alone
Always in great numbers
They shadow the horizon
We awake from our slumber

With fruits vs. blender
We don't stand a chance
The ends growing near
As we dance the last dance
One by one those beside me
Are being replaced
With blended fruit juices
& grinded fruit paste

My mind is devastated
My eyes are shut
When I hear the sound
Of the dedicated coconut
We clap & cheer
As our coconut defender
Smashes and crashes
Through many a blender

Victory is near
The battle almost complete
When the blenders suddenly
Resign & retreat
We thank the coconut
For saving our lives
When the blenders return
With forks & knives

I saw his face drop
But his cry pierced the night
“We don't have to win,
All we must do is fight.”
The words echoed, then,
One fatal blow, swift and dull
Descended & cleaved
Through the coconuts skull

Time seemed to stop
As eternity passed by
All things must end,
Stars burn out, heroes die…
My fate is not delegated,
I'm not stuck in a rut,
I will fight to the end,
Like the dedicated coconut.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

So this is completely random. You don't even wanna know where the idea for this came from...

Deadly fall

My friend thought he could climb a mountain and I'm so depressed.
He fell when he tried to climb it and his loved ones lives are a mess.
He left a wife and four children behind.
This death happened to a man who was so kind.
After rock climbing, he thought he could climb a mountain but he was wrong.
His widow and kids are falling apart even though they're trying to be strong.
I told him not to climb it but nobody ever listens to me.
Now I spend most of my time trying to comfort his family.
It's very hard to accept that I will never see him again.
Tears roll down my cheeks because I lost a good friend.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Even though this poem is fictional, only professionals should climb mountains.

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