Killing Time, for Worthless Paper

by Jack Fehlmann

Bring it down
To the land of the
Not quite right.
Heave this impossible

Of "life",

On time
If you don't mind.

Can't you tell,

I'm here waiting.
Killing time.

Am I a fool?
I should listen?
And do "It" right?

Killing time?

Or, living my life?

Every minute,
Is my reason.

Each one so fleeting,
Is good reason.

Finite is one life.
And one day it is ended,

No second chances

To wipe ones ass with
Treasured scrap paper
Which all currency is really.

Is that not painfully apparent?

What's wrong with you all?

Toss on down
Unprovoked assaults
of the Untimely
So so, impossible
rope a dope life.
Measured by debt.

Endless imperfections,

Must-have possessions.

Killing time.

Chasing, creating, tracxking and graphing
Highs and lows, charts to show,
Black and white lines.
Why is it alright that its
Paper driving reason.
Fucking paper, we treasure?
And that paper can't even be eaten?
Why would I forfeit my time,
For bullshit such as that?

Killing time?

Financial growth plateaus,
The what is a recession?
Economic Depression?
Rising, rolling, sinking,
Never even?
How is that worth not living life?
I again ask why?
How did so many countless
Burried and forgotten,
Foolishly decide to forget be alive?
They were killing time.
Time is life; Life is time.
Not arithatic, bottom lines, black fridays, two-for-tuesdays or APR types!
Seductively fabled institution,
Bright lights and misdirection.
Nobody even questions?

Killing time.

Well alright.
Yeah, alright
Just fine
Killing time,
That's life.
Just buy it.
But I decline.

Offensively graphed,
Great minds tried
countless numbers
Wrong, right,..
Society writes
So much paper.
So we'll know,
Yes, or no.
If we did it right.
Rich and poor
Die every time.

Killing time.

Blissful meaning
To the question,
Chasing phantoms
To painful to listen.
Punch out, back in,
Solar cycles,
Dark and daylight.
Singular and Finite.

Killing time.

Well, alright.
Yeah. Alright
One? Right.
Aw fuck it.
Right the line.
Killing time,
Who needs life?
Killing me.
Killing you, you, you,
You, yours, and mine.
Killing time, forgetting "Life".

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I know, not very poetic right? Everyone needs to vent sometime. But I hope you hear my message.

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SpecialSense's picture

It is actually very poetic.

It is actually very poetic. That is how I see it, anyway. Beautifully written.