Another summer dawn comes

Tired eyes seek some sleep,

But I have to strive.


Treacherous summer night

Robs me of my sleep

Another summer dawn comes.


All the uses of this world

Appear useless, worthless,

It's just mere word-play.


Virtues and goodness have gone,

Scriptures are in shelves,

Greed, lust, evil are goals.


Do I belong to this age?

I often wonder:

Am I for the peak?


In a vision I have seen

All, so dwarfed by me,

Like Lilliputians.


Some make fun of me,

Some broil inwardly,

In their jealousy.


Why are they after me?

What harm have I caused?

Why disturb my mind's thoughts?


Giving me strange names,

Not understanding me,

The sadness in my heart.


Calling me insane,

Schizophrenic too,

Want me in asylums.


The thought difference,

Becomes offensive,

"Lunatic" they say.


I have ups and downs,

But no greed, no lust,

I crave naught but love.


A soul seeking for,

Its own better half,

Am I demented?


Am I a dreamer?

Unfit for this world?

Who can be so sure?


The Creator made me,

I am a human too,

Yet I am "crazy".


All these terms for me,

By those 'wise', 'learned',

With all those 'wise' degrees.


I find refuge in God,

And in His Scriptures,

They believe not in Him.


This world matters so much,

To all those who spend,

Days and nights, toiling

For what? God gives food,

Why seek more and more?

This world has an end.


The rich are richer,

And the poor, poorer,

Why should I not cry?


Sharing each other's woes,

Has long since vanished,

And I am called 'crazy'.


Nature reveals much,

No bird goes unfed,

The Creator feeds us.


Why this sad rat race?

We are not deathless:

The shrouds and grave


Pharoah despised Moses,

And Jesus had no right,

To remind us of God.


Abraham left idols,

Muhammad too came,

Their lives lie in shelves.


All this manic rush,

For more and more...more!

Ends up in a grave.


I have seen dawn-breaks,\

And many nights flee,

Sun, moon, stars, shining.


My soul is guided,

By my Creator,

The God Almighty.


So give me your names,

Which you keep for me,

And let me be: "Be"


This world's end is nigh,

And that day will come,

When goodness will reign.


Hell is what you seek,

Knowingly quite well,

That prophets sought God.


My God is all good,

He is merciful,

But then, I'm a "fool".


While you wrack your brains,

Desiring this world's life,

I seek peace with Him.


When the Last Day comes,

With Heaven and Hell,

Let us see who's "crazy".


Let us see who's "insane",

And a "schizophrenic",

My God will hail me.


You will like to come,

Back to his world for,

Another chance...yes!


But nightsand blue dawns,

Reveal the future:

My own and yours too,


So late it will be,

Once the doom does come,

With Eden for me.


God's promise is true,

Read the Scriptures,

Lying in your own shelves.


Goodness has its reward,

And evil is for Hell,

When all this will end.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a poem wherein my inner self is speaking out the thoughts. All the prophets, saints, sages, visionaries, wise men and women and even well-informed scientists predict that this world will end soon. But the people caught up in the rat race of greed, lust, selfishness and an insatiable want for more and more have become totally engrossed in the deceptions of evil. The Holy Scriptures lie in bookshelves. Very few read what is in them....and even very few ponder and try to adopt the way of the Messengers of The God Almighty. What a pity! It makes me feel so sad. This is not our real home...it is the Garden of Eden and the Garden of Firdous as mentioned in The Bible and The Glorious Qur'an as well as in other eastern scriptures. Or it is Hell...meant for the sinners of this worldly life...heedlessly pursuing their craving for more and more....forgetting the grave and the life after this life. I hope the reader does not mistake my good intentions in the poem. I have said what was inspired in me...but I mean nothing bad for anybody, no man, no woman...for it is The God Almighty, the One and The Only, who judges. But I have spoken what I have gleaned from reading the scriptures, pondering on the signs of nature and the lives of the prophets of The Almighty as well as other wise and noble men and women. Last of all let me add that this poem is not a sermon. Not at all. It is only a description of the truth mentioned in all the Holy Scriptures and stressed upon by every Messenger of The One and Only God Almighty.

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