"Eyes Like Space"

My footprints stretch for miles, expanding soundless through the night,

Sunrays dousing moonbeams with a blinding morning light.

A sunrise like chrome needles climbs over Martian mountains,

Clouds of sulphur yellow become acidic liquid fountains.


I stare into canals, their blues like crystal beads,

This dawn projecting warmth through this desert canyon's bleeds.

The wind begins to rush, brushing dust against my suit,

I feel the fibers rustle, the aesthetics absolute.


I've become accustomed to the silence, the muteness of this planet,

Smitten to the waters that resemble liquid granite.

My visor absorbs atmospheric radiation, 

With eyes like space I stare at the horizon's conflagration.


The sun begins to set, streaking orange across the sky, 

I patiently greet the moonbeams, beckoning they come nigh.

I reflect the double moonlight, a mirror for its gleam,

I watch the mountains and rivers sleep, a quiet, electric dream.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Continuation of "Stranger in a Strange Land."

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