My Dream Man

I'm covered in the darkness

     Silence fills my ears;

My thoughts keep racing back to you

     As I wipe away my tears.

The tears I cry are not of pain -

     They make me smile instead;

I sense you near me once again

     -hear the tender words you said.

You tease me with your presence,

     And say you'll be here before long;

I have no reason to doubt you,

     You'd never do me wrong.

Sometimes I feel you're really here,

     The thought of you makes me beam;

One day you'll come - you told me so.....

     The gentleman in my dreams.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I was feeling hopeful.....

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poetvg's picture

he sounds :*)
to me like
hes worth
the wait
you go girl .

word_man's picture

Yes one day i will come
and give you passion and love
for in your dreams i am the one
i can do things no one else can
for i am your imiganery man.


ron parrish

David Richardson's picture

This is a very beautiful poem filled with so much hope and beauty. This poem is written with so much thought and belief in the meaning of true love. Your writing in this poem touched my heart with the intense expressivenessyou have displayed. Stephanie,thank you for sharing this poem with me and please have a very safe and very beautiful weekend.

Dave Richardson

ugonna's picture

"The tears I cry are not of pain-" Let us be glad for being reminded that there can be joy in our tears even in today's devasted, dying world. There is something powerful and unfathomable in the feeling of being needed and cared for. The poet has led us into realms and riddles of our yearnings and longings. It is left for humanity to make these dreams real. We are grateful, Stephanie!

darkpool's picture

Yes, I saw him, sensed him, heard him in your words long before you told me who and where he was. But I can tell he is meant for you, and I know if you can feel him so close, he will appear. Such is the power of this poem. Ken

DW Stevenson's picture

Very nice. This poem scanned well and once again masterfully painted a vivid picture for me. A dream lover is a subject that I addressed in "Forbidden Love", an erotic and sensual poem you can find right here in my portfolio. It is my hope that the gentleman in your dreams keeps his promise. Wouldn't that be fantastic?!! :)

James Haggerty's picture

Nice poem. Strange things keep happening around here. I wrote a poem some time back a bit similar to this. In fact I think it's pretty close. I called mine "Wait". James