Soul mates


Can souls be linked together?

Can dreams be shared by two?

Answeres whispered with an ankh.

Life is like a simile.

Have you been to my home?

By fields of asphodel and clover?

It exists in the purest place.

There love always and never.

The centre rung is not alone

Two anks held in suspension

From our eyes to fingertips

Glued by whipsers on our lips

Will I go back home again?

Will I not go blind?

I'll always know that part in me

Oh, the flour we'll find

The centre rung is not alone

Two anks held in suspension

From our eyes to fingertips

Glued by whipsers on our lips

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Played Out

High School Love


is supposed to last forever


is not supposed to be hard

Loving a female with all my heart

Loving more then I ever thought possible

Five days

we were seperated

and know... I don't know

I love, but do I really

I doubt know...

when someone tells you they don't love you

then say they didn't mean it

what time is the lie and which is the truth?

I just don't know anymore

I loved a girl with all my heart

Maybe it will come back

I never knew

so much could happen in five days

but... I don't know

Do I still love her with all my heart

or am I mad at the way it played out

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just wondering what is true... Five days is a long time... and I just don't know anymore

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Now I know why

High School Love

I never knew why

why countless people succumb

to such a feeling

I never knew why

empires would fall because

of something so simple as love

I never knew why

a man would give up

everything he has

I never knew why

that is

until I met you

Now I know why

Author's Notes/Comments: 

When I realized I was in love

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Soul Searching

Love is Pain

The heavy panting you hear is my soul; tired from searching for its true companion.  I found her once and we were almost one again until a strong wind came and shook up our glass of destiny.  Now I'm back to walking sideways like I need a "V-8."  My weight seemingly shifting me, lifting me up on one side pulling me down on the other.  I am uneven without my soul's significant other.

Even her mother, my mother, and her "step-"mother could see that we were destiny's eventuality, karmic reciprocity, cosmic causality, the way that God wanted Adam and Eve to be before they took the fruit from the tree.  It was the tree, the tree, the weed that is her enemy, my enemy because it takes my precious away from me and when I see that serpent or any resemblance of "he" "Off with his head!" like that queen said in that wonderland story.  

Because we, I and she, belong together.  We knew when we 1st saw each other even though we had never met.  If I could see her right now I would bet my life that she would be my wife that same day. So...while I sleep my soul searches the astral plane for the last place it heard her name.  Fortunately, she is easy to find because without my soul's help her mind has a hard time listening to intuition.  She stomps through the cosmos like a bull in the kitchen.  I must find her and calm her because as long as she's away her condition worsens.

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The Invisible Thread

Fate -

The forerunner of mankind's future,

The kindred of Destiny,

The great dealer of luck and fortune in the game of life;

    decided to stitch our immortal souls together in

           her patchwork quilt of eternity.

  Especially favoring the striking uniqueness of our entities,

   Fate wanted us to be the finishing centerpiece of her


   She had many different colorful threads to chose from:

                white threads of Friendship,

                blue threads of Partnership,

                golden threads of Success.

   Though these threads were reliable in the qualities they


              Fate longed for a stronger thread.

     She wanted to sew a bond between us that would endure

     afflictions and remain durable while bringing out the

     embroidered beauty of our connection in her quilt.

So Fate pondered,



      until she finally thought of a gift from Destiny -

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"The Invisible Thread" is a metaphorical masterpiece. It figuratively describes how me and my significant other will always have that unseen bond of love that'll always keep us together, even though we are no longer a pair.

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The softer side

When I'm alone

You come to me

With a single smile

You set me free

Without you, who am I to be

When I am blind with anger

Your my eyes to help me see

When sadness enters my mind

Happiness, you help me find

When I'm depressed and

want no one around

You calm me down

without a sound

You are pure

When I have a question

You have my answer

When I have a problem and

Think no one will care

Your the one person that's always there

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this back in junior high school it's my first poem that I thought kicked ass

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At the end of my journey

the road I have traveled has lead me to you.

Everything I've been through was a milestone to find you.

And at a moments confusion,

when I was lost, God said "this way", for He

kept whispering your name in my dreams.

Though I had not seen you before that summer day

I knew I loved you.

When I touched you, I knew I wanted to hold on forever.

But when I kissed you, I finally knew who you were.

You are my soulmate.

You have been waiting for me

for as long as I have been searching for you.

You are the song that plays in my mind when I dream.

It was you I danced with, whose name God kept calling out,

and before this song ends I have to tell you

that when I look at you

I know I am home.

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Soul Bond

i am here,

she is there,

the distance is far,

but our hearts are close,

she feels pain,

i clutch my chest,

i want to be with her,

she wants to hold me,

i want to do more,

she says i do enough,

i am here,

she is there.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

empathy can be good

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We are the same

Love Life

I never thought I'd feel this way,

Long for friendship of one to stay,

But then you came and proved me wrong,

Allowed me to lurk within your song,

And I cherished our very days,

I watched us grow, like sunshine rays,

But then one day the clouds grew fast,

I knew this feeling would not last.

How could I know that we were right?

I didn't know, I tried to fight,

I fought the feelings I already knew,

I pushed and pushed, I was pushing you,

Pushing you away, though I don't know why,

It's obvious now, you are my sky,

And I will continue on with you, friend,

Our friendship will never end.

I felt your sorrow and you break,

Not another promise I would make,

I don't know why I told you it all,

I guess I felt I knew for sure,

And now I know, and I can see,

We are the same, you and me.

I felt it then, within your heart,

As we talked, we'd drift apart,

And then you left me, crying and cold,

Just longing for you to hold,

I didn't mean to break your spirit,

In fact, I did always fear it,

I felt your pain as you left,

And now thoughts of you I won't forget,

You listened as I talked it through,

I told you secrets and feelings true,

We talked for an age, let emotions free,

We are the same, you and me.

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